Still Setting Annie PRs

Walked 18 holes of golf today and then got to the gym by 6pm. Warmed up with Crossover Symmetry Activation.

2 Snatch Push Press + 2 OHS

  • 45#
  • 75
  • 95
  • 115
  • 135
  • 145
  • 155
  • 165
  • 175
  • 185

There was a 3 second pause in the bottom of each squat. Might be the most I’ve dropped down to my back with the push presses at 185. I started dropping the overhead squats to the ground with 145 I think because of the time overhead I didn’t want to try it. I put on my belt with 145 or 155 and the rest of those sets. The squats felt good and stable; no risk of dropping any reps.

Tall Power Snatch + OHS

  • 5×45#
  • 5×75
  • 5×105
  • 3×115
  • 3×125
  • 3×135
  • 3×145

Final rep may not have been a power. Previously a squat triple with 145 was a struggle and these are powers plus an overhead squat after standing up. Wore straps starting with 105. So many OHS on this day of the program. Seems to be paying off with overhead stability though.



  • DU
  • Sit-ups (anchored)

Michelle challenged me after she got a 5:48 today. Hadn’t done this one since March so went for it. Couldn’t believe how easy it felt spinning the dubs after using the Zeus rope a few times. Missed once after 9 reps in the set of 20 from lack of concentration, but still managed a 6 second PR with a 5:53. The sit-ups are much easier after all of the GHD work I’ve been doing. I think I could even push the pace more on them. Crazy to think I’m still able to PR this workout after almost 5 years and all the times I’ve done it. Also happy to be able to when I should be out of conditioning shape.

Snatch Deadlifts

  • 5×185#
  • 5×200
  • 5×210
  • 2x5x220

Had a 3 second pause above the knee on the descents. Wore straps for all sets. Heavy with the pauses!

Did Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap before leaving the gym and will do a 19 minute ROMWOD tonight.

Sore All Over

It’s been quite awhile since I woke up feeling sore in so many places. Later today and tomorrow are going to be tough to walk I bet. Went in at 9am because I was not feeling like doing a longer workout today.


  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30 PVC OHS Squats


3 rep Front Squats

  • 5 @ 45#
  • 3 @ 135#
  • 3 @ 155#
  • 3 @ 175#
  • 3 @ 195#
  • 3 @ 225#
  • 3 @ 255#

I wasn’t planning on going heavy, but I just couldn’t help myself once we got going. It was a bit awkward since I was paired up with Davy on a rack and he’s about a lot shorter than I am.


13:00 AMRAP

  • 10 DB Snatches (45#)
  • 20 Sit-ups
  • 30 MB Cleans (20# MB)

Fuck did those MB cleans blow. My quads did not want to cooperate after the first round. I finished 2 reps shy of 4 complete rounds. Rx was only 40# for the snatches, but there were none left, so I went heavier.


  • 300m Row
  • 50 Burpees

More suck, but I just kept going on my burpees and never stopped. Took me 4:52 which isn’t too bad for me considering we barely had any rest after the WOD.

13.1 Redemption

Another Competition Thursday at Survival Fitness and I was not excited about the WOD since I did horrible on it, but excited that I’d get the chance to improve my score. Went to the 5pm class.


  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30 PVC OHS
  • Snatches


The WOD for today was CrossFit Games Open Workout 13.1, which I scored a 142 on during the Open, with a 15:52 tiebreaker at the end of the 135# snatches.

17:00 AMRAP

  • 40 Burpees
  • 30 Snatch (75#)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 Snatch (135#)
  • 20 Burpees
  • 30 Snatch (165#)
  • 10 Burpees
  • Max rep Snatch (210#)

I was much faster today and didn’t die as bad on the burpees, although they still sucked. I finished the 75# snatches at 5:01, which I think was about 20 seconds faster than in the Open. Was on the bar starting 135# snatches around 8:35-ish and finished them at 14:58 (I’m going to call that a 6:23 “Isabel” PR, since I still haven’t done it standalone), nearly a whole minute faster, which gave me plenty of time to got those last 20 burpees. I was extremely slow on them though and only had 18 seconds to spare. I didn’t even bother trying to put weight on the bar and try 165# because I would have just ended up hurting myself. I’m glad I was able to hit 150 reps this time and do everything a lot faster.


Second week of my squat program and front squats were on the menu. Warmed up with 5 fast reps at 115# and then had to do 5 reps each at 160#, 175#, 185#, and 200#. Solid work… not too easy and not too hard.

