My back was pretty bad at points during the night. Should have known better spending almost all day in the work shop standing on the concrete. I’ve already thrown out those old shoes and need to get a mat down there to stand on. Decided to skip some of the golf swing stuff today and not risk it.


20:00 AMRAP

  • 4 Strict Pull-ups
  • 8 Step-ups (20”)
  • 10 DB Swinging Front Raise (15#)
  • 6x 20′ Shuttle Run
  • 8/8 Side Plank Pulses
  • 10 DB Push-ups
  • 50 Jump Rope

After two box jumps I went right to the step-ups because of my back. Cut back on the weight today and we added the running. I got through 6+19.


2 Sets

  • 10 Wall Slides
  • 8/8 Half Indian Sit w/ other leg back, bring leg around to front

2 Sets

  • 20 Swing stance, wide arm rotations
  • 20 Stability ball pelvic tilts