I can feel a little pull or tightness in my back, but doesn’t seem like I tweaked it yesterday. Was out in the garage after 10:30.


3:00 Airdyne

Went a little faster each minute. Ended up with 90 cals and 1.82 km.

Year of the Engine – Time Trial

10:00 Airdyne (aka 300 FY)

My PR was 387 calories┬áduring month three of the program, so it’s been a while. Following previous strategies I started out hot for the first minute and then tried to settle in, holding 85 RPMs through the middle. Mentally it gets hard after 5 minutes. Then I try to pick the pace back up for the last 90 seconds and keep pushing harder each 30 seconds if I can. A couple of years ago when I first went over 350 calories I wondered if 400 was possible and today I hit it exactly! That’s a big 13 calorie PR. The distance was 6.97 km.


Year of the Engine – Endurance

32:00 Run

After recovering for about 30 minutes I went out to run. I went 3.19 miles and definitely did not hold a steady pace.


According to WHOOP, my heart rate was perfectly in zones 2-3 and according to my Garmin watch, I was getting in to zone 4 near the end of the run.