Garage Work

Headed over to Kevin’s place and did a bunch of hamstring and low back work.

3 Rounds (not for time)

  • 10 Reverse Hypers (120#, 170#, 190#)
  • 7 GHR
  • 5 Good Mornings (135#)
  • 20 GHD Sit-ups

Low back was already feeling a little spicy from they heavy cleans yesterday and today’s WOD, so this just lit it more. Good stuff though. Those GHR are rough and my form isn’t very good on them.

Competition Thursday at Survival Fitness

After 3 intense days of doing our own programming, it was time to get back to a group class. Matt has turned Thursday into competition day at Survival Fitness and will be bringing back old Open or Regional WODs for the most part. Should be a lot of fun and keep the competitive atmosphere going. I went to the 9am.


  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30 PVC OHS

I also did some jump rope to warm up the calves for box jumps.


2011 CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.2
15:00 AMRAP

  • 9 Deadlifts (155#)
  • 12 HR Push-ups
  • 15 Box Jumps (24″)

My first time trying this WOD. It was a grinder at that 15 minute length. I think I did the first two rounds of push-ups unbroken, but then 7-5 almost every other round to keep from reaching failure. Pushed through 12 slow unbroken in my last round. Had some no-reps on the box jumps, but rebounded almost everything. Finished with 10 rounds plus 6 deadlifts for a total of 366 reps.


Warmed up with 5 @ 135# on front squats and then went into what was prescribed for my squat program, although I accidentally went an extra 5# in the first set; 5 reps at each of 165#, 175#, and 185#. Not as easy as I thought it was going to be since those are only 60%, 65%, and 70% of my 1RM. But I’m not used to doing strength after a WOD either.

Then I did a Tabata bench with 115#. Started out too fast with 13 reps in the first round and everything was downhill from there. I had 40 reps through 4 rounds and ended up with 60 total, even failing on a rep in round 7. Have to take into account this is after 120 push-ups too.

Headed over to Kevin’s at night for some garage work with all of his toys. Figured I could handle a little extra work since tomorrow is a rest and massage day and then Saturday morning I’m doing a duathlon.

The Backside

3 Rounds (not for time)

  • 10 Reverse Hypers (120#)
  • 7 Glute Ham Raise
  • 20 GHD Sit-ups

Hopefully this stuff helps increase my squats as well as the extra squatting I’m doing.

Split Jerks

I’ve been wanting to try out the jerk blocks Kevin built and tonight was the night. My technique kinda sucked. Ugh! I did a couple of double at 95#, then doubles at 125#, 155#, 185#, and 205#. My last was going to be a double at 225# but after the 2nd rep Kevin wanted to try out a burst-mode camera app, so I did a 3rd rep. I’m happy with the weight I was able to do (my 1RM is 245#) but wish my technique had been better. Still need a lot of work.

I was going to do some light snatch work, but after having trouble landing a 95# snatch, I canceled that idea. My shoulders just weren’t having it. So I went back at my hamstrings and did 10 RDLs at 115#, 205#, and 205#.

Back to Survival Mode

I’m not really feeling any affects from last night’s garage session. Quads getting a little sore from the back squats, but nothing close to major DOMS. It was my first WOD back at Survival Fitness for the 4pm class today.


  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 30 PVC OHS
  • 4 Rounds:
    • 15s Jumping Jacks
    • 15s Air Squats
    • 15s Mountain Climbers
    • 15s Squat Jumps
  • 4 Rounds:
    • 15s Plank
    • 15s Supermans
    • 15s Side Plank (L)
    • 15s Side Plank (R)

Back to the predictable warm-ups. 🙂


2 Power Snatches every 15s for 4 minutes.

I used 95# and tried to get full hip extension, but didn’t have much success with it. It was tough due to not having much rest time at all, but I got through just fine with that weight.


7:00 AMRAP

  • Thrusters (95#)
  • C2B Pull-ups

He was going for Open Workout 12.5 but messed up on the Rx weights, which should have been 100# for men. I thought about upping the weight, but stuck with the 95# as it was on the board. My best score for 12.5 was 66 reps back in August and I got 82 today. Using the lighter weight helps some but that’s a pretty big improvement. I’m pretty stoked about that since I hate thrusters and my C2B are usually not very good.


