Sayonara 2014

Didn’t sleep well and I was feeling pretty rough when I rolled out of bed. Ran the 9am class.

We warmed up with a game of Rowling for something different.


I did a cycle through with an empty bar and then with 95#.

25:00 AMRAP – Teams of 3

  • 5 Deadlifts (115#)
  • 4 Hang Power Cleans (115#)
  • 3 Front Squats (115#)
  • 2 Push Press (115#)

* One person does an entire round at a time, while the other 2 rest.
* If you don’t do your round unbroken everyone on the team has to do 3 burpees after you finish your round before the next person can start. Incentive for people not to go too heavy.

Felt good after getting moving. Michelle, her sister, and I got about 23 and a half rounds. I was last so did 23 full rounds. Glad I decided to go with 115# instead of 135#, which allowed me to bust ass. The burpee penalty worked; people picked appropriate weights, and no burpees were done.

I had planned on doing some intervals on the Ski Erg at night, but I was exhausted. With all of the lifting last night and over 300 reps with the barbell today, my body is tired!

It was a good close to 2014. I’m feeling good and am happy with the change to CrossFit Intuition in the middle of the year. Looking forward to the Open and getting fitter in 2015.