155 Grace

I’m feeling good after yesterday. Weather is warming up too. Went to the 4pm class.


4:00 AMRAP

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 20s Dual KB Hollow Flutter Kicks (26#)
  • 5 Dual KB Deadlift (26#)
  • 5 Dual KB Hang Clean (26#)


Tabata Mashup

  • Clean Deadlift
  • Elbow Punches
  • Muscle Clean and Press
  • Muscle Clean and Press
  • Power Clean and Push Press
  • Power Clean and Push Press
  • Power Clean and Jerk
  • Power Clean and Jerk

All with an empty bar.

3 TnG Power Clean & Jerk

  • 95#
  • 115
  • 135
  • 155
  • 175

I guess nothing said they had to be touch-n-go reps, but I wanted to save it for the workout.



  • 30 C&J (155#)

I’ve done it Rx with 135# plenty of times with a best of 1:57. I’ve also done it with 185# in 6:59. Have been wanting to give 155# a try, so today was the day. I thought I could go sub 3:30 with an outside shot at 3:00.

I was hoping to start out with five doubles and I was able to before switching to singles. Really had to start getting a wide landing and drop under the jerks more than I’d like in the second half. Finished at 3:15 so right in the middle of my goal range. Got a bad case of the burning lungs from that one!


Practiced handstand walking for a little bit, but wasn’t feeling the greatest being upside down.

Conditioning 2

After sitting at home for almost an hour I decided to do a little more since the rower is still sitting in my living room.

4 Sets

  • 500m Row
  • 1:00 Rest

Went as hard as I could on the first one then I slowly recovered a little more with each interval. Almost 10 seconds off my PR pace but I wasn’t expecting much after Grace. I couldn’t stand looking at the level 30 BTWB was giving me for a 500m workout due to some intervals we did a couple of months ago. At least I get a 71 out of this.

  • 1:32.4
  • 1:53.8
  • 1:53.0
  • 1:50.9

Have I mentioned how much I love having this rower? 🙂


Sub 2

Went to the 4:30 class.

Warm-up – 2 Sets

  • 10 PVC Passes
  • 20 Walking Lunges
  • High Knees
  • 10 Push-ups

Strength – Front Squat

  • 6×95#
  • 4×135
  • 4×145
  • 2×165
  • 2×185
  • 2×195
  • 2×200
  • 2×205
  • 2×210
  • 2×215

Haven’t squatted with a bar in well over a month so I took it easy. Felt fine.



  • 30 C&J (135#)

I’ve been chasing the sub 2 minute mark for a couple of years. In February of 2016 I did it in 2:04 and in November of 2014 my time was 2:17. I was nervous because I knew exactly what I had to do to improve my time and it was going to hurt. When I got the 2:04 I did 3 sets of 5, a set of 2 and then singles.

When someone called out 30 seconds I had just done my 10th rep, so I knew it was possible. I stuck to the 3×5 and was able to increase that 4th set to 3 reps before switching to singles. Then I forced myself to pick the bar up quicker than I wanted to, especially at the end when I knew it was getting close. Finished in 1:57 for a 7 second PR!


4 Sets

  • 10/10 Kroc Rows (44# KB)
  • 30s Handstand Hold
  • 15 Sit-ups

I did the rows slow and controlled and tried to get a slight pause at the top.

Stopped at the gas station on my drive home for some celebration snacks. 🙂

I’ve posted a couple of things about CrossFit Programming over on my personal blog this week:

Too Heavy

After staying up for the iPhone 7 pre-order, I took a needed rest day yesterday. I’ve had this crazy idea to try a 225# “Grace” for months. Today was finally going to be the day.

C&J Warm-up

  • 5×45#
  • 3×95
  • 3×135
  • 2×165
  • 2×185
  • 1×205

Heavy Heavy Grace

Oh boy, 205# was already feeling heavy in the warm-up. I got through 4 reps with 225# right around a minute in. Then I failed the jerk on the 5th rep. Enough of that! I am not fit enough; it would have taken me way too long to finish. So I rested up and lightened the load.

  • 30 C&J (185#)

This was more my level. Tried not to rest too much and happy with the result. Made it through 11 reps before I started to reset between the clean and the jerk. Finished in 6:59, which is the time domain I was looking for. I was so uncomfortable after I finished, I had to get everything off. Then for a few seconds I thought I might actually puke. My splits every 5 reps were:

  • 5 – 0:40
  • 10 – 1:42 (1:02)
  • 15 – 3:02 (1:20)
  • 20 – 4:39 (1:37)
  • 25 – 5:56 (1:17)
  • 30 – 6:59 (1:03)

Really slowed through the middle.

