Even Faster 30

I had a nice vacation up at the lake and drove back home this morning. Went to the park at 5pm.


  • 200m Run
  • Arm Circles & Swings
  • Toe Touches


30 Muscle-ups

Two and a half months ago I did a set of three reps every 30 seconds and got a time of 4:48. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of sets of five, so my goal today was five reps every 45 seconds, which would have me finishing around 4:00. Aggressive, but my max unbroken set improved more than I could have imagined, so I wanted to go for it. Nailed it with a time of 3:51!

Last time I said my days of knocking a minute off my time were over, but now I’m really really sure! I still can’t believe the improvement on this workout.

  • 6:55 on 2019-01-31
  • 5:55 on 2019-12-19
  • 4:48 on 2020-05-16
  • 3:51 on 2020-08-01


10 Rounds

  • 70m Hill Sprint
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 70m Walk Downhill

I originally wrote down 20 squat jumps but that would have been way too many. Ten was the right amount to get what I was looking for out of this workout.


What a day yesterday. I hit a PR for WHOOP strain.

Went to bed late (for my new normal) and didn’t even wake up to piss through the night. Would have liked to sleep in, so I’m feeling a bit tired this morning. Tried to take a half hour nap just before 9. Loaded up and headed to the park at 10am.


  • 5 Ring Swings
  • 200m Run
  • 16 Walking Lunges
  • 10 Air Squats


5 Rounds – (each, I Go You Go)

  • 10 Muscle-ups
  • 8/8 Single Arm OH Walking Lunges (50 DB)
  • 20 Squat Jumps

I went in hoping to be able to do two sets of five muscle-ups each round and I made it! That’s big for me it a workout with 50 muscle-ups. After the first round I did walk around the swing set for a quick rest between each set of five. I finished my rounds at 2:15, 6:40, 11:05, 15:35, and 20:10. Brandi was doing ten unbroken ring pull-ups so her rounds were much quicker than mine and our total time for the workout was 22:03.

5 Rounds

  • 140m Hill Sled (25# + 2×55, 3×90#, 70m backward up, 70m forward down)
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 70m Hill Sprint & Walk Down

I did not bend over and put the straps between my legs for the forward sled drags this time. Stood more upright with the straps coming around the sides of me to save my back. Had a 55# plate (80 total) on the sled for 2 rounds and then 55+35 (115 total) for 3 rounds.

Mom came down and we started painting what will be my new office. Then I had a “break” when some people came and bought my pool table and ping pong stuff. That was a bitch to get up the stairs!

As I finish typing this up at 10pm my WHOOP strain says 18.5, so another big day.

The World is Our Playground

My legs are tired from yesterday’s workout. We loaded up the truck at 10am and went to Elmer Lange Park, which is a couple of minutes down the road.


  • 100’ Monster Walks (lateral, then front/back)
  • 10 Monster Squats

Conditioning / Strength

* I Go You Go

  • Weighted Plyo Lunges (35# DBs)

The last time we did this our time was 8:37, with me using 30# dumbbells and Brandi taking the vest off part way through. I figured I’d bump the weight back up today and Brandi wore an 8# vest the entire time. I had to start breaking my sets on the way up at 14, but Brandi did every set unbroken. We finished in 8:43 with both of us doing harder versions, so that’s a big win!


16:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 5 Muscle-ups
  • 10 Decline Pushups (feet on swings)

This park is much better than the school I went to for 30 muscle-ups because the swing set is at least a foot higher.


The muscle-ups felt really good and I never was in danger of missing any reps. Even my kip for the dip felt great. As I went for my last set I noticed the straps had slid closer together and the buckles had moved all the way down. The damn rolled up extra strapping was smacking me in the face on the last three reps! Here’s a video of that final set.



10 Sets

  • 70m Hill Sprint
  • Walk down

I never knew this hill was there otherwise I’d have been using it for years! This was a really fun session away from the garage.




No Joke

I was exhausted last night. Now sure if it was from that walk/hike or what. I had to take a late nap at 6:30pm and still slept pretty good when I went to bed. Maybe it was the carb overload?


5 Sets

  • 1:00 Bottom Squat Hold
  • 15/15 Side Jack Knifes

Don’t usually get in much oblique work. Time to change that.

15:00 EMOM

  • 10 Decline Push-ups (14″)

All unbroken sets. In the last couple sets the last few reps were starting to slow down. Originally thought about going EMOM until failure, but that’s probably more decline reps than I’ve ever done in a day.


