Quad Burner

My hands ached bad when I woke up. I wasn’t paying attention to walking down the steps because I was so focused on it and ended up falling on my ass and slid down 3 stairs. That woke me up! My legs were a little wobbly too. Didn’t think I did much yesterday.

Warmed up with Crossover Symmetry Activation.

Strength – Bench Press

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95
  • 5×135
  • 5×165
  • 5×185
  • 5×205
  • 5×215
  • 5×225
  • 5×235
  • 5×240

Really had no idea what to expect here. The chart we have said a 5RM for 270 would be 236, so this was about right for my 275. Not sure I could have got all 5 with another 5# on the bar.


“Klepto” – 4 Rounds

  • 27 Box Jumps (24″)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 11 Squat Cleans (145#)

I jumped without rebounds in round 1. After doing the first 2 squat cleans, I could feel my back would never hold up with box jumps, so I did step-ups for the other 3 rounds. Burpees were the rest and just kept moving. Cleans were all singles, but back on the bar quick. Was through 2 rounds at exactly 9:00 and finished everything at 18:29.

Going to start going with shorter met-cons on Sunday going forward to build that intensity up. Should have a solid base after all of the rowing and the last month of long Sunday workouts.

Midline / Shoulders

  • 50 reps – 1/4 Get-ups (53#)

Originally programmed Turkish, but legs were smoked from the workout and didn’t feel like standing up. Broke it up into 10 each arm and then 15 each arm.

2 Weeks of Squatting Every Day

I keep getting up earlier than usual and I’m not too happy about it. My upper body seems a little tight this morning from the 84 pull-ups. Didn’t rush out to the garage this morning since I have a lot more time to work with on Sunday mornings.

Switched it up with 100 Walking Lunges (20# vest) for my warm-up. It took me 4:30 to do them.

Coffee Squats

2 Front + 5 Back

  • 45#
  • 135#
  • 175#
  • 205#
  • 225#
  • 245#
  • 265#

Up 30 pounds over what I did last Sunday for this complex. This is the most weight I’ve had on the bar yet and it’s still well below the 295# I’ve done for this combo before.

That completes 14 days in a row at the squat rack. I’ll keep slowly increasing the weights and over the next two weeks I’ll hopefully be back to typical squatting loads. I’ve really been enjoying the morning squats as a way to kick off my day. Haven’t noticed any additional fatigue from them and don’t think they’ve been affecting my other training negatively. If anything they are probably helping. Don’t think I’ve mentioned the stretching routine recently, but I’ve been continuing to do it at least once a day, except when I do the 90 minute yoga workout.


4 Sets

  • 10 Incline DB Bench Press (45°, 40-45-50-50# DBs)
  • 10 JM Press (45-65-65-65#)

Going to try adding in some bench press accessory work on the weekends to see if it’ll help getting to 300#. Holy Shit! The JM Press is no fucking joke. There are a couple of variations out there. I used what looked to be the hardest one and I’m pretty sure I got that right. Wow!

I hope that didn’t smoke me too much for today’s workout. Super Sunday at noon…


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 1,500m Row (6:36)
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • C&J
    • 4×45#
    • 2×95#
    • 2×135#


E2M 20:00

  • 2 C&J

Started with 155# and went up 10# each time, finishing at 245#. I think I wore the belt starting at 215#. Took my time with that last round, to make both reps. I squatted most of the reps but powered a few of the early ones when I wasn’t thinking. Last few rounds got rough. The cleans aren’t really a big deal for me, but I’m pumped to have made all of the jerks. We took about 5-10 minutes plus before starting the next part.


With a running clock, @ 0:00…
5:00 AMRAP

  • 5 MU
  • 10 Cleans (155#)

This is event 1 of the 2015 Masters Qualifier. Wanted to do some muscle-ups this weekend and this looked like a fun one to try. Was scared how this would go after all those heavy cleans, but it was just fine. I broke the MU into 3-2 every round and did relaxed singles for the cleans. Finished 2 rounds plus 5 muscle-ups and 2 cleans. It was fun doing some MU in a workout again.

I called on the group for some movements to make up the next two parts and then I came up with the rep schemes and how to split up the 4 movements.

@ 10:00…

  • 30 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 30 Russian KBS (70#)

Wall balls and kettlebell swings were unbroken. I did the push-ups in 3 sets of 10. Finished in 2:50.

@ 20:00…

  • 150m Walking Lunges

I was excited when someone picked lunges and knew I had to put them solo. Finish the workout with a little Lunge University. 🙂 We went outside since it was a nice afternoon. I programmed it as 100 walking lunges, but after about 50 steps I went to chase Michelle down for extra credit since she was doing a lap. I don’t usually do them stepping through, but did to catch up and it’s so much faster doing them like that, but so much extra burn too. Finished in 4:03. I stopped counting the reps after deciding to go for the lap distance instead, but should have been about 150.


  • 60 Quarter Get-ups

Used a 53# KB and split this up into 10 reps per side at a time.

Knocked out Crossover Symmetry Plyometric before heading home. Kind of wanted to skip it, but was already feeling my shoulders smoked so I knew I should do it.

