Almost Twenty

Yep, my hands are feeling the muscle-ups and carries from yesterday on top of what they’ve been feeling lately. My shoulders are feeling it as well. Workout at 9:30am this morning. Usually we do long monostructural work on chest and back day. Not today since we went long yesterday.


  • 5:00 SkiErg (1,078m)
  • Wrist Warm-up

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

The start of week 3 already!

We didn’t time the handstand split to stacked work, but kept alternating between us with time on the wall getting a feel for the drill. It was a new challenge for sure. Probably went 6-8 times each.

Gymnastics Test

MAX Strict Pull-ups

Haven’t tried this since May 10th when I got 17. Maybe not the best day to test after doing 56 muscle-ups last night, but I was still able to get 19! And I have the 🌲 back!!

Back & Chest


  • 5 Pendlay Row 45
  • 5 Bench Press 45
  • 5 Bench Press 115

3 Sets

  • 12 Pendlay Row (115#)
  • 12 Bench Press (165#)

I could definitely feel tired in the various muscles doing these sets.

3 Sets

  • 12 Seated Cable Row (120#)
  • 12/12 Static DB Bench Press (60# DBs)

Wasn’t sure about the 60s for this, but they went well. Glad I bought them.

3 Sets

  • 10 Close Grip Chin-ups
  • 10 Weighted Ring Dips (15#)

2 Sets

  • 8-10-12 Renegade Row (Right, 50-40-30#)
  • 8-10-12 Renegade Row (Right, 50-40-30#)

Nasty. Go all three dumbbells with increasing weight on one arm before repeating with the other arm. Rest 2-3 minutes and do it again.

2 Sets

  • MAX Diamond Push-ups

Did 40 and 32 reps.

Moving Gingerly

My back is tender, sore, and tight after the tweak. Out in the garage at 9:30.


25:00 BikeErg

Went 12,515 meters and felt good, increasing the pace over the time. I really feel good on the bike during these longer sessions.


3 Sets

  • 12 Decline Lat Pulldowns (100#)
  • 12/12 Kroc Rows (on Parallette, 35# KB)

3 Sets

  • 12 Barbell Pullovers (45#)
  • 16 alt Renegade Rows (50# DBs)

5 Sets w/ Drop Sets

  • 8 Incline DB Back Flies (50#)
  • 4 Drop Sets (45-40-35-30#)

Last time, on July 5th, I did 10-8-8-12 with 5# less per set. Today I did 8-8-8-10 for the drop sets. It sucked right from start with the 50 pounders.


Warmed up by doing 12 supinated bench press with 65# loaded.

3 Sets

  • 12 Supinated Bench Press (135#)
  • MAX Diamond Push-ups (16-14-12)

The push-ups were the movement that aggravated my back the most if I wasn’t keeping a solid position.

3 Sets

  • 8/8 Single Arm DP Bench Press with hold
  • 8 DB Bench Press

I used 40-45-45# and would not have made it with 50# dumbbells.

Tried to do some of the core movements and they didn’t feel good, so we skipped core work again. Maybe we’ll do some tomorrow at the track.

Good Day for a Ski…Erg

On Friday my forearms were sore from all of the swings. I really needed the rest day yesterday after doing some kind of workout 12 days straight. Last night I drove home late from up north because of storms rolling in overnight. No heading to the gym today due to the ice storm and then snow on top of it. Went out to the garage around 11am.


15 Rounds

  • 30s Ski Erg
  • 1:00 Rest

It was snowing, so I might as well ski, right? I didn’t bother to heat up the garage, so wore a hat, gloves, and bundled up. Was stripping things off by the end though. You can really see the effect of no warm-up, where I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold the pace I went at for the first interval. I’m also not used to the ski erg, which I haven’t used in months and it’s easy to forget how much tougher it is to get up to speed compared to the rower. Settled in on a pretty solid pace.


