Benchin’ Bro

Power went out on the entire side of town by the gym, so no evening class like I had planned. Headed out to the garage around 5:30


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bench Press
    • 10×45#
    • 5×95#


  • 100 Bench Press (135#)

Saw this on Instagram the other day and figured it would be fun to try, just wasn’t expecting to do it so soon.

As recommended I started out doing 5 reps every 30 seconds.Β In the beginning it was consistently like a reverse tabata but then it started to get hard around 50 reps and I could feel myself slowing down. I was getting closer and closer to 15 seconds of work. I made it to 85 reps with the sets of 5 and decided to try and push a little to see if I could get ahead of the E30S pace. So I switched to sets of 3 with shorter rests. Wasn’t easy, but got those 5 sets in to finish at 9:37 on the clock.



6 Sets

  • 10 Pendlay Rows (95#, supinated grip)
  • 10 Back Extensions (30#)

Chest and back bro!


Through the 17 weeks of Rowing WOD I was staying away from the Ski Erg. Time to hop back on.

E3M 15:00

  • 300m Ski Erg

Just what the doctor ordered. Times were 59.2, 58.4, 58.8, 59.7, and 59.0. The Fitbit says my heart rate only got up to 131. haha Yeah right! I’ll have to try wearing it higher on my wrist.

Lunge Sandwich

Squat day 17. Here we go. Warmed up with 100 walking lunges that took 3:58.

Coffee Squats

Front Squats

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×185#
  • 6:00 EMOM
    • 2x5x225#
    • 2x3x255#
    • 2x2x275#

That was a good one. Originally I was going to use 285# for the doubles at the end but the triples were feeling rough with 255 and I wanted to be able to keep good positioning.

Strapped on the 20# weight vest and did 200 more walking lunges at a relaxed pace. Took me 9:14 but still got me sweating.

Wednesday night, so off to CFi in the evening. Warmed up with Crossover Symmetry Activation and then did this little number…

3 Rounds NFT

  • 75 DU
  • 10 Reverse Hypers (260#)
  • 5 Back Extensions (15#, 51X3 tempo)

Did the first two rounds of dubs unbroken and then got 49 in the last round. Those tempo back extensions create such a pump in my low back.

No B.S. Bench Press

Starting a second cycle of the program. Alex and Bryan are joining us this time around.

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×185#
  • 5x5x205#
  • AMRAP 205# (12)

Starting up 10# over the base number from the previous cycle. It the AMRAP that’s 2 reps more than I got with the 195# last cycle. Excited to see how the extra accessory work I’m adding on Sundays helps out.


Snatch Balance

  • 5x20kg
  • 2x3x40kg
  • 2x3x50kg

Bringing the weight back down doesn’t feel very good on my shoulders so probably won’t be doing that for snatch work again anytime soon.

Clean Pull + Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

  • 60kg
  • 70kg
  • 80kg
  • 90kg
  • 3×1 100kg

The push jerk was an interesting twist in this complex and so was bringing it back down to the rack for the split jerk. No misses.

Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Iron Scap.

Double Partner Work

Legs aren’t sore. It’s a miracle! Feel some tightness in my low back. Day 6 of morning squats. Warmed up with 5:00 Air Dyne (2.23km).

Coffee Squats

Back Squats (Pause 3s in the bottom)

  • 10×45#
  • 4×135#
  • 4×145#
  • 4×165#
  • 4×185#
  • 4×205#
  • 4×225#

That right quad still isn’t quite right. WTF! I had planned an 185-195-205, but was feeling solid so I increased.

Went to the 10am class.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Calf Stretches
  • Squat Jumps


5,000m Partner Row

* Switch every 500m
* Run 200m after rowing

I partnered with Jason and went first. I was done with my run at 18:02. Forgot to look at the clock when he finished us off. Was pulling about a 1:50 on my first few rows, then about 1:45 on the 4th one and low 1:40 on my last one.

42-30-18 w/ Partner

  • C2B Pull-ups
  • Thrusters (95#)

We did sets of 7s in the 42. Jason did something to his shoulder with 1 thruster left. So then I did 24 of the 30 chest-to-bar pull-ups. We went sets of 5 on the 30 thrusters, I did 14 or 15 of the 18 pull-ups, and then each did 5-4 thrusters. Finished in 10:44 but with Jason getting hurt there was a lot of extra rest time. Not sure why he tried to keep going. 😦

I walked 200m to cool down.


5 Sets

  • 10 GHD Sit-ups
  • 10 Back Extensions (45#)

Finished off with Crossover Symmetry Plyometric. I’ll do some stretching tonight. Time to get some work done on the garage and clean up the yard.

