Twelves for Back

My back is still really tight, but at least the low back is all muscle soreness and not pain. Slept about 9 hours each of the last two nights to help with recovery. Out in the garage after 10am.


3 Sets

  • 12 Seated DB Bent Over Fly (30#)
  • 12 Seated DB Bent Over Row (30#)
  • 12 Face Pull (rope, 54-60-60#)

3 Sets

  • 12 Incline Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns (60-71-71#)
  • 12 Incline Forward Facing Lat Pulldowns (93-104-104#)

3 Sets

  • 12 Standing Offset Row to Chest (double handle, 71-76-82#)

I liked the 12 reps sets and going a bit lighter I tried to bust through everything and not take breaks. Good pump!


5 Rounds

  • 20 cal Row
  • 20 Push-ups

Pulled an average of about 1,400+ cal/hr over the course of the workout, with the last two rounds being my fastest. Went 10-10 on every round of push-ups. Finished in 7:55.