Closing Out Week 3

Bumped up the muscle-up focused workout a day this week so that I could get an extra day in between before the pull-ups.

Skill WOD (Hustle & Flow) Week 3 Day 3


My shoulder has been bothering me a little bit since the handstand push-up workout so it’s time to get back in the habit of using the Crossover Symmetry bands more often. Did the Activation protocol.

3 sets

  • 5 Bar Work
    (Hold and pause 2 sec at each position with no form breaks and no momentum)

    • Dead Hang
    • Lat Active Hollow
    • Tight Arch
  • 1 Skin the Cat
  • 7 Straddle V-ups
  • 10s GHD Hanging Bridge Stretch

Skill A – 4 Supersets

  • 1 Ring Swing + Pull-up w/ swing + MU
  • 2 Box Hip Kip Drill
  • 3 Banded Hip Drill

We hadn’t been doing the first thing quite right. You’re supposed to hold in the top of the pull-up, do a swing from there, and then transition into the muscle-up. Was really weird on my first 2 attempts but got the hang of of it then.

Skill Test – 3 sets

1 rep of complex is:

  • MU + 2 Strict Ring Dips (after the MU dip lockout)

First two sets are 3 reps of the complex and then the 3rd set is for max reps. I got 6 reps on the max set again like last week. Felt similar when I got to that last one.

Strength Accessory – 3 sets

  • 3 Lower to Hold Front Lever on Box

Yep, pretty sure I’ll never be able to hold a front lever.

Bonus Complex

  • Set 1: 3 Strict Ring Pull-up + 3 Toes to Rings + 4 MU
  • Set 2: 3+3+5
  • Sets 3+: Keep adding 1 MU until failure

We were messed up on these too. Didn’t know the pull-ups were supposed to be strict, which makes quite a bit difference in fatiguing those pulling muscles. Felt good in the first set. Then 5th rep in the second set was rough. Managed to get 4 in the final set. Hopefully muscle-ups, when we don’t fatigue with other movements, are going to be feeling really easy soon.

I’m on vacation until the 4th now. Hopefully I’ll make more time for conditioning.