Seeing Progress

I got that right knee burpee bruise since I didn’t wear knee sleeves yesterday…


I have the day off work and am heading out to a concert tonight to see Hootie and the Blowfish with Barenaked Ladies. Bring back the 90s!

Out in the garage by 10am.

Year of the Engine – Interval

6 Rounds

  • 3:00 Row
  • 1:00 Rest

Did this exact same thing in the first week of the polarization phase, getting 835-836 meters each round, with a pace of 1:47.7/500m. My notes say it might have been my hardest effort I had put in for rowing intervals, so I’m not sure how much better I could get 2.5 months later. I set my goal at a 1:47 pace. It wasn’t easy. I was able to keep pace through the first five and then I was way behind during that final interval, having to really push over the last 90 seconds. I got 841-841-841-840-841-840 meters for a 33 meter PR over May 31st.



I sat around resting through the afternoon and then laced up my shoes around 2pm.

Year of the Engine – Endurance

42:00 Run

I set the heart rate zone alerts on my Garmin and they never went off until the last few minutes when my HR got slightly high. Mission accomplished! Distance was 3.83 miles and it was a comfortable run in the middle of the day out in the sun.




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