Fast Recovery

I’m feeling great after yesterday’s first big session. Very little soreness anywhere. Matt, Kevin, and I worked out at 2:30 today. I warmed up with 25 calories on the Air Dyne at an easy pace and then did some PVC work for my arms and shoulders. I came up with the programming for today’s training.

Olympic Technique

7 Sets

  • Power Clean
  • Hang Power Clean
  • High Hang Power Clean
  • 90s Rest

I used 95, 115, 125, 135, 145, 165, and 175. Still focusing on hip extension, but also tried to start with my hips lower on the power clean from the ground.


14:00 E2M

  • 3 Power Cleans at 80% of 1RM Power Clean (195#)
  • 2 Broad Jump for distance (immediately after power cleans)

Figured it would be fun to try out a little XWOD action. The timing worked out pretty well so we had about 1:15 to rest before the next round.

WOD #1

3 Rounds

  • 400m Row
  • 20 Deadlifts (185#)
  • 20 T2B

I was planning for this to take about 12 minutes and I was just about right. I finished in 11:16. My T2B held up pretty well.

WOD #2

5 Rounds

  • 1:00 15 HR Push-ups & MAX Sit-ups
  • 1:00 Rest

This worked out better than I expected, considering it was completely made up and not based on anything I’ve done before. I was able to do each round of push-ups unbroken, although they did get progressively harder and that last round was a struggle. I actually got faster on them too until the last round. Managed 20-21-21-22-21 on the sit-ups for a 105 total. Abs were feeling pretty rocked after the T2B and the sit-ups.