Another Tweak!

Here are my updating rankings after 19.2. I’m switching to using a percentile, which is standard compared to saying “top X%” like I have in the past. Last weekend I spent a lot of time creating an epic spreadsheet of my results in every Open and each workout. Cool data to have going forward.


Open Men: 21,830/164,227 (86.7%)
Masters 35-39 Men: 3,457/33,391 (89.6%)


Open Men: 16,760/183,948 (90.9%)
Masters 35-39 Men: 2,402/37,204 (93.5%)

My placing in the workout was down a bit from 19.2, but good enough to rise in the overall standings for both divisions. Getting even one clean at 225# would have been a huge jump in the rankings for that workout. It still turns out to be my best two-week start to an Open. Let’s keep it rolling…


  • 5:00 Assault Bike
  • Dead Hang
  • Banded lat opener
  • Lunges
  • Step-ups
  • OH DB Hold

WHOOP said my recovery had only gone up from 37% to 44% with almost 9 hours of sleep last. I felt great this morning and my back had recovered quite well. I was moving well through warm-ups. Then I went to move my dumbbell across the gym and TWEAK as I stood up. Fuck!


CrossFit Games Open Workout 19.3

  • 200′ Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge (50#)
  • 50 Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50#, 24″)
  • 50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
  • 200′ Handstand Walk


  • 10:00 time cap.
  • Lunges and handstand walk are 25′ lengths with a 5′ section for each rep.
  • Step-ups must alternate legs.
  • HSPU use a 24×36″ box for hands, though the fingers may extend past the line.

My plan was to switch hands every 50 feet of lunges. I was fine starting out with my left arm, but with my right shoulder bothering me lately I could only go 25 feet, so I switched the dumbbell every 25 feet the rest of the way. Got through those in 2:41.

I went right to the corner of the box and got in to it. I felt my back on every box step-up, which was fucking horrible. I kept trying to figure out if there was a way I could step-up to limit the shot of pain, but there wasn’t. I supported the dumbbell over a shoulder with one hand under the head of it. I think I moved it side to side after 16, 30, and 40 reps. My tiebreak was 6:42. Ugh, four minutes is a lifetime on that movement.

By the way, I have to mention how stupid the alternating step-up standard is. It slows everyone down and it’s nearly impossible for both the judge and the athlete to keep track of since it’s not an efficient or fast way to do step-ups.

I wanted to do doubles for the HSPU as long as possible with no more than a 5 count rest. Unfortunately my back affected me coming off the wall too, but I adjusted that easily to not affect my timing or anything. I got through 8 or 10 reps doing doubles when I started to feel the second rep getting slow so I changed to singles with shorter rest. That worked surprisingly well and I was able to quickly get back on the wall for another rep. Squeezed out a double before the buzzer for 31 strict handstand push-ups!

I had no expectation of finishing those 50 even though I would have loved to get just 5 feet of handstand walking since I’ve been working on the skill. Maybe next year.

Going in to this workout I was hoping to be done with the box around 5:30 or 6:00 at the latest, but the back tweak and shoulder issue really changed that. On BTWB a score of 124 was the 90th percentile so that was my goal (even though I rarely hit that 90+%). My score of 121 almost got there so I’m really happy with the effort. Currently it ranks in the 88th percentile on BTWB, so after more scores come in it’ll be right there with my 87 and 85 ranks for 19.1 and 19.2.

This is my best three-week start to the Open due to consistent placing. I hope I don’t wake up with a really bad back in the morning and it can recover for 19.4. Especially since I’m flying out to San Diego on Tuesday for a little vacation. I’ll be out there for Friday Night Lights and hopefully battle by buddy Bryan.


Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 8×95
  • 8×135
  • 8×155
  • 8×175
  • 8×185
  • 8×195

Don’t need my back to bench. Matches the 8×195 I did in January, which felt good after those strict HSPU.

Got home and putzed around for an hour before hitting my cardio so I could relax for the rest of the day. I’m on vacation all week!

