Thanksgiving 2020

I started my own tradition several years ago, so was in the garage at 9am to get in the workout. I remembered to put the kettlebell in the house yesterday so it wouldn’t be ice cold.

“Sissy Test”

  • 25 -> 1 Burpee
  • 1 -> 25 Russian KBS (53#)

I started with step back and step up burpees from the first rep and continued all the way through. Each round I split the reps between which leg was leading so I wouldn’t cause one side or the other to do more work since it was like a lunge on every rep. I started using chalk on the last 3-4 sets of swings and was able to do every set of them unbroken this year, when I usually have to break up the last few sets. Kept a steady heart rate and just kept moving, with a better time than last year.

  • 2012/04/19 – 41:38
  • 2012/11/22 – 38:16
  • 2017/11/23 – 43:34
  • 2018/11/22 – 39:32
  • 2019/11/28 – 41:07
  • 2020/11/26 – 39:50

Three Years of the Sissy Test

Third year in a row doing this on Thanksgiving. Started at 10:15am.

Sissy Test

  • 25->1 Burpees
  • 1->25 Russian KBS (53/35#)

Previous results and my time from today:

• 41:38 – 2012/04/19

• 38:16 – 2012/11/22

• 43:34 – 2017/11/23

• 39:32 – 2018/11/22

• 41:07 – 2019/11/28

I did all jump back and jump up on the burpees. Split the 22-23 swings in two sets and the 24-25 in three because there was so much sweat and my forearms were blowing up.

No Shoes, No Shirt, All Service

Rested yesterday and came up to my parents’ place for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

Continuing my new tradition…

“Sissy Test”

  • 25->1 Burpees
  • 1->25 Russian KBS (53#)

Went with no shoes again, which is nice for sliding on the carpet. Forgot my knee sleeves, so I wore wants, and eventually ditched the shirt. Felt much better with both movements this year. Started breaking up the swings in the last 4-5 rounds because my forearms were blowing up and the kettlebell was just getting too sweaty. Finished 4:02 faster than last year with a time fo 39:32. Feels good to earn my feast!



  • 41:38 – 2012/04/19
  • 38:16 – 2012 Thanksgiving
  • 43:34 – 2017 Thanksgiving
  • 39:32 – 2018 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sissy

Nice rest day yesterday and beat the traffic. Had a bright idea to do the “Sissy Test” this morning, but left the kettlebell in my car overnight so I needed to warm it up first.


“Sissy Test”

  • 25->1 Burpees
  • 1->25 Russian KBS (53#)

Never stopped on the burpees. I started breaking up the swings around 18 or so because the handle was so sweaty and I didn’t want to drop it in my parents’ upstairs room. “Happy Thanksgiving, here’s a kettlebell through the ceiling.” Finished in 43:34 which is the worst I’ve done for this workout, but I’m also 20 pounds heavier than I last did it 5 years ago on Thanksgiving.

Bring on the feast!

Thanksgiving Sissy Test

I’m up at my parents for a few days so figured it would be a good time to do the Sissy Test. I missed out on it at Survival Fitness a couple of weeks ago. The only time I’ve done it was back in April, when I used a 55# KB and finished in 41:38.

“Sissy Test”

  • 25 -> 1 Burpees
  • 1 -> 25 Russian KBS (53# KB)

For clarification, you do 25 burpees and 1 KBS swing, then 24 and 2, and so on down until 1 and 25.

I made a ghetto KB using my 50 pounder, some duck tape, and a 2.5# plate. It worked for the most part. I finished in 38:16, which is an improvement of 3:22. Could have even been better, but the handle on my KB got so slick towards the end and I had to keep putting it down to wipe the sweat off my hands otherwise it would have went flying.

Bring on the Thanksgiving feast!


Around 11pm I was bored and everyone was in bed. Death by Chest to Deck Push-ups sounded like a good idea. I got through the 18th minute and 16 reps of the 19th for a total of 187 reps. Not bad after doing 325 burpees earlier today. The only other time I did push-ups was last December when I completed 14 + 12 but was not getting my chest to the ground and had to resort to kneelers.

The Sissy Test

Yesterday was my first real day off since the previous Monday. Unless I count last Friday, which was a light day with some snatch work and HSPUs. I did walk 9 holes of golf yesterday, but that’s nothing intense. This morning I realized my neck is really starting to loosen up. I can almost crack it on my own again, which I haven’t been able to do for over 2 months. I think the big reason for the recovery is that I haven’t done DUs at all in the last 2 weeks. Whenever I get back to them I’ll have to make it a priority to keep my neck in a good position, without chicken-necking.

Only one part in the class today, the Sissy Test.


Burpees & Russian KBS

  • 25 – 1
  • 24 – 2
  • 23 – 3
  • 3 – 23
  • 2 – 24
  • 1 – 25

You can start with 25 burpees or 25 KBS, whatever suits you. Burpees were recommended and I think that’s what everyone did. I might go with the KBS next time for the hell of it. No need to get out your calculators because I did the math in my head before we started. 325 reps of each!

I used a 55# KB and finished in 41:38! I nearly met Pukie for the first time in the round of 24 KBS. This was definitely an endurance WOD. I kept going with as short of breaks as I could. My knees aren’t feeling the greatest and I can tell my back is going to be wrecked. Cardio-wise I felt great after a few minutes of rest. The only time I watched the clock was early on because I wanted to compare to Open Workout 12.1, which was the 7 minutes of burpees. I completed the first 4 rounds of this in just under 7 minutes, so that was 94 burpees and 10 KBS with a paced effort and some small breaks between rounds. These burpees weren’t up to the strict standards of the Open workout when I did 92 burpees, but it’s a pretty good indication of how much I’ve improved in my fitness since then.

Can you complete the Sissy Test?