A Track Sunday

My back felt much better through the night and this morning. Went the the track at 10am. Ideal weather this morning for it.


  • 400m Walk
  • 400m Run

Speed / Explosive

E2M – 10 Sets

  • 5 Broad Jumps
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 100m Sprint

Was taking me about 35-37 seconds.


5 Rounds

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 400m Run
  • 30 Push-ups

I missed once on the rope after 47 reps in round four. Went out too fast on the first run, but settled in after that. I did 8-8-7-7 push-ups each round and maybe could have done 3×10. Finished in 16:57.


3 Sets

  • 30 Bicycles
  • 30 Flutter Kicks
  • 15 Leg Raises
  • 15/15 Side Plank Bounces

All while wearing five pound ankle weights. I went unbroken everywhere, which was really tough on the flutter kicks.

About 8 Months Without Wall Balls

I “slept in” this morning, so got more sleep than I have been. My ass is sore from the weighted plyo lunges. We went to the track an hour earlier than normal, at 9am, to beat some of the heat.


Did 400 meters with various things to loosen up like walking backwards, high knees, butt kicks, side shuffles, etc.


30:00 AMRAP

  • 500m Run
  • 25 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • 100m Weighted Run (20#)
  • 50 Lateral Hops

I hadn’t done a wall ball since November! I did every set unbroken though, so it wasn’t an issue and felt really good. Got through five rounds, the run, wall balls, and 50 meters running with the medicine ball.

10 Sets

  • 100m Walk
  • 100m Sprint

Five laps around the track, walking the curves and sprinting the straights. That was a good session. You don’t need fancy equipment to get in a good workout.

Now I have a full day to work on some projects!

Track & Donuts

Walked 18 holes yesterday and was a little sore in my chest and shoulders. Got a slight headache later even though I drank a lot of water with electrolytes. We headed to the track at Heritage High School at 3:00 today. Warmed up with a 400m jog.

5 Rounds

  • 200m Run
  • 100m Sprint
  • 100m Walk
  • 200m Run
  • 100m Sprint
  • 100m Walk
  • 100m Sandbag Carry (100/65#)

Though I stayed pretty consistent and I felt good. Finished in 31:20. Not knowing how long something like this would take I originally programmed four rounds and added the fifth when I got there to make sure I went over the 30 minute time domain. With the warm humid weather my arms were so sweaty it got increasingly hard to keep golf of the sandbag, but I made each 100 meters unbroken.

6 Rounds

  • 5x Bleacher Runs (18 steps)
  • 20 Incline Push-ups (2nd bleacher seat)

This was much worst than I expected! So nice for a change of scenery and to be outside.

Happy National Donut Day!!2020-national-donut-day.jpeg

Track Lunging

More of the same during sleep with the back and when waking up. Walked 18 holes of golf today in some solid heat and humidity. Headed over to Saginaw Heritage’s track tonight.

Lunge University

  • 400m Walking Lunges

Just kept going. I did a couple of sections stepping one right into the next without bringing my feet together for a slight pause. Only took me 12:43, which is nearly 5 minutes faster than last time and 8 and a half minutes faster than the first time (both of those on vacation last week). The loop I was doing last week did have a hill involved and was mapped out online, so it may have been longer.

Although I’ve timed the 3 times I’ve done this, I haven’t exactly done it “for time” yet where I pushed hard. It’s been more about getting in the reps. I walked 800 meters after.


E90S 15:00 (10x)

  • 45m Sprint

Took the first couple to ease in. Don’t want to pull a hammy. Didn’t time them.

Cooled down with a really slow 1 mile jog around the track.

Like Whoa

Rained all night and all morning. Waited for the ground to dry up before hitting this around 3.


5 Rounds

  • 100′ Bear crawl
  • 100′ Broad Jumps
  • Do 3 burpees after every 5 broad jumps.

My favorite outdoor workout, probably because I cover a lot of ground on my jumps. I did it 3 and 2 years ago on vacation, but missed it last year for whatever reason. I thought I might have a 100 foot strip to use, but the yard wasn’t big enough, so I had to use a 50 foot piece there and back. Luckily it didn’t result in enough difference to screw up my broad jumps and make me do more burpees. I was able to make it across the 50 feet in 7 jumps every time, so only did 6 burpees every round. My time from 2 years ago was 9:23 (100′ strip) and 10:16 the year before. I smoked those with an 8:17! Whoa!! I think I was actually a lot better at the bodyweight stuff 2 years ago, but maybe not.

