Arms on Arms

I felt so much better the rest of Sunday after moving through the workout. Woke up yesterday feeling beat again, but felt fine once I got moving while walking 18 holes of golf. It was a beautiful day. I’ve been sleeping much better for the last week+. Woke up feeling beat again, especially my hands just have been aching in the mornings. 4pm workout today.


  • 5:00 SkiErg (1,053m)
  • 20 PVC Passes

Handstand Balance Breakthrough

6:00 EMOM (alt)

We settled on setting the box to 32″ I think and did several sets of 15 seconds or so trying to get the feel for the hover practice. Just holding the handstand got really hard after the first time through and I was really frustrated when I almost crashed on my head. I was getting the feel a little bit warming up but then felt like I didn’t get the intended stimulus in the six minutes because my shoulders were blown!


3 Sets

  • EZ Bar 21s (56#)
  • 12 Tricep Pulldowns (rope, 65#)

3 Sets

  • 10/10 Single Arm Bench Supported Curl (25#)
  • 10 EZ Bar Skull Crushers (66-71-76#)

3 Sets

  • 8/8 Static DB Hammer Curl (30#)
  • 10/10 Tricep Kickbacks (25#)

3 Sets

  • 5 Wrist Curl (12#)
  • 5 Reverse Wrist Curl (12#)
  • 10 Plate Hammer Curl (10#)

Massive pump!


15:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Strict C2B Chin-ups
  • 15 Ball Slams (20# MB)
  • 10 DB Push Jerks (40# DBs)
  • 15 Seated Tucks

More arms on arm day? Yep!! This went well and I got through 6+30.

Move for 40

I’m switching back to Monday and Thursday rest days. Yesterday I felt my back a little in the morning and then was really favoring it when I shoveled snow. It kept getting worse through the day. Today I was awake early and my back was in full-on tweak mode. Sneezes and coughs sent a shockwave through my body, so this is the worst it’s been in a long time. Finally decided to see the Doctor about my back and got in this morning. He said it’s a classic low back issue and isn’t concerned about anything serious. Got an injection in the area to block the pain and some exercises (which are a very light version of the work I’ve already started doing). Went to the gym at 4pm and did my own thing.

40:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Strict C2B Chin-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 cal Echo Bike
  • 20 Walking Lunges

Slowed on the bike from around 65 RPM to 58-59 and maybe took a little more transition time getting up on the bar. Finished 13+24. Forty minutes is a long fucking time!

Here We Go Again

My back was a little tight from yesterday’s workout. I went over and helped clean up at the new gym location, took a little nap, and then was out in the garage at 4pm.


4:00 Airdyne

Did 72 calories and 1.93 km.


4 Sets

  • 5 Strict C2B Chin-ups
  • 8/8 Kroc Rows (70#)
  • 1:30 Rest


Front Squat

  • 10×45#
  • 6×95
  • 6×135
  • 1×165

Tweaked my fucking back! Ugghhh. 😡 😡


7:00 AMRAP

  • 3-6-9… Bench Press (135#)
  • 30 Double Unders

Had this written for 95 pound push presses, but switched it for me. Glad I was still able to jump. I went unbroken through 9, then 7-5, 8-7, and 6-6-6. Only missed one dub I think. Finished the 18 presses and then 10 dubs.


8 Sets

  • 10s RKC Plank
  • 20s Rest

I’m going to try to do some extra work on my back tonight and hopefully will wake up with it being a minor tweak, even though it feels like one of the more significant ones.

On to the Next Cycle

My legs are fucking sore! Out in the garage during lunch.

Year of the Engine – Rocket Race

12 Rounds

  • 1:30 Row
  • 1:00 Rest

On August 20th I averaged a 1:45.3 pace for this same workoutand the results were not good on the BTWB leaderboard. I think I should be going much faster for this, so my goal today was 1:40-1:41/500m. I did 1:40.8 for 446 meters every round. That’s a 226 total meter improvement from the last time.


Kevin came over around 4pm.

No B.S. Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 6×115
  • 4×145
  • 4×185
  • 2×215
  • 2×235
  • 2×255
  • 2×260
  • 1×260 (fail 2nd)
  • 1×260
  • 2x1x265

Was supposed to do 4×2 @ 265-275#, but that didn’t happen. With all the struggles lately I’ve completely lost all confidence on the bench. I have a long way to go to get 300 this year. Fresh start with this next cycle, so I’m going to try some other things:

  • Be more conservative with the weights in the program to keep speed through reps and not struggle so much.
  • Lift 2-3 doubles or singles after the working sets each week to get used to heavier weight.
  • Accessories on another day to target chest, back, and triceps.
  • More protein.

