Handstand Push-ups & Burpees Combo


  • 2:00 Wrist Mobility
  • 2x45s Wall-facing Handstand Holds
  • Pendlay Rows
    • 10×45
    • 10×65


3 Sets

  • 8 Pendlay Rows (95#)
  • 12 Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns (60#)

3 Sets

  • 8/8 Kroc Rows (53#)
  • 8 Lat Pulldowns (115#, double handle)


3 Rounds

  • 1:00 HSPU
  • 1:00 Burpees
  • 1:00 Rest

I went 17-16, 12-15, 12-17. Never did more than five handstand push-ups in a row. These two movements are such a nasty combo.


4 Sets

  • 20s OH Crunches (legs up, 50#)
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Bicycles (slow)
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Plank DB Pull Through (60#)
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Hollow Hold
  • 10s Rest

I got 14 crunches, 18 bicycles, and 12 pull throughs each round. It was a fight, but I held the hollow hold the entire 20 seconds each time.

45 Reps on the Bar

I walked 18 holes on Thursday and played great.


5 Rounds

  • 3 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 15 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • Partner does couplet
  • 3 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 12 cal Row
  • Partner does couplet
  • 3 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 20 Reverse Lunges
  • Partner does couplet

We finished in 27:31. Great new style of workout with the lower rep MU, but a lot of them! My hands weren’t going to take much more, so we called it at five rounds. Was playing around with my bar muscle-up technique and remembering some of the tricks.


4 Round Tabata

  • OH Crunches (legs up, 50# DB)
  • Bicycles
  • DB Pull-throughs (50#)
  • Hollow Hold

I got 12 crunches, 20 slow bicycles, 12 pull-throughs, and held the hold the entire 20 seconds each time.

Front Squats Feeling Good

Drove home from the lake today and got the lawn cut. Then out in the garage around 4:30.


  • 80’ Lateral Monster Walks
  • 80’ Monster Walks
  • 10 Monster Squats
  • 10 Monster Toe Touches
  • 10 Front Squats (45#)
  • 5 Front Squats (95#)


4 Sets

  • 12-10-8-6 Front Squats (115-125-135-145#)
  • 20 Pulsing Goblet Squats (50# DB)

Was up 10# on every set again and the weight felt the best it has in the three weeks of this. Went up from the 45# KB too.

4 Sets

  • 10 Barbell Glute Bridge + 2 Banded Hip Abduction (105#)
  • 15 Banded Frog Reverse Hypers

Was up 10# here. Should probably do more reps on the frogs or wear ankle weights.


10:00 AMRAP

  • Burpee Pull-ups
  • Power Cleans (115/80#)

I didn’t wear grips since it was single pull-ups. I did a double power clean and then went singles in every other round. Got through 6 rounds plus 2/14 burpee pull-ups.


4 Rounds (20s/10s)

  • 12 Weighted Crunches (feet in air, 20#)
  • 16 Bicycle Crunches (slow)
  • 12 DB Pull Thru’s (60#)
  • 22 Hollow Rocks

Those slow bicycles are a whole new ballgame. I felt like I was cramping each time I rolled up from them.

More Double Dumbbells

Was thinking about doing some rowing intervals, but I wasn’t feeling well in the afternoon, so it became a complete rest day. I had today off work to prep a bunch of stuff for work on the living room and sunroom all weekend. Out in the garage just before 4pm.


  • 3:00 SkiErg (669m)
  • 80′ Lateral Monster Walks
  • 80′ Monster Walks
  • 6 Double DB Hang Power Cleans (35#)
  • 6 Double DB Push Press (35#)
  • 12 Pendlay Row (45#)


6 Rounds

  • 12 Double DB Hang Power Cleans (50/35s)
  • 12 Double DB Push Press (50/35s)
  • 24 Sit-ups

My plan was to split the push presses up to 6-6 or 7-5 from the start but they felt good so I went for it. Finally had to break for the last 5 of them. Finished in 11:10. Really happy with how this went. I thought the push presses were going to be really bad after the way there were in that Qualifier workout I had tried.


