Endurance is Improving

Back to work today after the week of vacation. Feeling pretty good after yesterday’s workouts.

Engine Builder – Endurance

  • 24:00 Airdyne (AD2)

On March 9th when I did 22 minutes, I held 68-70 RPM to keep my heart rate in the 70-75% zone, so I was expecting a similar pace today. It was taking a long time for my HR to go up and I ended up holding 73-75 RPM through the workout. Maybe my back was really affecting me before.

Today ended up being 666 (👹) cals – 8.77 miles. That’s 27.75 calories per minute compared to 24.36, which is 14% better. According to WHOOP, my average HR was lower today too; 124 compared to 131. Those differences are nuts, plus it was two minutes longer.