SFBC Throwdown

We went over to Bay City for a 4 person team competition today. Just a fun event without any entry or prizes. We had a great time!


Event 1


Each person must find a 2RM front squat. Score = total pounds lifted.

All four of us set PRs! Michelle with 155, Monica 195, Kevin 295, and 310 for me. I just hit 315# for a single less than 2 weeks ago! We took second place in the event, by 10# over 3rd. Here are my last two attempts.

Event 2

Row for max meters
Each partner must row for 2:00 to start and the last 4:00 can be split up however the team wants. Score = meters rowed.

I went first, then Kevin, Michelle, and Monica. We worked as a team to hold the handle and strap each other’s feet in and it worked beautifully. I got back on the rower and switched off to Kevin after about 1:30 or so. He went about the same and I finished off the time with about a minute left. It was absolutely brutal, but we took first with 3,648 meters. Our strategy made a big difference because 2nd place was about 75 meters behind.

Event 3

2 Rounds

  • 30 Pullups
  • 30 Wall Ball (20/16#, 10/8′)
  • 30 Box Jumps/Step ups (24/20″)
  • 30 T2B

Pair up and alternate movements between the pairs. Reps can be split any way the pair wants.

Michelle and I were a pair and Kevin and Monica. I did 30 pull-ups both rounds and about 13 box jumps I think. We finished tied for second and 1 second behind the first place team. It was such a close event! Every rep and second counts.

Event 4


  • Buy-in: 50 Team Burpees (synchronized-ish)
  • 1RM max clean for each person in the remaining time

Tried to pace out our burpees so that we wouldn’t die and need huge recovery before starting the cleans. I did all power cleans because of my back and due to the time constraints. Made 205, 225, 255, and 265. Took second easily with 265 for Kevin, 155 for Monica, and 135 for Michelle. We jumped them both up 20# on their final attempts which was probably too much and they both missed. Kind of chaotic trying to get in a bunch of lifts in so little time though.

Overall we ended up in second place, just 1 point out of first. We worked really well together and it was a lot of fun.

I’m happy that my back held out on me for the lifts, but several hours later and I’m already feeling pretty tight and sore. My hips are wrecked from those workouts.

Heading to Cancun in the morning and come back on Thursday. Looking forward to about a week away from weights and will try to get into the chiropractor on Friday to start working on this back. I need to fix it for real.