Engine Builder – Speed

2 Rounds

  • 8:00 Airdyne (AD2)
  • 4:00 Rest

Based on recent intervals I hoped to hold 80 RPM for these. I was in the ballpark, seeing 79-80 quite a bit when RPMs came around on the monitor. My calories were 258 and 262 with distances of 3.13 and 3.15 miles.

15th of December

My quads and glutes are a little sore from yesterday.

Active Life – Single Leg Bias


  • 3:00 Airdyne

Went 0.91 miles.

Workout – 10:00 for quality

  • 10 Samson Walking Lunge
  • 15 RKB Swings (53#)
  • 10/10 Lateral Leg Swings
  • 5/5 Lateral Box Step Ups (30″)

Got through 3+25.


Picked this out of the BTWB Fitness Level Workouts in the Light category. Warmed up with 5 hang power cleans at each of 45, 95, and 115 pounds.

3 Rounds

  • 15 Hang Power Cleans (135#)
  • 15 Burpees

Went 9-6 on the cleans each round and finished in 6:14. Too much resting.

Active Life – Back Max

3 Rounds

  • 2x 10s/10s Standing Straight Leg Hold
  • 10 Lemon Squeeze
  • 10s L Hang
  • 10 GHD Hip Extension (2 second hold at top)
  • 20s/20s Samson Stretch

I did the L hangs on my fat pull-up bar, which was no big deal for only 10 seconds. The hip extensions were much easier this time.


When I woke up and started moving in bed I was feeling some pretty good pain in my shoulder. Or maybe that was a dream because I seemed to be fine after actually getting out of bed. Legs feeling a little fatigued.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 2 Sets
    • 5s of StrongFit Tricep & Bicep Openers (10#)
    • 10 Wall Squats
    • 10 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • 10 Close Grip Bench Press (45#)
  • 12 OH Walking Lunges (55#)
  • 10 Close Grip Bench Press (95#)
  • 12 OH Walking Lunges (55#)


E3M – 5 Sets

  • 10 Close Grip Bench Press (135#)
  • 12 OH Walking Lunge (55# plate)

Accessory & Midline

5 Sets

  • 5 Pendlay Rows (155#, supinated)
  • 5 Evil Wheels


10:00 AMRAP

  • 5 Bar-facing Burpees
  • 5 Power Cleans (95#)
  • 5 Push Press (95#)

Some similarities to 16.5, but felt much better without the big sets and without the squat part of thrusters. Was holding steady at under a minute per round pace and picked it up at the end to finish exactly 11 rounds with a second to spare. Everything unbroken and was able to stick with push presses all the way.



  • Bottom to Bottom Squats

Did sets of 10 for the first 6 rounds and took the extra “rest” in the bottom position. Then kept moving in the final 2 rounds to get 13 and 14. Finished with 87 for a 9 rep PR. Coming out of that bottom hold for the final 4 rounds really is a hell of a burn.

Finished with Crossover Symmetry Plyo and will do ROMWOD at some point.

Before the Storm

Felt a little sore in my legs a couple of times today. Maybe from all of the jump rope yesterday after heavy doses of dubs and step-ups on Sunday as well? Went to the 4:30 class.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • 400m Run
  • Push Press
    • 5×45#
    • 5×95
    • 5×115
    • 5×135

Not as “nice” today but still in the 40s. Storm on it’s way though to send us back to reality.


12:00 EMOM (alt)

  • 5 Push Press (155#)
  • 10 Wall Balls (30#, 10′)

Not bad.


6 Rounds

  • 8 Plate Snatches (45#)
  • 8 OH Walking Lunges (45#)
  • 16 Sit-ups

Never stopped or rested. Finished in 6:22. Remembered to get out my AbMat pad too. So much better not sliding all over the place.


Couldn’t do the pull-ups or ring dips that were programmed so worked on my own things.

5 Sets

  • 5 Ring Swings
  • 5 Strict HSPU

I can’t believe how much more I’m able to open up my shoulders in the back swing compared to just 2-3 weeks ago! Alex said it looked like I had wings.

