Big MU Sets


  • 20 PVC Pass Throughs
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • 5 Ring Kip Swings
  • 10 Lunges
  • 5 Ring Kip Swings
  • 10 Arm Circles
  • 1 Muscle-up


25:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 7 Muscle-ups
  • 20 Plyo Lunges
  • 15 DB Push-ups
  • 15 cal Row
  • Rest

Oophhh! Wrote this for 30 minutes, but after all of the pull-ups the day before we were feeling it in our lats. Barely made it through the fifth round of unbroken muscle-ups, so that was a good place to end it.


5 Rounds

  • 50m Suitcase Carry (70#)
  • 40 OH Plate Flutter Kicks (25#)
  • 30 Russian Twists (25# plate)
  • 20 Plank Jumps (feet narrow to wide)

On the Rings

Yesterday I walked 18 holes and in the evening I edged and mowed the lawn. Not much time tonight due to dinner plans and watching the CrossFit Games. Warmed up with some ring swings, PVC passes, and a couple of single muscle-ups (which felt odd)

30:00 Partner AMRAP (IGYG per movement)

  • 14/10 cal BikeErg
  • 5 MU / Pull-up
  • 10 Burpees
  • 16 alt DB Hang Power Snatch (50/35#)

It was like riding a bike though, when I got back up on the rings. I did ever round unbroken, but it’s a different swing compared to the higher swing set we used at the park. I had to save some sets and correct my swing several times. We got through 6 rounds and all of the bike calories. There was about 15 seconds left, but I wasn’t getting back on the rings because my sets were starting to get sketchy.

First 2021 Park Workout

Yesterday was too cold for golf so it was a night of lying laminate floor in the living room. My body was hurting throughout the night. Almost 80 tonight, so we went to the park!


  • 10 Ring Kip Swings
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press (10# DBs)
  • 20 High Knees
  • 20 Butt Kicks
  • 1 Muscle-up
  • 20 Arm Circles


18:00 AMRAP – Partner – I Go, You Go Rounds

  • 15 DB Thrusters (20# DBs)
  • 2-4-6-8-10 MU, then 12-14… Ring Pull-up

I went first, controlled through my thrusters, and unbroken through the set of eight muscle-ups. I was hoping to go 4-3-3 for the ten, but it ended up being 4-2-1-1-1-1. So for the next round I called an audible and switched to the ring pull-ups, going unbroken. I got through the 14 pull-ups and there was probably 15-20 seconds left for Brandi, who had already started her thrusters to get through them. Muscle-ups felt ok for not having been up on the rings since November 8th and 30 reps on the first time out is solid. Ring pull-ups are no joke either; I thought I’d bust through them no problem, but the kip is weird and it’s a lot more grip than on the bar, where you can regrip easier.

Nasty little workout. It’s a modification to a Mayhem workout we skipped last week, which was a 10:00 AMRAP of 15 wall balls and 5-10-15… T2B. Not sure if that would have been worse.


3 Rounds

  • 30 Swimmer Crunches
  • 30 Crunches
  • 30 Leg Lifts
  • 30 Single Leg Lifts
  • 30 Plank Hip Dips

First round at 3:11, second at 6:38, and finished at 10:03. A lot of reps hitting the upper abs.

Beautiful Weather

Another beautiful day out. Went to the park at noon. Most likely the last park workout of 2020.


  • 10 Kip Swings
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10/10 Lunge Pulses
  • Shoulder Stretching


5-5-5-4-4-4-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1 (each, IGYG rounds)

  • Muscle-ups / Ring Pull-ups
  • Sandbag Cleans (100/65#)

Didn’t even run a timer today.

Midline / Accessory

4 Sets

  • 50/50m Single Arm OH Walk (50#)
  • 50/50m Suitcase Carry (50#)
  • 20 Overhead Crunches (50#)
  • 15/15 Side Plank Pulses

Not Today

Walked 18 holes yesterday. Was chilly to start and turned out great. May have been one of the last decent days to play. Went to the park at 4pm today.


