Ascending AMRAP

My shoulders are a bit angry from yesterday. Out in the garage after 4pm.


  • 2:00 SkiErg (406m)
  • 20 PVC Passes


4 Rounds

  • 30 Hollow Rocks
  • 30s Sandbag Hold (100#)
  • 20s Superman
  • 20 alt Side Crunches

Took about 10:45. I split the rocks up 18-12 the last two rounds.


20:00 AMRAP

  • 1-2-3-4-5… Strict Pull-ups
  • 2-4-6-8-10… DB Goblet Squats (50#)
  • 2-4-6-8-10… Box Step Overs (24″)

I can’t remember the last time we did an ascending ladder, so it was time. I think I went to single pull-ups after 3, never put the dumbbell down during the squats, and turned to face the box with each step over (also tried to stay lower as I stepped over and turned. Got through the 10th round plus 11 pull-ups and 13 goblet squats.

Election Day

I was exhausted after the workout on Sunday and had a lazy day, even with a nap. I did mow up leaves in the yard yesterday, but otherwise took a rest day. Out in the garage at 4pm today with the garage door open and close to 60° out.


  • 80′ Lateral Monster Walks
  • 80′ Monster Walks
  • 8/8 Landmine Curtsy Lunges (45#)
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 10 alt Cossack Squats
  • 4/4 Landmine Curtsy Lunges (45# +45)


4 Sets

  • 8/8 Landmine Curtsy Lunges (45# + 90)
  • 20 alt Cossack Squats


4 Rounds

  • 2:00 cal Row
  • 2:00 cal BikeErg
  • ~1:00 Rest
  • 2:00 cal SkiErg
  • 2:00 Box Step Overs (20″)
  • ~1:00 Rest

Went a full two minutes at each station, so rests were shorter than a minute, going on a 5:00 interval clock. I did kind of a side-step over the box and found a nice rhythm there. I tallied 40-37-37-39 on the rower, 40-37-38-40 on the bike, 31-29-30-32 on the ski, and 40-44-44-44 on the box. It was a nice aerobic sweat session.

Half Ass Everything

Yesterday my glutes and arms were sore from Sunday, but both are better today. Yesterday morning I did the PT kegels and then before lunch I lubed up the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes, which was about 1.25 miles. Had my first full session of PT at 5 and it was great. I’m very impressed so far. We discovered my left glute isn’t activating. I would have bet you money it was working in the test we did; it sure felt like I was squeezing the muscle. Crazy how the wires can be all crossed up like that. Found some more weaknesses and got a bunch of new exercises to do. In the evening I did 6-4-2 of the McGill Big 3 and another session of the kegels.

Today I did all of my new PT exercises before lunch and went to the 4pm class.


  • 2x 100/100′ Walking Side Shuffle
  • Steamboat PT exercises
  • 4x 100′ Walk Backwards
  • 30 cal Echo Bike
  • 3×10 Push-ups
  • Bottom Squat Hold

I tried a few kipping pull-ups and kicked up to the wall. Both felt good!


  • 0:00-10:00 (Solo)
    • 5 Rounds
      • 80′ Sled Push (180#)
      • 15 Pull-ups
  • 10:00-20:00 (Partner w/ Brandi)
    • 3 Mile Echo Bike (switch about every 30 seconds)
  • 5:00 Rest
  • 25:00-35:00 (Solo)
    • 30 DB Walking Lunges (35# DBs)
    • 30 Box Push-up Step Overs (24″)
    • 30 Seated DB Shoulder Press (35# DBs)
    • 30 Strict HSPU

A lot of subbed movements but it worked out well and I got in a great workout.

I did the five rounder in 7:40 with quick choppy steps on the sled but nowhere near a sprint pace. I was able to do 3×5 on every round of pull-ups with just a regular kip! Felt good for not having done any kipping in over a month.

It was written as a two mile bike but that would have given way too much rest compared to the people who were trying to do 3,200 meters on the rower (impossible). Bumping up to three miles was good and we finished in 8:11.

The lunges were fine and unbroken. I planned to use 40 or 45# but those dumbbells must be down in the basement. Worked out well though because the shoulders got blown later with the 35s! I didn’t want to have to go all the way to the ground yet, probably putting my back into flexion at some point, so the box push-up step over was a good alternate instead of burpees over the bar. I did 3×10 on the seated presses and could feel that the handstand push-ups were going to be rough. I barely got two HSPU to start and fought through a total of 5×2 before switching to singles. Ended up getting 15 singles, for 25 total, 5 shy of finishing.