3-Part Metcon

Got a solid night of sleep, which I needed after that rowing workout.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 2×10 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • Bottom Squat Hold
  • Agility Ladder Drills
  • Hang Power Snatch
    • 5×45#
    • 3×75#
    • 3×95#


  • 200m Run
  • 10 Hang Power Snatch (115#)
  • 5 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 4:00 Rest
  • 20 Back Squats (115#)
  • 400m Run
  • 20 Back Squats (115#)
  • 4:00 Rest
  • 5 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 10 Hang Power Snatch (115#)
  • 200m Run

Couple of sprint type sections sandwiched around a little grind with the squats. I went 6-4 on both sets of snatches but looking back wish I would have held on to the bar. 3-2 the first time with the MU, then all 5 unbroken in the final part. Squats were unbroken both sets. My work times were 2:16 – 3:47 – 2:25 so I finished everything at 16:28 on the clock. The rest was long enough to allow for a good push going into each part.


2 Rounds NFT

  • 200m Farmer’s Carry (25# bumper in each hand)
  • 50 OH Walking Lunges (50#)

I had to stop for a quick break at about 150m each time on the carry. Did the lunges in 2 sets of 25 both times. I really tried to pull my shoulders down and back holding those plates overhead. Should help with my stability.


8 Rounds

  • 20s Banana Rolls
  • 20s Rest

You have to picture Tony Horton saying “Superman…. ba-NANA” in your head when you do these. Didn’t feel much fatigue in the core doing these, but rolling around did put some pressure on the hips.

Return to Row

In for the 9am this morning.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • 3×10 Reverse Hyper (210#)


2 Shoulder Press + 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk

  • 45#
  • 75#
  • 115#
  • 135#
  • 145#
  • 150#
  • 160#

Wish I would have gone 155-165# or had a few more minutes.

Warmed up squat cleans after that with 115-155-185-205# doubles.

10:00 EMOM

  • 2 Squat Cleans (225#)

Wore a belt for these. Got spicy real quick! Like 2nd round quick. Another 5-10# and I probably would have been failing at some point.


4 Rounds

  • 10 American Kettlebell Swings (70#)
  • 10 OH Walking Lunges (53#)
  • 400m Run

My rounds were 2:55 – 3:05 – 3:10 – 2:55 for a 12:05 total. So slow on the runs. Holding the one KB overhead for lunges was something I’m not used to.

Felt good, so I headed back to the gym in the evening to get in my rowing workout.


3 Rounds

  • 8 Reverse Hyper (210#)
  • 1:00 Air Dyne

Row: Pacing & Engine

  • Interval 1
    • 5:00 @ 20 s/m
    • 4:00 @ 22
    • 3:00 @ 24
  • 5:00 Rest
  • Interval 2
    • 3:00 @ 22
    • 2:00 @ 24
    • 2:00 @ 26
    • 1:00 @ 28
  • 5:00 Rest
  • Interval 3
    • 2:00 @ 22
    • 2:00 @ 24
    • 2:00 @ 26
    • 2:00 @ 28

Again, like last week, the idea is to change the pace 2 seconds per 500m for every 2 strokes per minute. I was shooting to start at around 2:02 for 20s/m. Racked up 7,111 meters for the session. Not bad hitting the right stroke rates and changes of pace, but I’m not sure if I’m pushing myself enough.


In vs Out

Stayed up too late. Only drank a Mountain Dew Live Wire this morning before heading to the gym. Not a good idea. I felt like shit until I started working up a sweat.

I warmed up my push press with 10×45, 5×95, and 5×135#. Only did 6 deads with 155# to warm-up the lower body.


12:00 EMOM (alternating)

  • 5 Push Press + 10s OH Hold (155#)
  • 6 Deadlifts (245#)

Class was doing front squats but I did some yesterday and squat heavy tomorrow. Substituted the deadlifts instead.


5 Sets

  • 4 Pendlay Rows (155-155-165-165-165#)
  • 4 Good Mornings (135-155-175-175-175#)

Felt good. Didn’t push it.


