Using My Functional Fitness

This weekend was all about home improvement projects. My Dad came down and we got a lot accomplished. Took all day Saturday to tear out a deck and two walkways. Then on Sunday we scraped up glue from a floor I removed, laid down luan, and started laying new flooring. I did a bunch more work on the floor yesterday and only have one closet to finish up. So while I had 3 rest days from CrossFit, my body got plenty of work; my knees feel like someone hit them with a baseball bat.

Ready to get back at it today. Missing Monday kind of screws up my week because I had to fit in back squats today, but I’ll adjust. Worked out in my garage around 11am.

Back Squats

Week 4 of the squat program and things are getting interesting! I warmed up with 5 @ 45# and 5@ 95# and then went right into the working sets. It was a big jump, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy so I didn’t want to burn out by doing another warm-up set.

  • 10 @ 185#
  • 8 @ 205#
  • 6 @ 220#
  • 6 @ 235#
  • 6 @ 250#
  • 4 @ 265#

Last two sets were brutal. A couple of months ago 255# was my 5RM, so I think this program is working.

Push Presses

I knew I wanted to push press today, but had no idea what I would do. After finishing the back squats, I came up with this on the fly. Something new to try. I didn’t originally have the MAX set on there, but once I got about half way through and was feeling ok, I figured I’d give it a shot. Warmed up with 5 @ 45# and 5 @ 95#.

  • 7 @ 105#
  • 7 @ 115#
  • 7 @ 125#
  • 7 @ 135#
  • 7 @ 145#
  • MAX @ 155# (8 reps)


Overall this session felt better than I expected considering the shit I put my body through the last few days. During my warm-up squats I wasn’t sure I would be able to do much because my knees were feeling pretty messed up.

Went to Survival Fitness for open gym at 8pm for a second session of the day.


  • 500m Row
  • 10/10 Leg Swings (F-B, S-S)


10:00 EMOM

  • Evens: 3 Weighted Pull-ups
  • Odds: 3 Weighted Dips

I used a weight belt for both, with a KB attached. For pull-ups I went 25-25-25-30-30 and should have pushed it a little higher on the last two sets. Wasn’t easy, but should have struggled more. On dips I used 25-30-35-40-53. Could have pushed more there too.


I loaded up the small sled with three 45# plates, attached some straps around my shoulders and did a bunch of long drags with it. In between, I was doing some jumps into the middle of 2 big stacked tires and exploding out of the middle for a 2nd jump right away. Not a super intense night, but I was pretty much on my own and got to try a couple of new things.


Did some tire flips before taking off.