Hard and Fast

E90S for 8 Rounds

  • 50y Sprint

Felt pretty good. Walked back to the start and had about 25 seconds to sit and wait for the next round. Recovery was good to be able to go hard every run.


10 Rounds

  • 15s Hollow Rocks
  • 15s Rest

Got 13 in the first round and then 12s for a total of 121 rocks. Bumped it up 2 more rounds from what we did a couple of Sundays ago.

Last Day at the Lake

Finally a nice day on vacation! Walked 18 holes of golf this morning and had one of my best 9 holes ever. Ended up with a headache from being out in the sun though. Took a couple of short naps and finally decided to sweat some around 5pm. Warmed up with an easy 400m jog.

10:00 EMOM

  • 100m Sprint

Walked 0.43 miles for active recovery.

10:00 EMOM

  • 10s Squat Jumps (20# vest)

Focused on explosive jumps and got 5 each round. Walked 0.28 miles for more recovery

  • 100 Sit-ups

Did it in 3:14.

Heading back home in the morning. It’s been a nice change to get in a bunch of running and gymnastics work, but I’m ready to lift some weights!

Double Morning

Out to the garage for an early lifting session. Warmed up with Crossover Symmetry Activation. Lighter than usual so I didn’t fatigue myself before presses.

Shoulder Press

  • 10×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 6x6x125#

The final week of Smolov Jr. has begun! Bumping up the weights extra this week.

Back Squat

  • 20×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×185#
  • 3x10x225#

Giving up on 315# yesterday pissed me off. Haven’t been squatting enough. Nothing crazy today. A little greasing the groove. I did the last set of 10 unbroken and should have done that for all 3 sets. Was resting and breathing too much in between reps on the first 2 sets.

In to CFi for the 10am class.


  • Cobra Stretch 2x30s
  • Arm Circles
  • T-spine Twists
  • Neck Rotations


10:00 EMOM

  • 1/1 Turkish Get-ups

Did 3 rounds with 25#, 2 rounds with 35#, 2 rounds with 44#, and 3 rounds with 53#.


10:00 EMOM

  • 2 Muscles-ups

No misses! I thought for sure I’d be switching to singles by the 5th minute. I only hit 3 in a row for the first time 2 weeks ago and failed on a 3rd try at a double that day. Today I really focused on the hollow/arch/hollow swing, a big hip pop, and then a fast turnover. Never once got my wrists stuck in a bad spot on the turnover like I usually do. I’m excited! The XWODs are paying off in a big way.


Strapped on the 20# weight vest. Did about a 250m jog to warm up the legs.

5:00 EMOM

  • 20s Sprint @ 80% w/ vest

Took a couple of rounds to get a feel for running with that thing. Took it off for the next part.

E90S – 5 Rounds

  • 10s Sprint at 100%

My acceleration felt really good on these.

After a little break we jogged a little more than 1 mile. I finished out by doing Crossover Symmetry Plyo with the red and purple bands.

Saturday Double

In for the 10am. First weekend class in over a month, but it’s still testing week.


All kinds of leg stuff to get ready for sprints. Ran a couple of laps and did some warm-up sprints building up speed.

40 Yard Dash

I got exactly 5.03 seconds all three times. The chances of that happening with a hand stopwatch are crazy. Felt like I was getting faster each run, but I guess not.

30 Yard Shuttle (5-10-10-5)

There are 3 cones set 5 yards apart. Start at the middle cone and go either direction to begin. then to the far cone, back to the other far cone, and finish in the middle. It was tough sliding all over on the payment. I got a 7.22 and a 7.00 for fastest of the day.

Wall Balls

Next up was supposed to be “Karen” and I didn’t even think about the shoulder before we started. Wish it would have though. I did 25, rested for an 8 count, and then half way into the next set of 25 I started to feel it. Called it quits after 50 reps. Took me about 1:45 so I was on a pretty good pace if I could keep it up. I don’t like quitting!