An hour or so later at home I am wrecked!

More Grace

Still unbelievably sore from Monday’s WOD, but I don’t think I’m anymore sore than yesterday. Went in for the 5:30pm and did an alternate WOD since the people who didn’t make it Monday were doing 30 reps of the Bear Complex.



  • PVC Pass-thrus


5×5 Shoulder Press

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 75#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 130#

Everything felt good and 130# was pretty easy. It would have been nice to know in advance what we were doing because I would have looked up what I did last time and known to go heavier.


  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    • Russian KBS (53#)
    • Floor Presses (40# DBs)
  • “Grace”: 30 Clean & Jerks (115#)

Since I know I’ll be working on the clean and jerks tomorrow in OLY class I went a little easy on myself with 115#. Had also just done “Grace” with 125# on Saturday, so this seemed like an odd choice to put in the WOD. I probably should have went Rx with 45# DBs for the floor presses because I flew through them with the 40s. Finished everything in 9:42.


100 Quarter Get-ups (40# KB)

Most of the challenge for me with quarter get-ups is in keeping a stable shoulder as I get up to 10 in a row with one arm. Towards the end of the 100 it did get tougher to actually get up off the ground though.

After class I jumped on the rings and did a kipping muscle-up for the first time since my very first one back in July. This one was actually pretty fluid and I didn’t have to reposition my wrists and arms.

Match PR Snatch

Olympic lifting class at 6pm and then regular at 7pm. We worked up to heavy snatches and I got up to 145#, matching the PR I set on Sunday. Nailed it on the first try though, compared to 4 attempts, just 2 days ago. Went for 155# but didn’t have the confidence in it and bailed on the pull. Did some clean and jerk work as well and stopped at 185#, doing a few singles there. I’m really enjoying the drilling and can feel a difference already in my technique.


Tabata Mash-up

  • Side Plank
  • Mountain Climbers


5×5 Weighted Pull-ups

Today was the best I’ve ever done at these. Maybe because it’s been a few weeks and my pull-ups have felt really good lately. I used a 8# DB, 10# DB, 12# DB, 15# DB, and 20# KB without missing any reps. I don’t think I’ve gotten through all 5 reps on the last set using a 15# DB for the last two sets before, so getting all 5 at 20# was a big improvement.


  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    • SDLHP (55# KB)
    • KBS (55# KB)
  • 2m Rest
  • 50 Ring Rows with 10 Star Jumps EMOTM

I finished the first part at 4:20, pretty much going unbroken except for some transition breaks as I adjusted my stance. The ring rows killed me as usual. I suck at them and resorted to pretty shitty technique to get them done. My total time including the rest period was 10:24, but I was 2# above Rx since all of the 53# KBs were in use.


100 Quarter Get-ups (35# KB)

I switched sides doing 10 at a time. I think it took about 6 minutes.

What Do You Get When You Cross a Burpee With a Pull-up?

My lats are a bit sore from the C2B pull-ups earlier in the week and all of the upper body work we did yesterday. Went in for the 9am class this morning.


3 Rounds

  • 30s PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30s PVC OHS


5×3 OHS

I missed out of the 5×5 last week because I was resting for the competition. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any overhead squatting, so I was excited for this. I warmed up with a set of 5 using just the 45# bar and then my working sets were at 85#, 95#, 105#, 125#, and 135#. That last set was pretty shaky, but I managed. I set my 1RM at 145# about a month ago, so it felt good to get in 3 reps at 135#.


100 Burpee Pull-ups (aka GI Jane)

This is harder than it looks. Not quite as cardio taxing as doing 100 straight burpees, but the jumping adds another dimension. The bar was at a height where I could grab on to it flat-footed. I’ve seen videos where they recommend using a bar that is 1 foot above your reach. We don’t have anything like that and that doesn’t sound like fun either. I finished in 9:50.


5 Sets

  • 10 Quarter Get-ups (each side)
  • 90s Rest

I started off with the 44# KB in the first set, but barely got in all 10 reps on my left arm, so I dropped down to a 39# KB for the last 4 sets. I also knocked out 5 close grip dead hang chin-ups to work on some strength.

Kettlebells and Prowlers

Still a bit sore in my legs from death by wall balls, but I think working out yesterday really helped to speed up the recovery process. I got up and went in for the 9am class today since I have an adjustment and massage at the chiropractor later today.


We partnered up and switch back and forth between some KB work and ab stuff.

When doing ab work we rotated between the following movements and kept going until our partner was finished with their KB reps.

  • AbMat Sit-ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank

While working with the KB, we did 20 reps of a movement before switching with our partner.

  • Russian KBS
  • Power KBS
  • KBS
  • Right arm Russian KBS
  • Left arm Russian KBS
  • Right arm KB Snatch
  • Left arm KB Snatch

Then on our own we did 10 Quarter Get-ups on each side and a couple of Turkish Get-ups an each side to warm-up. I used a 35# KB for all of this.


50 Turkish Get-ups (30# KB)

The Rx for men was 35# and Matt made it sound pretty tough, so I went down to the 30#. Doing 5 per side at a time I was able to keep a good flow and knock out the WOD in 8:22. I should have went with a 33# or 35# KB.