Accessory / Conditioning

10 Rounds

  • 5 Strict C2B Chin-ups (fat bar)
  • 10 Goblet Squats (50#)
  • 10 Banded Tricep Push Downs (green band with Fat Gripz)
  • 5/5 Single Leg Lateral Step-ups (30”)

I did 3-2 and then all singles with a drop from the top for the chin-ups. Sped up the squats and step-ups over the last 3-4 rounds. Finished in 20:08.

Bro Thursday

Yesterday I rode in a cart for golf because I didn’t want to walk that much on my injured calf. Today golf was rained out again. No improvement with my calf and I woke up with my back feeling like I did something to it yesterday. I felt fine golfing though and the only other thing I did besides work was clean the grill. Who knows. I’m being smart and staying home from the gym even though the workout looks really fun.

Year of the Engine – Endurance

30:00 Airdyne

Did 844 cals and 11.04 miles (17,767m). I was glad the pedaling didn’t bother my leg.


Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 4×95
  • 4×135
  • 4×165
  • 4×195
  • 4×210
  • 6x4x225

Last set was my best one after feeling like a struggle for the rest. I was a bit tentative with the other sets and just went for explosive reps to finish.


10:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 7 Strict C2B Chin-ups (far bar)
  • 20 Banded Press-downs (green)

Here’s my final set of chin-ups…

Rake It

My glutes are still sore today. Woke up with an alarm at 7:30 to make sure I had enough time to eat and shower before the 9am class.


  • High Knees
  • Butt Kicks
  • Zombie Kicks
  • Power Skips
  • 10 PVC Passes
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 400m Run


Team of 3

  • 12:00 AMRAP
    • 250m Row
    • 2 Dumbbell Snatch (50#)
    • 2 Dumbbell Squat C&J (50#)
    • 2 Dumbbell Snatch
    • 2 Dumbbell Squat C&J
  • 3:00 Rest
  • 12:00 AMRAP
    • 200m Run
    • 15 Air Squats
    • 10 Push-ups
    • 5 Strict C2B Chin-ups

One person is always rowing or running. After the cardio piece, you do your other work and then rest. I teamed up with Tom and Doug. I got through 4 rounds of the first AMRAP and then 4 rounds of the second plus about 150 meters of the run when time ran out. Decided to do the chin-up variation today and they felt really good. All of the bicep work must be paying off.

Decided I won’t do an Engine Builder workout today since I’m going to rake the lawn and my WHOOP recovery score is low.

Strict C2B Singles

I really need to get this sleep in order! Yesterday was a very needed rest day. Feeling those accessory movements from Tuesday in my upper body. Out in the garage around 3:30 and I broke the handle on the gas line so couldn’t heat it up. Brrrr! Actually it was 46° in there which isn’t horrible.


  • 5:00 Ski Erg (1,078m)

Gymnastics Strength

E15S 10:00

  • 1 Strict Chest-to-bar Chin-up

No issues with these. Wanted to get in some volume without fatiguing my muscles before thrusters. Got ready for thrusters with 10×45# and 5×75#

Thruster Attack Week 9 Workout 2

Every 1:45 – 5 Sets

  • 15 Thrusters (95#)

Felt better than last week, but going on the 1:30 next week will add some discomfort. Two more workouts!

Calm Sunday Morning

Completely forgot doing any ROMWOD yesterday while watching ALL THE sports. Big Ryder Cup day today! Went to the track just after 10am. Cool calm morning, which was great for running. Warmed up with an easy 400 meters and then rested 3 minutes.

Aerobic Capacity – VO2 Max

  • 4x
    • 800m (target – 3:31)
    • 2:00 Rest
  • 5:00 Rest
  • 4x
    • 200m (target – 0:36)
    • 2:00 Rest

Took a minute to catch my breath and then walked a lap.

Maybe my best track session yet. I hit the low part of the assigned pace ranges on every single interval. My 800 splits were 3:29-3:29-3:25-3:28 and the 200s were 35-35-36-34 seconds. Went out way too fast on the first 200 meters of the opening 800, but found a nice steady pace for the rest of them. No struggle to get appropriate times, even by the 4th one. Felt really good on the 200s too.

Hmm, still no 1 mile test in the coming week. Though with the 2nd workout of the week, I’m guessing that test may be the week after.

After the Ryder Cup I felt like doing something so headed out to the garage.

Accessory / Gymnastics

32:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 4 Strict HSPU
  • 4 Strict C2B Chin-ups
  • 6 Strict Ring Dips
  • 6/6 Landmine Rows (85#)

Hopefully will get in that 44 minute ROMWOD tonight.