Aerobic Capacity – Strength Endurance

Took a solid recovery time and headed outside.

6 Sets

  • 25′ Broad Jump
  • 200m Run (Target = 0:39)
  • 2:00 Rest

Some of the instructions for this one said 10 jumps OR 25 feet. Using the distance seemed much better logistically to me, but after doing it I feel like I probably missed out on a lot of the intended response since I did the 25 feet in 4 jumps. I was easily under the target on the 200s every round since I didn’t mark off a 100m spot to check my pace. My run times were 36, 37, 36, 38, 38, and 37 seconds. Including the rests it took me 14:35 to finish.

Nineteen minute ROMWOD in the afternoon.

Starts with a G, ends with an E

Nasty storm rolling through and everything is shut down. They didn’t even send kids to school this morning and the snow didn’t start until after 10am. Out in the garage. Started with Crossover Symmetry Activation.


6 Sets

  • 5/5 Bulgarian Split Squats (25, 35, 45, 3×50)
  • 5 Good Mornings (45, 95, 115, 3×135)

Nothing crazy with the Open starting this week. Don’t need any more injuries. Warmed up clean & jerks with 5×45#, 5×95, and 3×1153


I started the clock and started everything at set times. At 0:00…


  • 30 C&J (135#)

My last Grace was a 2:17 done by going 10 unbroken and then all singles. After that I thought of a new strategy I haven’t seen anyone try. Everyone always goes for a huge unbroken set and then singles. But If you go with some smaller sets for longer you can eliminate a bunch of bar drops. I was hoping to get 4 sets of 5 but after 2 reps in the 4th set it was time to go with singles. Those first 17 reps were done in exactly 1:00. Ended up with 2:04 for a 13 second PR so I guess my strategy worked!

…at 10:00…

  • 20-16-12 Ski Erg cals
  • 10-8-6 Burpee Box Jumps (33″)

This was much worse than I expected. When I got into the second round I had no gas. It was taking me 2 pulls per calorie. 😦 Finished in 6:45.

…at 20:00…

  • 2:00 DU

Thought about skipping this after the previous part took so long. Fatigued practice is good though. Was pretty good in the first minute with 2 sets totaling 96. Hit a wall then and was missing a lot more. 164 total reps.

Finished up with Crossover Symmetry Recovery.

Full of Grace

Enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, even though I was in bed by 11. Feeling better about myself now that I’m waking up at a decent time again. Super Sunday at 11am.


  • 1000m Row (4:21)
  • 2×50 Band Pulls (red)
  • 5×45# C&J
  • 5×95# C&J

Benchmark Test


  • 30 C&J (135#)

Last August I did a 3:03. Was hoping to get under 2:30 today. Did 10 unbroken and then all singles. Had 15 reps in at 1:00 and finished in 2:17, which is a 46 second PR! I attribute a lot of that to the Thruster Attack, but also to the combination of Kevin’s CFi programming and the extra work I do. I’ve been making huge progress the last few months.


1/2 of “Tabata Something Else”

  • 4 Tabata Pull-ups
  • 4 Tabata Push-ups
  • 4 Tabata Sit-ups
  • 4 Tabata Air Squats

I did 43 pull-ups, 45 push-ups, 42 sit-ups, and 58 air squats for a total count of 188. Originally had planned on doing the full benchmark workout, but when several people showed up late to delay Grace I adjusted. At the end of the day it turned out to be a great call.


5 Sets

  • 10 Good Mornings (95#)
  • 4/4 Barbell Step-ups (95#, 20′)

Went right from the good mornings into the step-ups since the bar was already on our back. Nothing super heavy.

Monostructural Conditioning


  • 250m Row
  • ~3:00 Rest

I busted ass on the first one, seeing a new low of 1:15/500m on the pace at one point. Couldn’t keep up that pace for the remaining 3. Times were 40.4, 43.3, 43.5, and 43.8. Quads and ass were burning up at the end of those last two intervals.

Nowhere for any body part to escape today. Walked out feeling pretty beat.

Barbells for Boobs

2013-989-crossfit-barbells-for-boobsWent out to 989 CrossFit this morning for the Barbells for Boobs event. It was a partner workout that Kevin and I paired up for.

