In the Yellow

I’m getting a lot of sleep, but WHOOP says I’m still not recovering to the green zone; been in the yellow every morning after 19.4 and the rowing I did on Friday. My back continues to feel better each day. My legs feel tired walking up the stairs today.

Too much I’d have to substitute at the gym again, so did everything at home.


  • 3:00 Row (805m)

Engine Builder – Anaerobic

6 Rounds

  • 45s Row
  • 3:30 Rest

Tried to get over 2,200 cal/hr by the 5th pull and stay there. My calories were 26-27-27-27-26-26 and you can see below that I started running out of steam after the 3rd interval. This was pretty nasty.


Looking back at my 250m PR, I pulled 45 strokes/min. I guess I need to cycle through my strokes faster.


Dumbbell Curls – 21s

  • 3 Sets 7-7-7 @ 25#

Got up to the 25s with all three sets. One more session and then I’ll switch things up. Really happy with the progress in under 2 months.


5 Rounds

  • 20 Hand Release Push-ups
  • 30 Sit-ups

Wanted something where I could keep moving but not too intense after the anaerobic work. This did the trick. I did 4×5¬†every round of push-ups. First set was done in 40 seconds and about 50 for round two before I started taking a little more rest between every five push-ups. Sit-ups felt good the whole way and took about a minute each round. Finished in 9:35.

Complete rest day tomorrow.