Gettin’ Gymnastics Volume

Woke up feeling a little beat from the PRs last night. Low to middle are of my back being the stiffest. Not the area where I’ve had my issues though, so that’s good. In at 11am to close out the 2nd week of the cycle.

Skill WOD (Hustle & Flow) Week 2 Day 3


3 sets

  • 5 Bar Work
    (Hold and pause 2 sec at each position with no form breaks and no momentum)

    • Dead Hang
    • Lat Active Hollow
    • Tight Arch
  • 1 Skin the Cat
  • 7 Straddle V-ups
  • 10s GHD Hanging Bridge Stretch

Skin the cats really stretch out that shoulder area.

Skill A – 4 Supersets

  • 1 Ring Swing + Pull-up w/ swing + MU
  • 2 Box Hip Kip Drill
  • 3 Banded Hip Drill

Felt a little better with the complex this week though I start swinging back with the pull-up and it messes up my kip a little. Didn’t feel as good with the box drill. Maybe I didn’t have the heights of things set right. The banded drill was better though.

Skill Test – 3 sets

1 rep of complex is:

  • MU + 2 Strict Ring Dips (after the MU dip lockout)

First two sets are 3 reps of the complex and then the 3rd set is for max reps. Increased from 5 to 6 on the max set.

Strength Accessory – 3 sets

  • 3 Lower to Hold Front Lever on Box

These are tough and doing 3 compared to 1 was a big difference in fatigue.

Bonus Complex

  • Set 1: 3 Ring Pull-up + 3 Toes to Rings + 4 MU
  • Set 2: 3+3+5
  • Sets 3+: Keep adding 1 MU until failure

Went for #6 on the 3rd set and squeezed it out. Caught myself in a super low ring dip, but a rep is a rep. Maybe next week if I get those first 3 sets I’ll go for a 4th.

Some nice increases from the first week and without having to figure out that first skill section we finished up in just under an hour. My shoulders still feel wrecked after all that though. I wore my leather grips for everything but the warm-up and no further damage to my hands. I just don’t have the grip problem on the rings like I do with bar muscle-ups.


Bryan and I jumped on the rowers for 10 minutes. Went 2,535 meters. Didn’t get into a good rhythm until the final 90 seconds.