More Than I Bargained For

Needed that rest day yesterday, but it’s so hard not to do anything. Got a massage in the afternoon. In early this morning before the 10am class to get in some extra work.


  • 2k Row – 7:55.5


E30S until fail

  • 2 MU

Made it through 14+1 and failed on muscle-up #30. I wanted that last one so bad. Smoked the total number of reps from doing 1 every 15 seconds. One big chunk of rest makes a big difference.


5 Rounds

  • 5 Seated Good Mornings (165#)
  • 10 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (20# MB)

Yuck. Took 7:11.

Had a little rest time before class got going.


3 Rounds

  • 3:00 slow (~2:25-2:30/500m)
  • 1:00 @ 90% (~1:45/500m)

Then another 2:00 slow to cool down, so 14:00 total. Went 3,115 meters.


Partner WOD

  • Buy-in: 50 Burpees
  • 4 Rounds
    • 12 C&J
    • 40 Wall Balls
  • Cash-out: 50 Burpees

Paired up with Dan. We alternated 5 burpees each, 3 C&J each, and 10 wall balls each through all of our sets. I used 155# for the C&J for a challenge, doing quick singles in the first 3 rounds, then I did 3 TnG and 2-1 in the 4th round. We finished in 15:44.


3 Rounds NFT

  • Partner MB Pass Complex
    • 8 Chest MB Passes
    • 8 OH MB Passes
    • 8/8 Side MB Passes
    • 8 Up MB Passes
  • 8 Back Extensions

I used a 20# medicine ball for the complex. We did 2 times through the complex, then switched over to the back extensions, where I used a 45# bar for my second and third set. Then we went back for our final round of the passes.

Well Rested

Needed that complete rest day yesterday, which was the first one in two weeks. I’d taken days with only some light cardio, but not any complete days off during that span. Was also in bed early last night for over 9 hours of sleep. πŸ™‚ In for the 9am class.


Push Press

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×155#
  • 5×175#
  • 5×185#
  • 5×195# (PR)

My shoulders felt a little fatigued, which must be from Sunday. Pretty good speed through all of the reps, which felt good, especially for a 5# PR. Could have spent more time and gone heavier, but it would have been a struggle.


4 Sets

  • 10/10 Kroc Rows (62# KB)
  • 10 HR Push-ups

Easiest the rows have ever been. I think the muscle-up pulldowns are paying off in multiple ways. Tried to be explosive on my push-ups since 10 is no problem.



  • Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • Sit-ups

No reason to break anything up here. Sit-ups are essentially a rest period in this workout. I started going for a pipe on the wall, which is probably a little more than 10.5 feet. Finished in 6:31. I wish I could figure out how to speed up my sit-ups and not slide backwards through a set.

Was nice to get out early so I had more time and energy for a second session. Out to the garage later in the day. Warmed up with 3:00 on the Air Dyne for 1.36km.

Air Dyne

6 Rounds

  • 2:00 @ 120% of 10:00 max cals pace
  • 1:00 Rest

The way I’ve been calculating percentages for AD work is flawed. I knew it seemed really high when 120% came out to 96rpm and it didn’t take longer than a minute at that pace to realize it would be impossible for 6 rounds of double that length. I took some readings of speed (km per hour) to rpms and will try to come up with something more useful. So, needless to say, my pace how a lot slower after round 1. My distances were 1.48, 1.4, 1.32, 1.29, 1.27, and 1.33 kilometers.

Update: After doing some speed to rpm calculations and looking at the average speed for my 10:00 PR, I’m not sure where to go. It says I averaged 38.8km/hr and 120% would be 46.6 which is about what I was trying to hit with 96rpm. My guess is that if there was a calories per hour number it would not follow a progression that the speed or rpms do, but on this cheaper model of the Air Dyne, who knows. The percentages less than 100% I’ve used seem to work fine, so I guess I’ll continue as I have been and when it’s over 100% I’ll just have to adjust and play a little guessing.


Back Squats

  • 10Γ—45#
  • 5Γ—95#
  • 4x5x135#
  • 5Γ—165#
  • 5Γ—205#

Started focusing on exploding out of the hole and really using my hamstrings. No lifting shoes or belt again, but will go back to them for heavy lifting later this week.


4 Sets

  • 20 MU Pulldowns
  • 15 Back Extensions (20# Vest)

Damn those last 5 pulldowns in each set were as struggle, even more so probably after having done the Kroc rows this morning. Good work though! Glad I bumped up from 15 per set for the challenge.

Plans Change

My hips were feeling pretty rough all night in bed. So I decided to switch up my plan for the week and get on the Air Dyne for 40 minutes before doing anything else. Went 19.4km. Felt pretty good through the day after that.