5 Rounds

  • 30s Handstand (against wall)
  • 30s Rest

I tried to use as little pressure on the wall with my feet as I could, even taking them off the wall in the first couple of rounds. I also tried to really push up off the ground and keep everything really tight to help with actual handstands and handstand walks in the future.

I got home, took a short rest and then did some stuff out in the garage.


5 Rounds

  • 5 Incline Bench Press
  • 10 Parallette Pass Throughs
  • 90s Rest

I warmed up with a quick set of 5 with the empty 45# bar and then used 115# for all 5 sets on the incline bench. I did do 10 reps on my last set instead of 10. All of the pass throughs were done unbroken.


10 Rounds

  • 30s Row
  • 30s Rest

Was able to keep consistent efforts, except the first one was a little weak, but I made up for it in the last interval.



Solid day of training.

Snatches and OHS

I was planning to rest through the day and hit up the WOD tonight, but then I got up this morning and was feeling good. The leg workout from Tuesday never really hit me hard. So I went in at 9am to get in my workout, with the plans to go for a hike or golf tomorrow.


2 Rounds

  • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 10 PVC OHS w/ 3-2-X-2 Tempo
  • 10s Tri/Shoulder Stretch w/ PVC behind back
  • 10 PVC Sotts Press

1x Burgener Warm-up with an unloaded barbell


5 Rounds

  • 1 Full Snatch
  • 4 OHS w/ 3-2-X-2 Tempo

Considering the shoulder burn I got doing tempo OHS with the PVC, I knew this was going to be a world of hurt. Started out really light with 65#, then went 75#, 85#, 100#, and 110#. The last 2 reps were kind of wobbly at the top, but my midline and legs were tight. Anything heavier probably wouldn’t have gone for 4 reps. That’s a long time to be holding the load overhead. If you think about it, it’s about 2 seconds for the full snatch and getting set for the OHS, then 8 seconds for each rep, which totals a good 34 seconds or more. Emily kept yelling at me to really push my knees out going down into the OHS, so that was a big concentration point for me to work on today. For the full snatches I really tried to focus on getting full hip extension, especially being lighter weights.


4 Rounds

  • 10 Hang Power Snatch (95#)
  • 200m Run
  • 25 Chest-to-deck Push-ups
  • 250m Row

Fun one. I did the first 10 snatches unbroken, then 7-3, 7-3, and unbroken again in the 4th round. Should have fought to go unbroken each round. My push-ups weren’t too bad today due to having 3-4 minutes between each set. I finished in 16:42.

2 Hour Saturday

I had a great rest day yesterday and went in for the 8am Competitors WOD and stayed to do the regular WOD as well.


  • 500m Row
  • PVC Pass-thrus


Work up to a heavy snatch single.

I started out with a few at 75# and a few at 95#, then started going up by 10# after one or two reps at each weight. Focus was on keeping the bar close and getting hip extension instead of looping the bar out, which I have a problem with. I got up to 155# and got under it for the first time, but it was a little too far forward and I couldn’t steady it before standing up. Took another shot and wasn’t committed to it. Nailed it on the 3rd try, which is a 10# squat snatch PR. I’ve hit 155# with an ugly power snatch in competition before, so this felt good to finally get out-of-the-way. Took the personal win and stopped there for the day.

WOD #1

This one comes from event #5 of the 2010 CrossFit Games.

7 Rounds

  • 3 Cleans (185#)
  • 4 Deficit HSPU (10# bumpers)

I scaled of course because it calls for 205# cleans and ring HSPU. I did power cleans the whole way through and reset for each rep. It was heavy, so I picked a good weight. My neck and collarbone are already showing some bruising. I can’t believe how much my HSPU have improved in the last few weeks. We’ve been doing them once or twice a week, so I’ve had plenty of work on them and it’s really paying off. I did each set unbroken. Final time was 8:36.

Since I was already warmed up, I skipped out on the warm-up the regular class was doing so I could cool down a bit.

WOD #2

3 Rounds

  • 5 Wall Walks
  • 20 cal Row
  • 15 K2E
  • 25 Wall Balls (20#, 10′ target)
  • 15 Ring Dips
  • 50 DUs

This was a non-stop suck fest! It was the first time I’ve ever done wall walks and after the 28 deficit HSPU they were not easy. Finished in 22:57.

I’m actually not feeling too bad after all that, but I suspect tonight I’ll be exhausted, especially if I head out for a round of golf this afternoon. Felt good to get really heavy in a WOD with the 185# cleans.

