Upper Body Supersets

My legs and posterior are a bit sore.


  • 20 PVC Passes
  • PVC Presses, shrugs, upright rows

Shoulders and Arms

3 Sets

  • 12 DB Lateral Raise (12#)
  • 12 Bent Over Reverse Fly (underhand, 15#)

3 Sets

  • 12 Barbell Front Raise (25#)
  • 12 Upright Row (25#)

3 Sets

  • 12 Barbell Curl (45#)
  • 12 Double DB Skull Crushers (30#)

3 Sets

  • 12 Bench Dip
  • 12 Seated Hammer Curl (25#)


3 Rounds

  • 20 Air Squats
  • 15 Plate Push-ups (to 35#)
  • 20 Reverse Lunges
  • 30 Band Bicep Curls (blue)

I went 20-10 on the curls each round. Finished in 5:53.


All of that work with the weight vest wore me out yesterday. Had to take a nap before making dinner for the family. Headed over to Hinks Elementary School before noon.


  • 400m run
  • 100 Band Pulls (red)
  • Shoulder stretching


MAX Unbroken Muscle-ups

Got 8! That doubles my previous of 4. About a month ago I got a set of 3 for the first time, so goes to show how much improvement you can make if you spend some time working on a weakness.


10 Rounds

  • 5 Toes through rings
  • 6 Pistols (alternating)
  • 30 DU

All toes through rings were unbroken. They are easier to keep going than toes to bars. Pistols could use some work on balancing. I think I got 6 or 7 rounds of double unders unbroken, which was pretty good considering I was on a playground with a mix of dirt, rocks, and mulch. Pretty consistent pacing throughout the rounds to finish in 11:25.

I drove over to Alpena High School to use the track, but that thing is all gated in and locked up. How dumb for a public school! So I stopped at a park that has a paved path/trail. Used RunKeeper to walk out a 400m route, but I’m sure it was off one way or the other.

4 Rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 50 Air Squats

Ran the first 400 way too fast in about 1:30. All those air squats really sucked in between the runs. Doing 60 pistols probably didn’t help. Took me 13:05. I was out on the trail, so walked the 400m back.


50 Diamond Push-ups – 1:51

50 Bench Dips – 1:30

Blew up my triceps with this!

Back Squat and Pull-up PRs

I had a great night of sleep after not getting enough on Friday or Saturday night. My shoulders were a little tired from the Olympic lifting and I still have that tweak in my right butt. My hands are healing quite well.


  • 400m Run
  • 2 rounds
    • 15 GHD
    • 15 Hip Ext
    • 15 Wall Squats
    • 5 Ring Dips
    • 10 Bench Dips
    • 15 KBS

A longer warm-up, but today’s workout wasn’t anything intense, because it was a test day, so it was nice to get some extra work. I used 53# for the KBS.

Back Squat, 1RM Test, 3-0-X-0 tempo
Take a 2 minute rest after each set, do max strict pull-ups, and then take another 2 minute rest before starting the next set.

  • Set 1: 50% of possible 1RM x 5 reps
  • Set 2: 75% of possible 1RM x 3 reps
  • Set 3: 85% of possible 1RM x 1 rep
  • Set 4: 90-95% of possible 1RM x 1 rep
  • Set 5: Test 1RM
  • Set 6 (optional) – Exceed Set 5 weight

To finish off the workout, take 85% of the 1RM back squat and do max reps in one set with the 3-0-X-0 tempo.

The most I had attempted on the back squat was 185# a couple of weeks ago when I did it 4 times for a few sets. Since we had just tested the frost squat last week and my 1RM was 215# I set a goal of 230# because I really had no idea. For the first 4 sets used weights of 115#, 175#, 195#, and 210#. Already 2 new PRs there! I put 210 on the bar for the 5th set and got it up, but I didn’t get low enough in the squat so it didn’t count. After doing the pull-ups and getting in another rest I made another attempt and got 220# up. For the finisher set I used 185# and was able to knock out 6 reps.

For the pull-ups, I got 6 in the first set, which is a new PR for me. I’m pretty excited about that since I just got to 5 on February 2nd. I’m well on my way to 15 by the end of the year. In the other sets I got 5, 5, 4, and 4 pull-ups. I was really trying to grip the bar only with my fingers so I didn’t get any rubbing where I tore them up last week.