5 Rounds

  • 25 Band Pull Aparts (red)
  • 20 Diamond Push-ups
  • 2:00 Rest

Was controlled on the pull aparts and kept tension on the band. Did 2×10 push-ups every round, though the second ten got tough in round 3. Finished in 13:15.


Might as well start on some of the back isolation/stability stuff.

3 Sets

  • 10 Curl-ups w/ 2s hold

3 Sets, 2 Sets, 1 Set

  • 20s Side Plank
  • 10s Rest

Do three sets on one side and then three on the other side, rest 1:00, then do two sets per side, rest 1:00, and finally one set per side.

5 Sets

  • 20s RKC Plank
  • 1:00 Rest

During an RKC plank you are trying to create as much tension through the midline and posterior chain as you can be contracting all of those muscles. These get really hard.

Vary Your Pull-ups

Morning 8am session in the garage to catch up on some of the Monday programming.


2 Sets

  • 5s of StrongFit Tricep & Bicep Openers (8#)
  • 10 Back Squats (45-135#)
  • 8/8 Landmine Rows (45-55#)
  • 20s L-hang (supinated grip)


E3M – 6 Sets

  • 11 Back Squats (185#)
  • 8/8 Landmine Rows (65#)

Yuck! One more week with sets of 12. I’m having to focus less on recruiting the other muscle groups in my squats as it’s starting to become automatic. Noticing a lot more explosiveness out of the hole late in the sets as I fatigue. I really like these rows a lot more than Krocs, which are easier to cheat.


6 Sets

  • 20s Pull-ups
  • 30s Rest

Did them all with a regular kip and felt like I had a much better rhythm than in the half Cindy last week. Didn’t wear any grips because I need to get these hands conditioned again. My first four sets were 11 unbroken, then 7-2, and 6-3 for 62 total reps. Being forced to do a regular kip instead of always doing butterfly once you can do them is a good reminder to vary your movements.

Rested to catch my breath and then did Crossover Symmetry Plyo.

Went to the 5:30 class at CrossFit Intuition.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 3 Sets
    • 10 Goblet Squats (44#)
    • 15 Hollow Rocks
    • 150m Row


2 Snatch 3-Position Deadlifts + 2 Snatches + 2 OHS

  • 45#
  • 75#
  • 95#
  • 115#


  • 2×135#
  • 2×145#
  • 2×155#
  • 2×165#
  • 2×175#
  • 2×185#
  • 2×195#

All snatches to a full squat. The warm-up complex was done without dropping the bar. Drop and reset after each rep with the doubles. Was programmed for 6 sets so my goal was 185. It was feeling good, so I went for one more set. Huge save on the final rep with the bar way out in front of me on the left side. Shoulder work must be paying off because I never really save anything that heavy and I was able to pull it in, be patient to stabilize it, and stand it up. I think the 185 and 195 are both PRs for a squat double, but I don’t keep track of those that close so not sure.


  • Max Diamond Push-ups
  • 2:00 Rest
  • 3 sets
    • @ 50% of max
    • 2:00 Rest

Got 40 and did drop sets with 20. All reps with chest touching diamond.


  • 10-8-6-4-2 Burpees
  • 400m Run

Did the burpees outside which makes the run a little short. Took me 10:07.

Of course I’m going to ROMWOD. 🙂

Fuck You Quad

Brrrr! When I checked the weather this morning it was -12 and felt like -29 with the windchill.


  • 500m Row – 2:16
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Stretching
  • 5 OHS (45#)

Open Workout 14.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

  • From 0:00-3:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 10 OHS (95#)
    • 10 C2B pull-ups
  • From 3:00-6:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 12 OHS (95#)
    • 12 C2B pull-ups
  • Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

I cruised through the first two rounds in about 1:30, doing both sets of OHS unbroken, the first 10 pull-ups unbroken, and then 5-5 on the second set. Loved all of the rest time. I started to feel my quad quite a bit in the second three minutes and pretty much gave up after that. Basically bitched out. 😦 Finished the second set of 12 overhead squats just before time ran out. I really wanted to give it a run to finish the rounds of 14 today. Honestly part of me was afraid of going to that dark place and this injured quad was just the excuse I needed. Disappointed in myself, but I also know it’s not worth it to make it worse. Sucks either way though!