McGill Big 3

  • 7-5-3 Curl-up
  • 7-5-3 Side Planks
  • 7-5-3 Bird Dogs

Been doing 6-4-2 for a week so it’s time to increase the reps. I also went side to side today on the side planks, passing through a regular plank instead of doing all 7 on a side before switching. So there was no true rest after each side plank like the few seconds I’d get the other way between reps.

No Time Again

Thought I might get a workout yesterday, but got going on a restoration project while family was gone during the day and didn’t make time. Had to rush in a workout today after the family took off and before heading to a movie. Did this one that the gym did earlier in the week (20# light of Rx).

  • 150 DU
  • 50 T2B
  • 50 OHS (95#)
  • 50 Box Step Overs (24”)
  • 150 DU

I did 14×3 and 2×4 on toes to bar, wearing grips. Was ready to start failing any rep. I did 5 sets of 10 on the overhead squats. First set was snatch grip and the next four I kept my pointer finger on the last knurl line. Planned to do box jump overs but got there with smoked legs and decided to do steps instead. Finished in 17:57.

Keep Moving, But Slow

My ass is surprising a little sore from yesterday. Got to the gym early again so I could knock out some strength work in case there was a big class. Did Crossover Symmetry Activation first thing when I got there.

Strength & Midline

E3M – 7 Sets

  • 10 DB Bench Press (40# DBs)
  • 10 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (20# MB)

Started out as plan to do 5 sets, then figured I’d do 6 so set the clock for that, but added a final set when the timer ran out.

Class Warm-up

  • 400m Run
  • 3 Sets
    • 5/5 Bar Taps (tight/dynamic)
    • 15 V-ups

V-ups were harder than they normally would be, due to 70 reps on the  GHD.


30:00 EMOM (alt) – Aerobic Circuit

  1. 40s Row
  2. 40s OH Hold (45# bar)
  3. 40s Lateral Box Step Overs (14″)
  4. 40s Bicycle Crunches
  5. 2/2 Turkish Get-ups (35# KB)

I think the aerobic days might be turning into my favorite (at least for now). Always surprising how much of a sweat we work up moving slow. Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Plyo and the purple band snapped at the end! 😦 Will hit some ROMWOD tonight.

Easy Easter

Easy Sunday heading into some deload for me after the Open.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Bar Hang
  • Close Grip Bench Press
    • 8×45#
    • 8×95#

Strength – Accessory

4 Sets

  • 8 Close Grip Bench Press (145#)
  • 4/4 Bulgarian Split Squats (44# KBs)


30:00 Aerobic EMOM (alt)

  • 40s Plank (on hands, lean forward on wrists for bonus)
  • 40s Row
  • 15 Ring Curls
  • Box step-overs (14″)
  • 40s Russian KBS (35#)

I started doing hand-to-hand swings because it was so easy with that weight.


8 Rounds (Tabata)

  • 20s Hollow Hold
  • 10s Rest

Last 3 were a fight, but held on through each round.

Shoulder Stability – Bamboo/Earthquake Bar

  • 4 Sets – 10 Bench Press (26# KB on each side)
  • 4 Sets – Seated OH Hold (52#)

Kept it light so I didn’t have to risk smacking myself in the face. I did all of the bench sets, raised the J-cups on the rig, and then all of the OH holds. Probably held at least 20-30 seconds each time.

Long MAP

Instead of sticking to one movement like the Air Dyne for a long 30-40 minutes, I mixed it up with a Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) workout. I used to do these more often, but in the 8-10 minute range and maybe a few of them with rest between. Went long today.


  • 1:00 Ski Erg
  • 1:00 Jump Rope
  • 1:00 Air Dyne
  • 1:00 Box Step Overs (12″)
  • 0:30 Ring Plank
  • 0:30 Single-arm OH Carry (25# DB, aka Waiter’s Walk)

I tried to switch at those times, so total work time was shorter due to transitioning. Nice and easy conversational pace. I wore the Garmin Forerunner 235 I bought last week and while it did a much better job tracking HR than when I rowed 5k, it still seems very wrong in some places.