Back to the garage later in the day…


1,500m on the Ski Erg in 6:54.4.


  • 10 Front Squats (45#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps
  • 5 Front Squats (95#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (1.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (135#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (5.25″)
  • 5 Front Squats (175#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (205#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (12.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (225#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (245#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (13.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (255#)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)
  • 5 Front Squats (265#)
  • 1 Kneeling Jump (13.75″)
  • 5 Front Squats (275# – PR)
  • 2 Kneeling Jumps (11.5″)

Front squats felt heavy. Looked back at my logs in between sets and found out I’d done 265# for 5 before, so set my goal at 275#. I guess it felt heavy because it was! Was really getting out of breath in those last few sets. The 10# PR was a good stopping point. Not the greatest doing the kneeling jumps in lifting shoes, but it worked out. Definitely had to take the belt off after missing one at 11.5″ trying to keep it on. I did miss my 13.75″ the last time, but went again and made it with more focus.


  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns (blue, 7’3β€³ bar, 5.5β€³ seat)
  • 20 Back Extensions (20# vest)
  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns
  • 20 Back Extensions
  • 15 MU Ring Pulldowns
  • 20 Back Extensions

Bumped up to 15 reps from the 10 the other day. Fast-fast-fast was the focus and getting into that deep ring dip position. My upper back cramped up after the first set of back extensions. I thought it might have been something with the vest so I did the next set without it. Nope, happened again, so I didn’t do a third set. May have been a result of the front squats.

Back at Work

Moving a little slow this morning. My back, shoulders, and arms are all sore from the weekend. Needed the rest day yesterday and was back to work after 2 weeks off. In for the 9am class.

Shoulder Press

  • 5×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 3×125#
  • 2×135#
  • 2×145#
  • 2×155#
  • 2×160#
  • 2×165#
  • 2×167.5# (PR)


8 Rounds (Tabata)

  • 20s Burpees
  • 10s Rest

Wanted to get 8 as long as I could. Made it through 6 rounds and then did 7 the last two. Maybe could have pushed it hard and made all 8. Next time. The most I’d done before was 4 rounds of 8 and then 7s, so I’ll take that improvement. Seemed to hurt less than the 6 rounds of 10 on Sunday. How does that make sense? More burpees in a lot less time.

2 Rounds

  • 1:00 Ball Slams (25#)
  • 1:00 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • 1:00 Sit-ups
  • 1:00 Plank

Holy shit that wall ball felt heavy in the first round. Nobody in class expected it and I think we all dropped it after 1 rep. I did 28-24 on the ball slams, 18-18 on wall balls, and 24-24 on the sit-ups. Was a fight to hold the second plank all the way.

Headed out to the garage at night. Warmed up with 5 minutes on the Air Dyne for 2.36km.


Back Squat

  • 10Γ—45#
  • 5Γ—115#
  • 5Γ—185#
  • 5Γ—225#
  • 5Γ—245#
  • 5Γ—265#
  • 3Γ—280#
  • 3Γ—290#
  • 3Γ—300#
  • 3Γ—310#
  • 3Γ—320# (PR)
  • 3Γ—330# (PR)

Oh yeah! I’m liking the high volume and feeling good while doing it, though it might have something to do with how tired I’ve felt lately. Will keep an eye on it. My low back definitely feels like the weak point, especially as I get to the last few sets.

4 Rounds NFT

  • 10 MU Ring Pulldowns (blue, 7’3″ bar, 5.5″ seat)
  • 10 Back Extensions (45# plate behind head)

Over a 4″ difference from Saturday for the pulling distance so I dropped the reps. Once I got going they felt good with a focus on speed through the pull and sitting up into it. With my garage setup I can’t use a barbell on the GHD so I have to hold a plate behind my head. Much different! My back was feeling a pump after the second round.

Feelin’ Slow

Why am I feeling so tired? Especially after a rest day. Went to CFI at 10 and spent almost 3 hours there.

Reverse Hyper

3 Sets

  • 10×210#

Clean & Jerk

  • Positons with 20kg
  • 2x40kg
  • 2x60kg
  • 2x70kg
  • 2x80kg
  • 2x90kg
  • 2x2x100kg

Felt heavy and slow so I didn’t push it. I even “Clarked” one at 100kg, which I never ever ever miss. 😦

Back Squat

  • 10×45#
  • 5×135#
  • 5×205#
  • 5×225#
  • 5×245#
  • 5×265#
  • 5×285#
  • 5×295#
  • 5×305#
  • 5×315#

Felt like I needed to redeem myself after the C&J performance. Last rep didn’t feel so great, so I knew that was a good place to stop. I think it’s a 15# PR for a set of 5 after looking at my records, so I’m pumped about that.