3 Sets

  • 12 Lat Pulldowns (115#)
  • 12 Pendlay Rows (95#)

This was a really tough superset after the workout.

3 Sets

  • 12 Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns (60#)
  • 12 Incline Back Fly (25# DBs)


4 Rounds

  • 20s Weighted Toe Reach (35# DB)
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Bicycle Crunch
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Plank DB Pull Throughs (50#)
  • 10s Rest
  • 20s Hollow Rocks
  • 10s Rest

I did 15 toe reaches, 36 bicycles, 12 pull throughs, and 20 hollow rocks every round. This was rough after 144 sit-ups!


Rested yesterday. My forearms were sore to the touch. Went to the 4pm class.


6:00 “Running” Clock

Run. Starting at 1:00 and every minute on the minute do 8 air squats and 5 hand release push-ups.


E10M – 30:00

  • Row 1,000m
  • 40 Sit-ups
  • 30 cal Assault Bike

I was right around a 1:48/500m average for the first round, was done with the sit-ups at 5:00, and finished the round in 7:04. Couldn’t keep up the pace on the rower after that, with just over a 1:50 average I think. Did that round in 7:08. In the third round I asked Brandi to adjust the seat on the bike for me so I didn’t have to waste time messing with it. That made up some time because my row was shot with an average over 1:53 and I manage to put it on the bike to finish in 7:09. Talk about a leg pump. Nothing else can do to your legs what that Assault Bike can. Nasty! My total working time was 21:21.


3 Sets

  • 1:00 Tuck Hold
  • 30/30s Side Plank
  • 30 Bicycle Crunches

Wasn’t bad and was done in 8:17.

An Easy Sweat

Did a bunch of walking at Cedar Point on Friday night and took a needed rest day yesterday. I was so tired from the trip I was in bed by 10 last night. Went to open gym today.


4 Sets

  • 3/3 Turkish Get-ups (35#)
  • 10/10 Single Arm/Leg KB Deadlift (53#)
  • 15 Lemon Squeezes


30:00 EMOM (40s work at a recovery pace)

  • Walking Lunges
  • H2H KBS (44#)
  • Double KB OH Hold (35#)
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Lateral Box Step Overs (14″)

An easy sweaty one to get the heart up a bit and keep it there.

Wonder What My Push Jerk Is

Walked my first 18 holes of the year yesterday. Wasn’t really tired, though did feel some pulling in my left hamstring over the last 4 holes. Still really wet and soggy out there. Went in for the 10am class today.


  • 3×15 Reverse Hyper (90#)
  • 2x
    • Couch Stretch
    • Wrist Stretch
  • 3 Sets
    • 10 Weighted Lunge (45#)
    • 10 Shoulder Press (45#)
    • 10 Front Squat (45#)


1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Push Jerk

  • 135#
  • 185#
  • 205#
  • 225#
  • 240#
  • 250#

Alex lifted with me. Wasn’t planning on going too heavy, but it was feeling ok. The squats did feel a little heavy. I haven’t maxed out push jerk in years, but the most I’ve done is 255# back in September of 2014. I think it’s a lot higher now.


30:00 EMOM (alt)

  • Row calories
  • H2H KBS (44#)
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Jump Rope (singles)
  • Side Plank

Worked for 40 seconds of each minute. This was a nice little sweat. Alternated sides for the plank every round so that they were longer holds.

Out in the garage in the evening to kick of week 2 of the Push Only program.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 8×135
  • 4x8x175
  • 3x12x190

Increased 5# on both the sets of 8 and the sets of 12.

Close Grip Bench Press

  • 3x12x155#

Not knowing what I could do, I tried 135-150-165 last week, which was an average of 150, so a 5# increase over that seemed right for today and it sure was! High rep day is much harder with “strict” rests. I was doing about two minutes.


  • 3×12 Clapping Push-ups
  • 3×12 DB Side Raises (15#)
  • 3×12 DB Bent-over Side Raises (15#)

Performance Plus

  • 3×15 PVC Lift Offs (video)
  • 3×10 Banded Arm Circles – 10 in all 3 positions and also in both directions (video)
  • Rolling Teres Muscles – 30 seconds / side (video)

Also did some psoas release and the entire second session only took 70 minutes.

