Masters Sunday

Feeling a little tired today after a short night of sleep. Went to the 11am.


Teams of 3 with cardio setting the pace. Do a round at each cardio piece.

  • 250m Row / 20 cal Air Dyne / 200m Run
  • KB Rack Hold
  • Air Squats


20:00 Partner AMRAP

  • Pace: 450m Run
  • AMRAP:
    • 7 C2B Pull-ups
    • 14 Wall Balls (20#, 10′)
    • 21 One-arm KB C&J (53# KB)

I paired up with Kevin and we finished 6 rounds plus 7 (actually Kevin miscounted at the end and got us to 9 C2B). The C&J were by far the worst part of this. My running shape is terrible.


Big class, so we all lined up and did 25m prowler sprints. Then as class ended, a few people stayed to do extra credit down and back (25m each way) prowler sprints. I stayed even later and kept adding weight to the prowler for more down and backs. Got in about an hour and 15 minutes of work today.

Time to enjoy the Masters!