  • 1 Mile Run (easy)
  • 8 Rounds
    • 10s Hill Sprint (12% grade or steeper)
    • w/ Full recovery

With this big incline on the road next to the cabin I figured some hill sprints would be a good idea. Remembered seeing some on Aerobic Capacity, so that’s where I grabbed this workout from.

The easy jog to warm-up was nice. I ran down the hill and then along the highway on a flat-ish section. After my mile I walked to what appeared to be some steeper parts of the road by my cabin. During rests I measured a few sections of the road with TiltMeter on my phone. It was coming up with anywhere from 4-6°, which is a not quite the recommended, but you work with what you got. A slope of 5.74° is equivalent to a 10% grade.

Spanish Hills for Hammys

Got up and went out for a run in the Barcelona streets. Went about a half mile before stopping at a good hill for sprints. Sprinted up it 10 times, walking back down to recover after each one. Here’s a picture from the bottom looking up.


This next one is from the top looking down. You can’t even see the bottom of the hill it’s so steep.


Before bed I got out the red band and did some work with it.

3 Rounds

  • 50 Band Pulls
  • 10 Shoulder Presses

2 Rounds

  • 10 Chest Flyes
  • 10 Standing Bench Press/Push-up

Kinda weird for those 2 movements, but got in some stretching and resistance work.

Some Hills

Lot’s going on today. Headed to Survival Fitness earlier than the normal 10am so I could drag the sled, get in a workout, and be out of there by 11am.


0.56 mile slid drag with 135# in 14:45. Needed this because my ass and hamstrings are beat up from yesterday.


Weighted Chin-ups

  • 3 @ 20#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 25#
  • 3 @ 30#
  • 3 @ 35#

Probably could have gone up 5# each set instead of spending 2 sets at 25#.

Weighted Push-ups

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 55#
  • 8 @ 55#

Got really tough on the last reps of the last two sets.

Weighted Planks

  • 30s @ 70#
  • 30s @ 80#
  • 30s @ 90#
  • 30s @ 90#

Had to really fight to keep my core from dropping. Heavy!


7 Rounds

  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 K2E
  • 21 DU (Unbroken)

I did this one back in February out in Phoenix in a time of 10:48, with some HSPU failing at the end. I hadn’t missed at all on DU then though. Today I missed one set of DU after 14 and another set after 16. Still getting used to the lighter Rx cable I think. My HSPU were much better though, so I finished in 9:55! Solid improvement in 5 months.

I had a 90 minute massage in the afternoon that was great.

In the evening I went out to the soap box derby with Kevin and Ellen to run some hill sprints. Warmed up with a jog around the track which is probably 600-700m.

10 Rounds

  • Hill Sprint (About 150 paces)
  • Slow walk back down to recover

Walked a lap for a cool down. Not too long after, my hamstrings were tightening up already. Deadlifting should be fun in the morning.

“Rest” Day

My legs are smoked from yesterday. Slept in for once and I really needed it. Making today a lighter day.

Went out on the road a little after 9am. Warmed up with a 0.3 mile jog.


  • 100 yard hill sprint
  • Walk back


That was fun! I paced it out twice so the distance should be pretty close. Then I walked 0.3 miles back to the cottage.

Got out the sled at 8:30. Went 1.04 miles in 28:59 with 115# of weight. I started out walking forward, the switched to walking backwards after a quarter mile and switched every quarter mile. Longest sled work so far. Wasn’t 135# but felt good.

Greek Fest Recovery

20130616-123932.jpgHad a bunch of people over last night and went to Greek Fest down the street from my house. Good times, but tired this morning even though I slept in. Went at 11am to get my sweat on.


Tabata of choice. I picked DU to work on them for next weekend.


  • 50 Front Squats (95#)
  • 50 Sit-ups
  • 50 Thrusters (95#)
  • 50 HR Push-ups
  • 50 Upright Rows (95#)
  • 50 50m Runs

All about pacing in this one. Finished in 32:28 with runs taking about 12 minutes, which isn’t surprising since it was about a mile and a half.

Extra Credit

If we finished early we could work on anything we wanted. So I did 2 sets of 5 wall walks and then some double unders.

Around 7pm I went out to the Soap Box Derby in Buena Vista to run some hill sprints. Jogged a lap around and up the track to warm-up and then did the side hill 10 times up and walked down each time.