  • 20 PVC Passes
  • 5 Kip Swings
  • 400m Run


MAX Muscle-ups

I did 14-10-8. Not my day for a new max set, even though 14 is still solid and only two shy of my best.


10 Rounds (each)

  • Sandbag Bear Hug Hold (100#)
  • Shuttle Run (10-10-20-20-30-30y)
  • 15 Push-ups

I started with the hold and Brandi did the running and push-ups, then we’d swap work. We got through five rounds at 8:35 and finished at 17:38.


E2M – 5 Rounds

  • 16 alt V-ups
  • 16 Lying Leg Raises
  • 12/12 Side Plank Bounces

Two Short of All Unbroken

My hips and low back were a tight yesterday but overall felt good and I walked 18 holes of golf. Almost every morning, as I lay in bed and then when drinking my coffee, my hands ache. It has to be from the handstand program because I don’t remember this ever happening each day like this. Goes to show how much of handstand balancing is in your hands. We went to the park at 4pm.


  • 400m Run
  • 10 Kip Swings
  • 20 PVC Passes


E2M – 7 Sets

  • 8 Muscle-ups

I was worried this was going to be too aggressive and kept debating what the workout should be. I’ve done eight E4M for five rounds alternating with other movements. I did 11 E3M for five rounds with the first two rounds unbroken. I wanted something I was afraid of.

I felt good through four rounds and started to feel it hitting me during round five. In round six I had to squeeze out the last two dips. In the final round I had to work for the dips in reps 5-6, I swung, and knew I wasn’t getting over the rings. I took a short break and did a single, rested 20 some seconds while Brandi did her pull-ups, and did my final single. Pretty pumped I got through six sets unbroken. At the end of December my max set was 9! I guess today would have been 50 reps in about 12:08, so I’ll note that as a benchmark. If I were to do a real test of 50 I’d start by trying five EMOM, which would be a time of around 9:20.

I think this video is some of the reps in round three.


30:00 AMRAP

  • 80/80m Hill Run
  • 7/7 Single DB Hang C&J (50#)
  • 15 OH Crunches (50#)
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 80/80m Hill Suitcase Carry (50#)
  • 7/7 Single DB Hang C&J (50#)
  • 15 OH Crunches (50#)
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 30 Mountain Climbers

My hips were not having it on the first run up the hill. I went at my pace and started to feel better for the final third of the workout. Got through the list three full times and all the way through the second set of crunches, so air squats and mountain climbers shy of finishing four rounds (or eight depending on how you look at it).

Vested Muscle-ups

Not getting enough sleep and can’t seem so sleep in like I was early on in the pandemic. I need to shift this somehow so I’m not up at 5 or 6am every day.

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

I finally decided to pay for a handstand balance program. It’s
from Pamela Gagnon (her Instagram) and Performance Plus Programming. It cost $25 and is a four week program that takes about 10 minutes a day, four times a week. I never know what to work on, so I end up not working on anything. Having a program to follow will guide me and keep me going. Makes sense to learn how to balance before spending more time trying to walk, which I hadn’t really thought about before.

  • 45s Overhead Opener
  • 45s Wrist Warm-up
  • Accumulate 2:00 in a 45 degree hollow
  • 30s Wall-facing HS Hold

Did the 45 degree hold in two 1:00 blocks. Wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

With the weather changing, we wanted to take advantage, so are doing two out of the gym workouts this week. Went to the park.


5 Rounds (30s work / 30s rest)

  • Weighted Muscle-ups (12#)
  • Weighted Plank (12#)
  • Weighted Toes to Rings (12#)
  • DB Plyo Lunges (25# DBs + 12#)
  • 1:00 Rest

I almost never wear my vest, but I wanted a new challenge for muscle-ups. Loaded it to 12 pounds and wore it for the entire workout. I can’t believe I got eight unbroken muscle-ups each round! After round two I was convinced I’d only get six the next round. It wasn’t easy but I got the eight and then I really wanted the full 5×8. The last two rounds were a fight for the final 2-3 reps, but I got them. I did 13 T2R each time and went 24-22-22-22-22 on the lunges. The plank was a nice break before getting back on the rings. The 30 second plus 1:00 rest after lunges went by way too quick. Here’s a video of my first set of muscle-ups.