I jumped on the scale after everything and was at 191.5 with my shoes and clothes on, so I’d say the diet changes are working. I certainly am feeling good with the healthy food changes and getting a lot of sleep.

A Balanced Day

Upper body is kind of sore from the last couple of days. Went in at noon.


3 Rounds

  • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
  • 10 PVC OHS
  • 10s Triceps stretch (each arm)
  • 10s Rack stretch (each arm)


1 Mile Run

Each gym is different because of their mile loop, so I’m trying not to compare today to my 6:18 from the summer at Survival Fitness. I also weigh about 15 pounds more now, which doesn’t help! I mapped out the Full Strength route on Google Maps and it’s pretty damn close to a mile, other than the fact we have to go down a big flight of stairs to start and then back up to finish. My time was 6:45. I probably started out way too fast and it caught up to me, but I’m terrible at setting a running pace. It’ll be interesting to go run a mile at the track one of these days.


5×3 Jerk

  • 5 @ 45#
  • 3 @ 95#
  • 3 @ 135#
  • 3 @ 145#
  • 3 @ 165#
  • 3 @ 185#

I started off doing split jerks and it wasn’t feeling that great in the set with 135# because of the extra time holding the bar overhead. Emily told me to do push jerks if I could handle the weights, so I did and it felt better. Makes sense to work on strength here instead of the split jerk technique. The last set was actually pretty easy, but I have no idea what I can do for push jerks now, so I had to shoot for something as a goal before I started.


3 Rounds

  • 5 Curtis P (95# – Power Clean, Lunge, Lunge, Push Press)
  • 10 Burpees

Usually it’s a squat clean in a Curtiss P, but I guess everyone had been doing power cleans in the day, so we did the same. First set of 5 was unbroken and I set the bar down once in each of the next two sets for 1-2 seconds to regrip. Short WOD so just tried to keep going. Did all of the burpees unbroken and really picked up the pace for the last 7 reps to finish out. Final time was 4:24.

One From the Main Site

Long day recovering from a Survival Fitness party last night. I knew I wanted to at the very least get in some rowing. Saw the WOD on and it looked like fun, so I figured I’d give it a try.


  • 1000m Row
  • 3 Rounds:
    • 10 PVC Pass-thrus
    • 10 PVC OHS
    • 10 Supermans


20130101-203049.jpg5 Rounds

  • 10 T2B
  • 10 Power Snatch (75#)
  • 12 Wall Balls (20#, 8.5′ target)

The ceiling in my garage is 9 feet and 2 inches tall, so I added 2 extra reps to make up for the difference of not being able to hit a 10 foot target. This WOD was much worse than I expected. Maybe it was the hangover, I don’t know. I was taking a lot of rest time and had to break up the T2B and snatches. The wall balls weren’t exactly easy after yesterdays massive amount of air squats. My time was 12:12.


20:00 Row

More Grace

Still unbelievably sore from Monday’s WOD, but I don’t think I’m anymore sore than yesterday. Went in for the 5:30pm and did an alternate WOD since the people who didn’t make it Monday were doing 30 reps of the Bear Complex.



  • PVC Pass-thrus


5×5 Shoulder Press

  • 8 @ 45#
  • 5 @ 75#
  • 5 @ 95#
  • 5 @ 105#
  • 5 @ 115#
  • 5 @ 130#

Everything felt good and 130# was pretty easy. It would have been nice to know in advance what we were doing because I would have looked up what I did last time and known to go heavier.


  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    • Russian KBS (53#)
    • Floor Presses (40# DBs)
  • “Grace”: 30 Clean & Jerks (115#)

Since I know I’ll be working on the clean and jerks tomorrow in OLY class I went a little easy on myself with 115#. Had also just done “Grace” with 125# on Saturday, so this seemed like an odd choice to put in the WOD. I probably should have went Rx with 45# DBs for the floor presses because I flew through them with the 40s. Finished everything in 9:42.


100 Quarter Get-ups (40# KB)

Most of the challenge for me with quarter get-ups is in keeping a stable shoulder as I get up to 10 in a row with one arm. Towards the end of the 100 it did get tougher to actually get up off the ground though.

After class I jumped on the rings and did a kipping muscle-up for the first time since my very first one back in July. This one was actually pretty fluid and I didn’t have to reposition my wrists and arms.