Four Rounds is the Ticket

Got started shortly after 3 so we could get to work on countertops.


  • 80′ Lateral Monster Walks
  • 80′ Monster Walks
  • 10 Monster Squats
  • 10 Monster Toe Touches
  • Trunk Rotations
  • Hip Circles

Leg Conditioning

4 Rounds

  • 500m BikeErg
  • 10 Double Dumbbell Squats (25#)
  • 16 Double Dumbbell Curtsy Lunges (25#)

4 Rounds

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Double Dumbbell RDLs (50#)
  • 12 alt Double Dumbbell Box Step-ups (20”, 40#)

Increased to four rounds this week, which was the sweet spot. Was better doing the Romanian deadlifts right after the row too.


3 Rounds

  • 30s Dragon Flags
  • 30s Plank Knee to Elbow
  • 30s Tuck-ups (25# plate)
  • 30s Russian Twists (25# plate)
  • 30s OH Sit-ups (25# plate)

The sit-ups were much better using my AbMat and having my feet anchored under 40 pound dumbbells.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for my first hole-in-one. I enjoy being active and making things. I work for Automattic.

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