Back to Sleep

I set my alarm and planned to do this workout before heading to the conference. Wasn’t happening so I did it before I head out for some Texas BBQ.

30:00 AMRAP

  • 14 Hand-release Push-ups
  • 14 V-ups
  • 28 Air Squats
  • 28 Bicycle Crunches
  • 14 Lunges
  • 14 Leg Lifts

Why 14 and 28? Because as I was picking movement, I got down to 15 lunges and that just doesn’t fly with me. I hate doing an odd number of reps on a movement that alternates sides of the body.

Kept a steady pace and picked up the pace on the air squats in the last 3 rounds. Finished 7 full rounds plus the push-ups, v-ups, squats, bicycles, and 1 lunge.

Rest day tomorrow and then I fly home Friday and hopefully will do a first attempt at 17.3 late that night.

Hello 2017

Happy New Year!

I took a lot more rest days in 2016, even during the 3 months sabbatical from work. Each blue square on the calendar below means I worked out that day.


Compare to the 2015 calendar and it’s quite a different story. Last year I went nearly 3 months straight without taking a complete rest day! I was doing active recovery once or twice a week though. In the final two months of 2016 I took a step back and I think it was good. It’s easy for my addictive traits to come out and put too much into my workouts, when it should be about staying healthy and having fun. Here’s to continuing that balance in 2017.

When I was making Kodiak Cakes for breakfast I got a text asking me to workout. I was planning to hit my thrusters and maybe some Ski intervals in the garage, so that sounded like a better plan. Headed to the gym at 2 and there ended up being a whole crew there. Warmed up with some bottom squat hold and 6 thrusters with 45#.

Thruster Attack Week 8 Workout 1

  • 4 Cycles
    • 3 rounds
      • 20s Thrusters (65#)
      • 10s Rest
    • 30s Rest

I stuck with 9 reps per round like I’ve been doing. Felt better than last week even though it was the same total number of rounds and reps, with less rest time. I swear by this program.

Partner Workout

25:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Broad Jump
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches or Hollow Rocks (alt each round)
  • 10 Russian KBS (70#)
  • 5 Push-up + Row + Row (40# DBs)

Do a round and then rest while your partner goes. I made it through 10 times and Jason had 3 or 4 reps left in his 10th. Was fun to throw together some things we don’t do very often. Good sweat to kick off 2017.

Double Bump

Out in the garage around 4:30. Warmed up with Crossover Symmetry Activation.

Split Jerk

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95
  • 3×135
  • 2×165
  • 2×185
  • 1×205
  • EMOM
    • 5x1x225
    • 5x1x240
    • 5x1x255
  • Heavy Single
    • 1×270
    • 1×280

With the new PR, lucky me gets even bigger increases this week on top of the percentage bump. Was getting under it pretty well. Felt satisfied with 280 for the day and it’s what I wrote down as a plan so didn’t try anything more.

Push Press

  • 5x5x190#

Realized I’ve been using my push jerk for these percentages, which is 10# higher than my push press. It’s been working so I guess I’ll keep it going. Did round down, whereas last week I stuck with the 191.25. Five sets get heavy!

Back Squat Jump

  • 3x3x95#

Stiff legs in the first set!!

Midline & Gymnastics Accessory

5 Sets

  • 15 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (parallel, 25# plate)
  • 4 Strict C2B Pull-ups

Keeping my back safe with the sit-ups to parallel. After the first set I went os wide as I could grip on my rig for the last 4 sets.


5 Rounds

  • 15 Push-ups
  • 30 Bicycle Crunches

Decided to do this combo for time to make the push-ups harder. All sets of 5, though they got slow between each rep. Finished in 4:13.

Will get in a 22 minute ROMWOD tonight, which will be pretty consistent for the last 10 weeks. I can probably count on my hand the number of days I missed where I didn’t do a make-up double on the next day. (haha, and then I skipped today due to the debate.)