3 Rounds

  • Sandbag Hill Carry (up, 100#)
  • Hill Run (down)
  • 40 Push-ups
  • Hill Run (up)
  • Sandbag Hill Carry (down, 100#)
  • 30 alt V-ups

Didn’t even run a clock for this. Get work done. Went 4×10 push-ups each time.

Another Pair Bite the Dust

I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night, but WHOOP has me at 87% recovered. Today is a cooler day and it was me by myself at the park a little after noon.


  • 10 Kip Swings
  • 400m Run


E3M – 5 Sets

  • 11 Muscle-ups

A month and a half ago I did 44 reps in an every three minute workout of max reps after 16 in the first set. I wanted more volume today, but I’m not ready to attempt a new max set. Going for ten per minute would have only been six more total reps. By not starting with a MAX set that sounded completely doable since I’d just done five sets of eight a couple weeks ago in a workout with other movements. I went with eleven to challenge myself and because it’s a weird number.

The goal was to do each round unbroken. Ha! I was able to do the first two rounds unbroken and felt pretty good. It hit me though. 9-1-1 (not an emergency!), 8-2-1, and 6-1-1-1-1-1 for the other three rounds. I’m pleased with that. 55 reps is a lot. Nuts that before the pandemic I’d never done more than 10 unbroken and my max during a test in December was 9. Now I’m doing that many multiple times.


5 Rounds

  • 15 Push-ups
  • 10/10 yard Shuttle Sprint
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20/20 yard Shuttle Sprint
  • 5 Push-ups
  • 30/30 yard Shuttle Sprint
  • 1:30 Rest

I did all the push-ups unbroken. My times were 55, 53, 54, 54, and 54 seconds. How’s that for consistency?

When I got home I threw the shoes in the trash. As I was running the warm-up I could feel the support was gone.

five by eight

Finished rebuilding the Gympac again last night because I needed to install taller guide rails. I may have a post up about it on tomorrow if I can get the labels printed. Went to the park at 10am.


  • 300m Run
  • Kip Swings
  • OH Hold (50# DB)


5 Rounds (30s Work / 30s Rest)

  • Muscle-ups
  • Jump Rope
  • Toes to Rings
  • Single Arm OH Carry (50# DB)

I was able to do eight unbroken MU every round! I did 54-58-60-62-64 on the jump rope. It had been a long time since I last did single unders. I did 13 T2R every round and the carry ended up being about 45 feet with each arm. A lot of stuff hitting the shoulders, so I’m even more excited with how the muscle-ups felt and held up. I’ve never anything close to sets that large in a metcon before.


E2M – 5 Rounds

  • 16 alt V-ups
  • 16 Lying Leg Raises
  • 12/12 Side Plank Bounces



  • 85m Hill Sprint
  • 85m Walk Downhill

My legs felt heavy the entire time. I picked up the pace throughout and especially with the last 4-5.

Even Faster 30

I had a nice vacation up at the lake and drove back home this morning. Went to the park at 5pm.


  • 200m Run
  • Arm Circles & Swings
  • Toe Touches


30 Muscle-ups

Two and a half months ago I did a set of three reps every 30 seconds and got a time of 4:48. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of sets of five, so my goal today was five reps every 45 seconds, which would have me finishing around 4:00. Aggressive, but my max unbroken set improved more than I could have imagined, so I wanted to go for it. Nailed it with a time of 3:51!

Last time I said my days of knocking a minute off my time were over, but now I’m really really sure! I still can’t believe the improvement on this workout.

  • 6:55 on 2019-01-31
  • 5:55 on 2019-12-19
  • 4:48 on 2020-05-16
  • 3:51 on 2020-08-01


10 Rounds

  • 70m Hill Sprint
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 70m Walk Downhill

I originally wrote down 20 squat jumps but that would have been way too many. Ten was the right amount to get what I was looking for out of this workout.