Gonna Feel Those

Feeling good. In the garage at 11.


  • Monster Walks
  • Monster Band Squats



  • Plyo Lunges (20/35# DBs)

This was done in the I Go You Go style with Brandi. Got it from TeamRichey, but went lighter than them and glad we did. It got terrible real quick. When I got to 16 I started to feel like I was going to fail a rep. I didn’t have to break though until I had 4 left in the final set. Almost made it unbroken! We finished in 13:12. I could barely stand up for a good 10-15 minutes afterwards. Those are going to hurt for 3-4 days.


Warmed up bench press with eight at 45-95-135.

  • 1 Giant Set
    • 8 Bench Press (165#)
    • 8 DB Flyes (35#)
    • 8 Bench Press (165#)
  • 3 Giant Sets
    • 8 Bench Press (165#)
    • 8 DB Flyes (30#)
    • 8 Bench Press (165#)

Much harder than I expected!

Did my banded PT exercises and then the core work.


McGill Big 3

  • 10-8-6 Curl-ups
  • 10-8-6 Side Planks
  • 10-8-6 Bird Dogs

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