5:00 Air Dyne (AD6)

This was supposed to be the original test today but Matt changed it up since there are only 3 machines. Figured I might as well do it to get some leg burn since I skipped out on 100 wall ball reps. I really had no idea how to pace it. Got 92 calories. Could probably start faster.

MAX Vertical Jump

I got 27″ standing and 29″ with a drop step. Still got the hops! I was able to touch the 10’6″ mark with the drop step.

Worked out in the garage around 4. Kevin bailed on me for lifting so I trained solo. Felt good to open up the garage door for the session.

Back Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 7×135#
  • 7×205#
  • 7×225#
  • 7×245#
  • 7×265#
  • 7×285#

Figured I would try something different. Not too long ago I did sets of 10 starting at 205 and went up by 10# each set. Seven is a fun number. Started to get tough at the end of 265# and definitely had to take more breaths between reps with 285#.

Skill Work

20:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 40 DU
  • Evens: 15 GHD Sit-ups (to parallel)

I did the last 6 rounds of dubs unbroken which felt good since I was getting fatigued and they held up. That’s 40% of my 1,000 double unders for week 2 already done.

I think I might take a rest day tomorrow, since it’s been 8 in a row now.

Making Use of the Hotel Dumbbells

Up early again. Usually works better for me not completely changing over to the 3 hour time difference as long as I can get to bed at a reasonable time.


4:00 of fast walking and slow running on the treadmill


3 Sets

  • 10/10 Curls
  • 10 Shoulder Presses
  • 10 Front Squats

I used 30s, 35s, and 40s.

3 Sets

  • 10/10 Kroc Rows
  • 10 Incline Bench Press
  • 10 Weighted Lunges (holding each DB at sides)

Used 45s, 50s, and 50s.


5 Rounds

  • 20s Sprint on treadmill @ 3.0 incline & 8.5 speed
  • 10 Goblet Squats (50# DB)

Probably could have pushed the pace up on the treadmill. Good little WOD though. I was going to head outside for some hill sprints on the little hill in front of the hotel but then I realized I could use the incline on the treadmill and get it done sooner.

Shouldering Sunday

Yesterday was a much-needed rest day, but got up early and golfed 18 holes in a cart, then had a 90 minute massage in the afternoon. Got a solid 10 hours of sleep last night. Headed over to Kevin’s at 11.


  • 4:00 Row
  • PVC Pass-thrus

Olympic Lifting


Did doubles with 10-15 seconds between each rep.

  • 95-115-135-145-155-160

I missed on the 2nd attempt at 160 and then went again for what felt like my best attempt of them all.

Block Snatches (mid-thigh)

I did a double of snatch + OHS, again taking 10-15 seconds between each rep.

  • 95-105-115-125-135

Felt a lot more explosive off the blocks then I did from the floor. Didn’t try to get super heavy here, even though I’ve done 145# before.


Back Squats

  • 5 x 135#
  • 5 x 160#
  • 5 x 190#
  • 5 x 225#
  • 3 x 260#
  • 8 x 190#

Squats felt great today. No forward lean and legs were steady.

Incline Bench Press

  • 8 x 45#
  • 8 x 95#
  • 8 x 115#
  • 8 x 115#
  • 5 x 125#

We had the bench set at a pretty aggressive incline. Hopefully these will help out with both my shoulder press and regular bench press.

Incline Bench Press w/ Earthquake Bar

  • 8 x 50#
  • 10 x 60#
  • 5 x 70#
  • 10 x 70#

First tried to go with a 35# KB on each side of the bar, but I was all over the place and racked it after 1 rep. Dropped to lower KBs and got a lot more comfortable with it, allowing me to knock out a big set with the 35s at the end.


During halftime of the Lions game I went out to the garage.

4 Rounds NFT

  • 15 GHD Sit-ups
  • 15 Back Extensions
  • 10 T2B

I had to drop off the bar after 9 in round 3 of the T2B and then the last round did them 6-3-1, but everything else was unbroken. Haven’t used my pull-up bar in a long time and it’s a lot different feel compared to the bars at Survival Fitness.


Went over to the track at Heritage around 7:15 to run some sprints with Michelle. Jogged 800m to warm-up and then walked 600m to cool down.

E2M 20:00

  • 100m Sprint

Hamstrings on fire!