In Mexico

In Cancun until Thursday. Needed that day of rest yesterday while traveling. My back feels great. I thought it would be in rough shape after the competition. Rose and I hit up the fitness center in the hotel around noon.

20:00 AMRAP

  • 1:00 Walk (15% incline at 3.5 mph, increased a little on the last 3 rounds)
  • 10 Push-ups

Could really call it a hike I guess. Had never tried something like that. Never had to break up the push-ups. I think I did 15 rounds plus a little time on the next walk, but lost track. Never really had to slow down on the push-ups, but that estimate should be pretty spot on. Walked 5:00 to cool down. Nothing crazy, but got the heart rate up, sweated, and worked on my push-up weakness. Mission accomplished. Walked 5:00 on the treadmill to cool down.