Learning Curve

My ass is pretty sore already and my hamstrings are a bit. My scaps are also feeling that stuff from yesterday. I got a freight delivery today!!

It’s the TrueForm Trainer, which I ordered at the beginning of October with 6 week delayed shipping to save $2,000.

Out in the garage at 4:30 today.


  • 3:00 TrueForm Run (530m)
  • Eagle Arms
  • Butcher’s Block
  • Back to Wall Shoulder Opener
  • Dead Hang Partner Push


30:00 AMRAP

  • 300m TrueForm Run
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 24/16 cal Row
  • 20 Ball Slams (30#)
  • 24/16 cal Ski
  • 20 1-Arm DB Push Jerks (50#)

That runner is something else. Doesn’t feel like any other type of running and having to control the pace yourself is an odd feeling after having treadmills do it all of my life. I went 10/10 on the jerks every round and most of them were push presses. Finished 4 + 15m.


3 Sets

  • 20 Lying Leg raise to DB (30#)
  • 20 Leg Lifts over DB
  • 20 Overhead DB Sit-ups (30#)
  • 20 alt Hip Dips
  • 10/10 Plank Toe touch + knee to elbow + knee cross body
  • 1:00 Rest

We got this one from Kristi and it was a gnarly one. When I looked at the clock after round 1 it was 4:57!. I got quicker after that, with round times of 4:23 and 4:16 for a total of 15:26.


My back has not been feeling very good in the mornings this week. šŸ˜¦ Last night I found an Olympic curl bar at Meijer for $50 after I’d just back ordered a rackable one a couple of days earlier. You can feel it’s cheap, but it’ll do the job.

Out in the garage at 3:30 today.


  • 5:00 BikeErg (2,313m)
  • 2×10/10/10/10 Steamboats (each leg)


3 Sets

  • 10 Strict T2B
  • 30s OH Barbell Hold (135#)
  • 15 Low-Pulley Knee-Ins (26#)
  • 30s OH Barbell Hold (135#)
  • 10/10 Rack Banded Rotations + 10s Hold at end range of rotation (blue)

Was drenched in sweat midway through this. Good combination.


40:00 AMRAP

  • 10 Tuck Jumps
  • 20 alt DB Hang Snatches (35#)
  • 30 Sit-ups
  • 1,000m BikeErg / 500m Row / 500m SkiErg
  • 30 Lateral Hops
  • 20 Single Arm DB S2OH (50#)
  • 10 Single DB Step-ups (24″, 50#)

I scaled back the dumbbell snatch from 50# because my back has been bothering me this week. I rotated through the machines every round in the order listed. Got through 5 rounds plus all the movements up to and including 101 meters on the SkiErg. Humid and sweaty mess!

Getting Better

I walked 18 holes yesterday, but still not feeling like myself. I’ve had this cough for a week now. My energy does seem to be getting better each day though. My biceps and lats are pretty sore from the bar muscle-ups on Sunday.

Out in the garage in the early afternoon. Haven’t done an engine workout since the 7th with this sickness. Warmed up with a 3:00 row for 706 meters.

Year of the Engine – Interval

8 Rounds

  • 1:00 Row
  • 3:00 Rest

Over two weeks ago for 10x 1:00/2:00 I held a 1:34.9/500m pace, so I knew I could go faster with this being rest and fewer rounds. My goal was 1:32-1:33/500m.

Really surprised myself with this effort actually because I’m not 100%. Got 325-325-324-324-324-324-325-325 meters.


Went to the 4pm class.


  • 3:00 Assault Bike (30 cals)
  • PVC Passes
  • Burgener Warm-up


High Hang Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch

  • 2×75#
  • 2×95
  • 2×115
  • 2×135

Paused in both hang positions. Wasn’t going to push it today. Worked up a good sweat still though.


I went over to the dumbbell rack and did some single arm push jerks to warm-up so I wouldn’t have to mess around with a barbell since mine was already set from snatches.

Single Arm DB Push Jerks

  • 5/5 @ 30#
  • 3/3 @ 40#
  • 3/3 @ 50#


  • Push Jerks (135#)
  • Burpees Over The Bar
  • Toes-To-Bar

I wasn’t sure how the push jerks would feel, so I went in with a plan, knowing I might have to back off. Ended up sticking with the plan and did 9-7-5, 9-6, and 9. After the first round of jerks, I was already having a hard time breathing with this sickness. So I had some epically slow ass fuckingĀ burpees, even stepping back in to most of them! I think the 21 took me around 2 minutes!! I was hoping I could use the same sets on T2B but decided against that as soon as I got done with those first burpees. I just tried to be quicker between sets. Did 6-5-5-5, 5-5-5, 5-4. Finished in 9:41. Would be a good one to try again when I’m feeling like myself.