I think I’m going to stay away from any squatting up until the Open and see if the quad can heal up.


Warmed up with some reps at 95#, 135#, and 185#.

10:00 EMOM

  • 2 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk (@ ~70-75% of 1RM C&J)

Started with 205# on the bar and damn was it heavy for that first round. In the second round I didn’t get the hook grip back after the first clean and knew I was going to lose it, so I just dropped the bar. Took ten off each side and went 185# for the last 8 rounds. Not my day!


2 Cycles

  • 4 Rounds Tabata
    • 20s Hollow Rock
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest
  • 4 Rounds Tabata
    • 20s Row (cal)
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest
  • 4 Rounds Tabata
    • 20s Plank
    • 10s Rest
  • 30s Rest

I made it through the first cycle of hollow rocks without stopping for 75 reps, but then really died when they came back around and only got 64 reps with several breaks in cycle 2. I got 40 and 43 calories on the rower and held all of the planks no problem. Had planned to do 1:30 of MB cleans with 1:00 rest for the 3rd part but with my quad made an adjustment to the planks since there were only a few of us.

Not a crazy Super Sunday, but some solid work.


Woke up with a headache, but hit the pavement around 8am. Went for a 30 minute active recovery run, covering 3.14 miles. Then I walked about a half mile to get home.

Switching up from strict pull-ups on this rest day to some different sets of push-ups. Did one big set for each type of push-up, stopping a few reps shy of failure. Undefined rest between sets as I did them during breaks from working. Was done over the course of a few hours.

  • 20 Clapping Push-ups
  • 30 Wide Push-ups
  • 25 Diamond Push-ups
  • 20 Ring Push-ups
  • 30 Push-ups

Can you tell I like pretty numbers? I cut the ring push-ups pretty short because I didn’t want to get strap burns on my arms. Next time I’d be sure to put on my shin skins.


All of that work with the weight vest wore me out yesterday. Had to take a nap before making dinner for the family. Headed over to Hinks Elementary School before noon.


  • 400m run
  • 100 Band Pulls (red)
  • Shoulder stretching


MAX Unbroken Muscle-ups

Got 8! That doubles my previous of 4. About a month ago I got a set of 3 for the first time, so goes to show how much improvement you can make if you spend some time working on a weakness.


10 Rounds

  • 5 Toes through rings
  • 6 Pistols (alternating)
  • 30 DU

All toes through rings were unbroken. They are easier to keep going than toes to bars. Pistols could use some work on balancing. I think I got 6 or 7 rounds of double unders unbroken, which was pretty good considering I was on a playground with a mix of dirt, rocks, and mulch. Pretty consistent pacing throughout the rounds to finish in 11:25.

I drove over to Alpena High School to use the track, but that thing is all gated in and locked up. How dumb for a public school! So I stopped at a park that has a paved path/trail. Used RunKeeper to walk out a 400m route, but I’m sure it was off one way or the other.

4 Rounds

  • 400m Run
  • 50 Air Squats

Ran the first 400 way too fast in about 1:30. All those air squats really sucked in between the runs. Doing 60 pistols probably didn’t help. Took me 13:05. I was out on the trail, so walked the 400m back.


50 Diamond Push-ups – 1:51

50 Bench Dips – 1:30

Blew up my triceps with this!

Roll Over, Fall Out of Bed

It was rough rolling out of bed this morning. My low back is smoked and just overall body fatigue. Went to the 9am class, but I really just wanted to stay home in bed.


  • 20 Arm Circles (each direction)
  • 20 Zombie Kicks
  • 10 HR Push-ups
  • 30s Bottom Squat Hold
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus


Bench Press

  • 10 @ 45#
  • 8 @ 115#
  • 6 @ 135#
  • 5 @ 155#
  • 5 @ 175#
  • 5 @ 185#

They were doing a 5×1 but I’m nowhere near ready for maxing out. I still need reps to try to build up some muscle and strength.