5 Rounds

  • 500m Row @ 2,000m PR pace (< 1:45 for me)
  • 30s Rest
  • 100m Row (very easy)

Needed that. I wanted to quit after the second round though. No additional rest after the 100m, so it went right into the 500m. Pretty sure this is a Hinshaw workout.


  • 15 MU Pulldown (blue band, 7’1″ bar, 8″ seat)
  • 15 Back Extensions (33#)
  • 10 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • 15 MU Pulldown (blue band, 7’1″ bar, 8″ seat)
  • 15 Back Extensions (33#)
  • 10 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • 15 MU Pulldown (blue band, 7’1″ bar, 8″ seat)

Oh boy, that blue band is no joke. I tried it at first by just sitting on one 45# bumper. NO BUENO! Manageable on two bumpers, but had to cut to 15 reps instead of the 20 I had been doing with the red band. Trying to keep the pull fast and work the quick sit-up into it too. My low back was starting to feel a pump so I only did 2 times through the back extensions and reverse hypers. Did some rolling on my back before heading home.

Happy 2015!

I was wiped out all day yesterday and in bed by 10. Slept for 9.5 hours! Little sore today, but otherwise feeling good. Happy not to have a hangover from New Year’s Eve. πŸ™‚ Opened up the gym at 4pm and got there early to jump on the rower.

3,500m Row

Held around a 2:05 pace and finished in 14:28.

Did some bottom squat holding and light stretching.


5 Sets

  • 10 Walking Lunges (5 out, 5 back)

Went 95-125-155-175-205# and held the bar in the front rack. Pretty heavy at the end!


5 Rounds

  • 1:00 Row
  • 1:00 Jump Rope
  • 1:00 Step-ups (18″)
  • 1:00 Shuttle Jogs
  • 1:00 Russian KBS (35#)
  • 1:00 Rest

Just something easy with it being a holiday and kicking off the new year. Low intensity and low impact on everything.


I did some extra work afterwards.

4 Sets

  • 20 MU Pulldowns (red band)
  • 15 Weighted Back Extensions (15-15-33-33#)

Time to go to a harder band next time.

Figured why the hell not do another row…

3,000m Row

Pace was in between 2:05 and 2:10 for this one. Took me 12:41.

I did some foam rolling on my low back after.

Quad Squad

My body is yelling at my for going off schedule and not taking a rest day yesterday. Quads and hamstrings are sore. In for the 9am class at CFi.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Various shoulder stretching
  • Shoulder Presses
    • 10×45#
    • 5×95#
    • 3×115#


  • 5-5-5-5-5-5 Shoulder Press (132.5#)
  • 2-1-2-1-2-1 Explosive Movement
    • 2s: Burpee Broad Jump
    • 1s: Broad Jump to Height

Final rep on the last 2 sets of shoulder presses was a fight, so I’m glad I added the 2.5#. Turned out perfectly.


8 Rounds

  • 1:00 AMRAP
    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 Wall Balls
  • 30s Rest

* Continue each 1:00 AMRAP where you left off.

After 2 AMRAPs I had exactly 3 rounds and nearly kept up that same pace. Finished with 11 rounds plus 5 burpees and 1 wall ball, so was only 9 reps shy of getting 3 rounds every 2 AMRAPs.

5 Rounds

  • 25m High Prowler Sprint (90# + 45#)
  • 25m Low Prowler Sprint (90# + 45#)
  • Rest until 2 other people cycle through

Those low pushes really burn the legs. Good finish to the workout. Been far too long since touching a prowler.

My legs were telling me no, but I wanted to get in some OLY work so headed back to CFi for an afternoon session since tomorrow is going to be a golfing day.


  • 2x3x50kg
  • 3x60kg
  • 2x70kg
  • 2x80kg
  • 2x90kg
  • 2x95kg
  • 1x100kg
  • 1x105kg
  • 5x1x108kg

Worked with Alex, so it was kilo plates and ends up being more volume on the way up than I was planning. My goal was 5 singles with 235#, so made it about 238# in the conversion. Made every lift, which is huge for how rough my legs feel. Getting so much more comfortable with the heavy cleans.

Split Jerk

  • 3×95#
  • 2×115#
  • 2x2x135#
  • 2×155#
  • 2×175#
  • 3x2x185#

Trying to work on speed under the bar and footwork. Felt ok, but shoulders are pretty wiped out from the last couple of days so didn’t push it far or heavy. I held a bunch of the 2nd reps overhead for an extra 5 seconds to work on stability.


5 Rounds NFT

  • 10 GHD Sit-ups (10# bumper on chest)
  • 10 Back Extensions (10# bumper behind head)