Fundraiser Workout Results

Results of Fundraiser workouts are in.

All Men

  • Workout 1 – 8022/42256 (81.0%)
  • Workout 2 – 2716/32689 (91.7%)
  • Workout 3 – 5321/24576 (78.3%)
  • Total – 3232/42822 (92.5%)

Masters 40-44 Men

  • Workout 1 – 909/6722 (86.5%)
  • Workout 2 – 181/5210 (96.5%)
  • Workout 3 – 638/4252 (85.0%)
  • Total – 308/6780 (95.5%)

Pretty happy with that, considering I started picking up weights two weeks ago, so I had to be very cautious with the first and third workouts. Will be fun to retest those in a few months.

Last night my forearms, elbows, and biceps were really getting tight and sore from the Wednesday pull-ups. My lats were already feeling it earlier that day too. Still pretty sore in all those places today. It was going to be a full rest day, but with the sun out I needed some air.


In the afternoon I went for an easy 2.68 mile run that took 28:25. Felt really good!

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