We formed two lines and started doing prowler work, going from line to the other. Each prowler was loaded with a couple of 45# plates, but since I was the only guy in class today, I got to load on extra. I’m not sure how many rounds I got it, but it was probably 5 or more.

  • Prowler Suicide (140# load) – 10 yard high push and low push back, 20 yard high push and low push back
  • Prowler Walk and Sprint (135# load) – Walk with high hand position for 25 yards, low position sprint back

I don’t know why, bit I like the prowler work. A lot of people get physically sick (or close to it) from the prowler. Really good work for the legs.

Random Friday Open Gym

My calves are even more sore today, but my shoulders aren’t bad. I went in at 5:15 for open gym and did a bunch of random stuff, trying to keep any stress of my lower back.


  • 30s Row
  • 30s Rest

I was planning on doing 10 minutes, but Matt guilted me into 20. I’m glad he did. The first 10 weren’t too bad, but I had to fight for intensity after that.

Brent showed up and we worked together on some stuff.

6 rounds

  • 10 DB Chest Presses (5 each side, 40# DB)
  • 10 Weighted Push-ups (sandbag on back, which is about 35#)
  • 10 Quarter Get-ups (5 each side, 39# KB)
  • 10 Russian Step-ups (5 each side, 35# DBs, 18″ box)

We did the chest presses on a bench. This circuit took us somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes. We didn’t keep track of time, but kept up a steady pace and didn’t take breaks.

Matt noticed we had a lot of pushing movements there, so suggested we do some pulling and maybe GHDs. I tried a GHD sit-up, but it was too much for my back so I did hip extensions instead.

5 rounds

  • 10 Hip Extensions
  • 10 Pull-ups

No time again here as we didn’t do this for intensity. Brent headed over to do some rowing so I jumped on the squat rack in between sets with Cora.

3 sets

  • 8 Front Squats (130#)

Why not 10 reps each set? Because the bar was starting to cut off my air supply. 🙂

Solid work for a Friday night, being the 4th day in a row at the gym. No WOD tomorrow for me. I need to start taking more rest days and probably should try getting into a 3 on 1 off schedule. I may go for a run or bike ride if it doesn’t rain.

9 Days in a Row

I wasn’t as sore as I expected this morning, considering the volume of deadlifts and power cleans I did yesterday. We had a kettlebell seminar at Survival Fitness today so I figured it was a great idea to attend the 11am class so I could just stay for the seminar, which was scheduled to be an hour and a half long.


Tabata Mash-up (6 rounds)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Steam Engines


  • 1 mile run
  • 10 rounds
    • 10 Ring Push-ups
    • 10 One-arm DB Snatches (45#)
  • 1 mile run

I ran the first mile in my best gym time 6:18. Last week I ran a 6:14, but the RunKeeper GPS was kind of funky there, so I’m not sure I should count that time. Total time for the WOD was 3:20 (no way this was correct). I would have used a 60# DB if I hadn’t done all that clean work last night and didn’t just do 100 one-arm snatches with 50# last week. I was really fatigued during this workout.

We had about 20 or 30 minutes before the kettlebell seminar started. In the seminar we did all kinds of stuff, including Russian swings, American swings, cleans, snatches, clean and press, clean and jerk, goblet squats, front squats, hand to hand swings, Turkish get-ups, 1/4 get-ups, windmills, and probably a ton of other stuff I’m forgetting. At the end, we did a WOD.

  • 100 Single KB Thrusters (50 each side)
  • 50 Hand-to-hand Russian Swings
  • 40 1/4 Get-ups (20 each side)

I used a 35# KB for everything and finished in 10:35. Absolutely gassed!

I’m definitely taking the next two days off, will WOD on Tuesday, and then either do a WOD or a run on Thursday. I’m surprised with how well my body has handled working out 9 days in a row, but I need to recover and make sure I’m ready to go for the competition on Saturday.

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get-up Again

Today makes 4 days of CrossFit in a row, but my buddy is coming to town tomorrow for a couple of days of golfing, so I’ll get my rest tomorrow and Saturday. My quads are sore from the pistols, but otherwise I’m feeling good. I’ve been strict Paleo without any cheating since after the WOD on Monday night without any cravings.



  • Sit-ups
  • Star Jumps

Those star jumps really gas you. Did the warm-up in 9:52.


10 Rounds

  • 8 Quarter Get-ups (L)
  • 8 Quarter Get-ups (R)
  • 8 Burpees

The goal here was to do good quality get-ups and push hard through the burpees. I used a 40# DB and it was all I could handle. I managed to do all of them unbroken except for the last set with my left arm, which I had to do in sets of 6 and 2. Doing so many reps should help with shoulder stability in the OHS. I was flying through the burpees and didn’t feel like I slowed down until the last two rounds. My time was 24:23.


Every other minute, for 5 sets

  • 5 Weighted Pull-ups

I started with an 8# DB between my feet and did all 5 in a row. Move up to a 10# DB and 5 in a row again. For the last three sets I used a 12# DB, but had to break them down into 3-2, 3-1-1, 3-1-1.