I was flipping through an issue of TRAIN this week and saw some chest work so we’re going to try it out.


Warmed up with some PVC Passes and then 10 bench each at 45 and 75 pounds.

MAX Bench Press (100/50#)

I stopped at 50 reps since I was getting pretty slow.

MAX Push-ups

Supposed to vary the feet and hands each time we do this, but we stuck to standard this week and I got 35.

3 Sets

  • 12 Seated DB Shoulder Press (40#)

I did the first set like I normally do with elbows pointing forward and palms paralles to each other. We’re kind of subbing these in for military press, so B suggested the other position and I did the last two sets with elbows out and palms facing forward. Much harder!

50 DB Bench Press (50/25#)

I started out with a set of 15, which was probably a mistake. Then I went 10-10-8-7 and finished at 2:26. Quick sets of 5 would probably be a good strategy.

We were hopping on the BikeErg in between ad I ended up doing rides of, 2:00, 1:00, 1:00, and 5:00. Done in less than 40 minutes. Now we’re heading to Midland to watch the LPGA event.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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