Kettlebells and Prowlers

Still a bit sore in my legs from death by wall balls, but I think working out yesterday really helped to speed up the recovery process. I got up and went in for the 9am class today since I have an adjustment and massage at the chiropractor later today.


We partnered up and switch back and forth between some KB work and ab stuff.

When doing ab work we rotated between the following movements and kept going until our partner was finished with their KB reps.

  • AbMat Sit-ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank

While working with the KB, we did 20 reps of a movement before switching with our partner.

  • Russian KBS
  • Power KBS
  • KBS
  • Right arm Russian KBS
  • Left arm Russian KBS
  • Right arm KB Snatch
  • Left arm KB Snatch

Then on our own we did 10 Quarter Get-ups on each side and a couple of Turkish Get-ups an each side to warm-up. I used a 35# KB for all of this.


50 Turkish Get-ups (30# KB)

The Rx for men was 35# and Matt made it sound pretty tough, so I went down to the 30#. Doing 5 per side at a time I was able to keep a good flow and knock out the WOD in 8:22. I should have went with a 33# or 35# KB.


We formed two lines and started doing prowler work, going from line to the other. Each prowler was loaded with a couple of 45# plates, but since I was the only guy in class today, I got to load on extra. I’m not sure how many rounds I got it, but it was probably 5 or more.

  • Prowler Suicide (140# load) – 10 yard high push and low push back, 20 yard high push and low push back
  • Prowler Walk and Sprint (135# load) – Walk with high hand position for 25 yards, low position sprint back

I don’t know why, bit I like the prowler work. A lot of people get physically sick (or close to it) from the prowler. Really good work for the legs.

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