Last night I could feel sore hamstrings too when I sat on particular chairs. Had to be from the bear crawls I imagine. Another good night of sleep and I hit the road running at about 9:30.

Year of the Engine – Endurance

39:00 Run

My goal was 4 miles and I got it by paying closer attention to the pace on my watch every few minutes. RunKeeper recorded exactly four miles and Garmin had 4.03. I still need to maintain more of a steady pace through a run instead of falling off in the middle.


If I can pick up the pace after three miles I should be able to hold on to a better pace throughout. Looking at my heart rate zones, I don’t really want to be spending this much time in Z4 for an endurance workout though. According to my WHOOP graph, it looks like it was during that final mile.



5 Rounds

  • 2:00 Plank
  • 1:00 Rest

I got interrupted between 3-4, so got about 2 minutes of rest there. I started feeling a little shake during my fifth plank, but overall this was easy. I guess all of our Sunday core work is paying off.

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