15:00 AMRAP

  • 60 Russian KBS (70#)
  • 50 Air Squats
  • 40 Burpees
  • 30 Ball Slams (25#)
  • 20 OH Walking Lunges (45#)
  • 10 Push-ups

I did the swings 40-20, unbroken on air squats, burpees, and ball slams. Then 10-10 on the lunges and unbroken push-ups. Second time through went 20-20-20 on the swings, unbroken air squats, and got through 21 burpees. Morgan pushed me to go harder than I really wanted to at the end to stay ahead of her. Good workout when I came in feeling like garbage.

Triple Triple Double

Went to the driving range yesterday and again this morning. Right arm feels a little weird and I wonder if it’s from all of the swings. Did some bottom squat hold and stretching to warm-up.



  • 20s L-sit (Rings, knees up)
  • 25s Rest

Cut back from the 30 second rest we had 2 weeks ago. Last 2 rounds were a lot of shaking, but made it through. Seems to be improving quickly.


  • 3 Rounds
    • 5 Thrusters (135#)
    • 5 Burpees OTB (lateral)
  • 2:00 Rest
  • 3 Rounds
    • 3 Squat Snatch (155#)
    • 3 Bar Muscle-ups
  • 2:00 Rest
  • 3 Rounds
    • 10 Deadlifts (245#)
    • 10 Box Jumps (30″)

Finished part 1 at 1:36. I actually felt really good during this part, but my heart rate sky-rocketed and I couldn’t recover during the rest. I was fighting it until the end of the workout. Part 2 was much worse than I expected. I’m glad I scaled it back from the original 5 reps of each I had planned early in the week. I knew it was going to be bad when I lost the 2nd snatch in the hole. I missed one in my last round too. Was a little scared about the bar muscle-ups since I haven’t done one since around March. Got the first 2 rounds unbroken without a problem and I think I would have been able to on the last round too, but my hands and the bar were sweaty. It wasn’t worth the risk of slipping and falling on my head, so I did 3 quick singles. Finished at 8:48 on the clock, so it took me 5:12! Had to rest quite a bit between each snatch. In the final part I went 10, 6-4, and 6-4 on the deadlifts, and unbroken on the box jumps, though no rebounding. Finished at 14:57 so part 3 took me 4:09. I wish I had pushed to do all of deadlifts unbroken.


  • 100 OH Walking Lunges (45#)

Went outside. I did 26-24-30-20. Breathing got up there again. Rests were pretty long.

Just before 7pm I headed out to the garage. Felt like shoulder pressing for some reason.

  • 10×45#
  • 5×95#
  • 3×115#
  • 2×135#
  • 1×155#
  • 1×165#
  • Fail 172.5#
  • 1×167.5#

Wow, didn’t expect to miss like that after I hit 165# for  double a few weeks ago during a shoulder press, push press, push jerk complex. Must just be fatigue from today’s workout because all of the bench press increased should have translated to a higher shoulder press too. I was lifting barefoot, but I doubt that had anything to do with it. Wore a belt for the last few singles because I have a tendency to over-extend at max weight.

First time using the big washers for fractional.

Even Pace

Between the run and walking the golf course, I went almost 10 miles on foot yesterday. My hips are feeling a little weird today. Didn’t want to run this morning so that I could save my legs for squatting at the 9am class. Didn’t warm up with much, which may have been part of my problem today. Did some bottom squat hold and that’s about it.


2 Front Squats + 3 Back Squats

  • 45#
  • 135#
  • 225#
  • 255#
  • 275#
  • 295#

Fuck! The bar felt heavy today. How did I do 2+5 with 315#? Oh yeah, I got hurt.


7:00 AMRAP

  • 10 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
  • 10 OH Walking Lunges (45#)

Paced myself early. Broke the 4th (?) round of lunges in half with a short breather. Pushed hard in the last round plus. Finished with 6+10.

We rested 3:00 and right into…

10 Rounds

  • 15 American KBS (44#)
  • 5 Push-ups

I knew I didn’t want 150 swings with a 53 pounder. I managed to go unbroken the entire way even though my hands kept wanted to slip off the bell in the last half. I had to push hard in the last 3 rounds to get them done in about 2:30, finishing at 9:54.

That was a tough one!

Run Every Day

Around 5 I headed out for a run. Went 3.12 miles in 30:46. Pacing was pretty even through the run, never over 10:00/mile.