“Helen” meets “Grace”

  • 3 Rounds
    • 400m Run
    • 21 KBS (53#)
    • 12 Pull-ups
  • 30 C&J (135#)

Both team members run together, but split up the rest however you want. I did the first round of KBS and then the 2nd and 3rd rounds of pull-ups. Kevin obviously did the opposite movements in those rounds. I think I went 7-6-4, all touch-n-go on my C&J. The 400m runs had to be a little short because the top team did their first run in a minute. We finished in 9:26, tied for 2nd place, but a full minute behind the first place team, who destroyed the runs. In a 1 round Rowling tiebreaker, I did 106m against the other teams 105m, so we officially took 3rd place. It was a really fun event, especially since it was for such a great cause.

I jumped on the rower for 5 minutes to cool down.



Last day of our group’s golf tournament this morning, so I walked 18 holes. With the humidity lately this has been fatiguing me more than expected. Went in around 7:30 for open gym.


3-4:00 of DU practice

I reeled off a nice streak of 71 right off the bat and then got a bunch in the 30s. I need to get better at being able to do long streaks when I lose some breath and I want to hit that 100 so bad!


5/3/1 Shoulder Press – Cycle 2 Week 3

  • 5 @ 60# (40% of Training Max – warm)
  • 5 @ 75# (50% – warm)
  • 3 @ 90# (60% – warm)
  • 3 @ 115# (75%)
  • 3 @ 130# (85%)
  • 1+ @ 145# (95%)

I went for it and couldn’t even get one rep. Wow. Took a minute to regroup but was only able to get 2 reps. What the fuck is going on with some of my lifts? Last week I did 6 @ 140# and now this bullshit? Puts my estimated max at 154.5#, well below my 165# PR.

Snatch Press

  • 10 @ 45#
  • 10 @ 75#
  • 10 @ 85#


Warmed up clean and jerks with 45# x 3, 95# x 3, 115# x 3, and 135# for one.


  • 30 C&J (135#)

I’ve been wanting to Rx this bitch for a long time. Brent came in to throwdown with me. My last “Grace” attempt was 125# back in November, which I did in 4:16. Only took me 3:03 today and I probably lost 10-15 seconds with the damn collars. Somewhere between 15 and 20 I was wondering why it was so hard to get my right arm up. I finally looked at the bar and the 45# bumper was nearly off the bar. Ugh!

Felt pretty good though, I stupidly dropped the bar after 3 reps because something just didn’t feel right and then I started doing singles after 9. I wasn’t resting between reps though, I was actually catching the bar on the bounce and resetting right away. Hanging on and controlling to the ground was just taking too much energy out of me and I knew I couldn’t sustain it. I was predicting a time around 3:00 the other day talking to Matt, so I’m pretty happy with that.


3 Rounds NFT

  • 5 Strict Deficit HSPU (15# Bumpers)
  • 5 Strict Chin-ups
  • 1:00 Air Dyne

The HSPU were a struggle to complete, but not surprising seeing how my shoulder press sucked today.

First Grace

Saturday night we had a great time at the 2nd annual Survival Fitness Picnic. I didn’t get home until 2am and slept in until 9:30. I spent the entire day watching the finals of the CrossFit Games. Amazing and inspiring! One of my favorite parts is seeing elite athletes cheer each other on, which never happens in any other sport.

After the Games ended, I decided to take a shot at rigging up my gymnastic rings in the garage. I made a quick trip to Home Depot for supplies and started working around 8pm. I quickly found out that both of the batteries for my drill were dead, which made things a lot harder because I had to keep switching batteries on the charger. I also had to make a run to buy some nutdriver attachments for the drill. A little before midnight, I finally had everything up. The project turned out to be much tougher than I expected, especially for one set of hands. I wish I had a taller ceiling in the garage, but these will be just fine for the limited use I’ll give them.

Yesterday was my second rest day in a row and a much-needed one. I did get an hour-long deep tissue massage, which really helped loosen up my back. I’m going to have to get massages more often. It’s supposed to hit 100 degrees today so I went in to the 9am class, which was already in the mid 80s. I was the only guy in a class of 9, which was kind of odd.


4 rounds

  • 15s Jumping Jacks
  • 15s Air Squats
  • 15s Mountain Climbers
  • 15s Jump Squats

Immediately followed by:

4 rounds

  • 15s Plank
  • 15s Superman
  • 15s L Side Plank
  • 15s R Side Plank

I was already sweating bullets at this point it’s so hot and humid.



  • 30 Clean and Jerks (125#)

This was my first time doing “Grace” and I’m pleased with the results. We had a 6 minute time cap so I was deciding between 115# and 125#, but glad I went heavier. My time was 5:10.


10 Prowler Sprints (5 high, 5 low, loaded with 135#)

I’ve done these heavier, so this wasn’t too bad. Being able to go faster does some different work.