Hump Day

My body was feeling a little beat up this morning. Would probably be worse, but I sort of got back to getting 8+ hours of sleep. Worked out at 10:30 with Matt, Cora, and Kevin again.


Tested out the new Rx jump rope. Me like! It spins even better than the Again Faster Revolution and Rogue SR-1 ropes. The biggest difference though is that the cable doesn’t get any of the memory kinks from being wound up in my bag like the other cables.


10:00 EMOTM

  • Odds: 5 HSPU
  • Evens: 5 Weighted Ring Dips

I did my first 4 sets of HSPU at a deficit with my hands on 10# bumper plates and then on the ground for the last set. All done strict, no kip. I did have to break the 4th and 5th sets up into 3-2 though. Used a 20# KB on a weight belt for all of the ring dips.

WOD #1


  • 25cal Row
  • AMRAP Ball Slams (15#)

1:00 Rest


  • 25cal Row
  • AMRAP Slam Ball Cleans (15#)

1:00 Rest

  • 25cal Row
  • AMRAP Jump Squats (45# bar)

I got 26 ball slams, 15 cleans, and 18 jump squats. All of them were brutal.

WOD #2

  • 10 -> 1 Burpees
  • 1 -> 10 Over the Box Jumps (24″)
  • 20 -> 2 Unbroken DU

I missed my very first DU but everything else was done unbroken and no rest between movements other than a deep breath before starting DU. Finished in 8:41.

WOD #3

  • Tabata Air Dyne calories
  • Tabata Sled Pulls (loaded with 90#, alternate forward and backward)

I got 78 calories on the Air Dyne, which was pretty horrible for Tabata. The sled drags weren’t really that bad because we were going back and forth across the gym so you had to keep stopping to turn around.

Another solid 1.5 hours of training.