Hold It v2

No workout yesterday since Dad offered to come down and help in the kitchen. He got my snow blower running and then we laid the new flooring. After taking the previous two days to remove the old flooring, I’m beat after three days of basically sitting and kneeling on the floor.

My triceps are really sore again, but this time from the bench and triceps work we did on Friday. My shoulders and chest feel it a bit as well.


4 Rounds

  • 15/10 cal BikeErg / Sandbag Hold (100/65#)
  • 8/8 Kroc Rows (53/35#) / OH Hold (45# plate)
  • 12 DB Step-ups (12/30# DBs, 20″) / Plank
  • 16 Single Arm DB Hang C&J (40/25#) / Straight Arm Lat Pulldown Hold (49/27#)

Almost the same as we did a couple of weeks ago. With B, one person holding while the other does their reps. I was on the bike first and then we switched that around for rounds 3-4. We finished in 29:08.


3 Sets

  • 3 Handstand Kick-ups

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for my first hole-in-one. I enjoy being active and making things. I work for Automattic.

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