Tabata Diamond Push-ups

I did sets of 10 the first 3 rounds and got more rest. Sets of 8 the next two rounds and then I think sets of 6 or so. Totaled 73.

Strict Pull-ups

3 x 8, resting 90s



  • Wall Balls (20# MB, 10′ target)
  • KBS (53# KB)
  • 400m Run

I did all of the wall balls unbroken and only broke up the 30 KBS into 18-12. My runs were too slow and paced though. Picked it up a bit on the last run. Finished in 19:09 and then walked about 130m.

Definitely a rest day tomorrow and hopefully a 90 minute massage at some point.

Thrusters Suck

After working out yesterday morning I felt pretty good, until I did the rowing intervals before dinner. After that everything seemed to hurt. Sort of “meh” today, with definite soreness in my hamstrings. I heard about the workout this morning and thought about skipping out because I hate thrusters and knew how bad the WOD would suck. But you can’t improve on a movement if you skip out on it, so I forced myself to go in for the 5:30pm class.

I was there pretty early so had a chance to do a bunch of PVC pass-thrus and around the worlds to warm up my shoulders.


4 Rounds

  • 15s Jumping Jacks
  • 15s Air Squats
  • 15s Mountain Climbers
  • 15s Jump Squats

4 Rounds

  • 15s Plank
  • 15s Supermans
  • 15s Right Side Plank
  • 15s Left Side Plank


Find 1RM Shoulder Press

  • 10 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 75#
  • 2 @ 95#
  • 1 @ 115#
  • 1 @ 135#
  • 1 @ 145#
  • 1 @ 155#
  • Fail at 165#
  • 1 @ 155#

Looking back, I probably did too many warm-up reps. I never do it like that. 160# is my previous PR, so went for a new one even though 155# was pretty damn hard. I’ll take hitting 155# twice for the day though. Sounded like most people were doing pretty bad as well because of other work we’d done this week.


20:00 EMOM

  • 8 Thrusters (65#)
  • 3 Burpees

The Rx weights for the thrusters were 95/65, which is nearly impossible to do. I used 65# and couldn’t even do it all. After the 14th minute, I had to drop down to only 6 thrusters each minute so I could keep doing 3 burpees. Did all 8 and 3 reps in the final minute though because getting 30 seconds of rest no longer mattered.

55 thrusters and 55 back squat thrusters with 115# on Monday, 140 wall balls yesterday, and 150 thrusters with 65# today. I fucking hope we’re done with that movement for the week! 🙂

Gun Show Finisher

5 Sets

  • 20 DB Curls (10 each arm)
  • MAX Diamond Push-ups
  • 60s Rest

For the curls I used 15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, and 35#. The last set was a struggle to finish. I got 16, 15, 16, 15, and 12 reps on the push-ups. After this and all of the shoulder work, I can barely move my arms.

Definitely not doing a WOD tomorrow, but will most likely go in for the OLY class to work on the clean & jerk.

A Quick One

As it got into the afternoon I was feeling better than when I woke up this morning. Once I ate lunch, I felt like I could handle a workout, so I gave the food a couple of hours to settle while floating in the lake. Of course laying on my stomach on a floatie tightened up my lower back.


2 rounds

  • 10 PVC OHS
  • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 20 Plyo Lunges



  • Goblet Squats (50# KB)
  • Diamond Push-ups
  • Box Jumps (24″)

This was a pretty easy one. Did it in 7:50. To make it harder I could have done front squats holding 50# DBs, decline push-ups, and box jumps on the 31″ ledge. The quick workout was enough for today though.


50 OH Lunges (50# KB)

I broke these up into sets of 15-10-15-10, with short breaks in between the sets. Didn’t time it though. It was some nice work on shoulder stability while also working the legs a bit.