All Day Headache

Still a bit sore from the single leg deadlifts. Out in the garage around 4:30.

Active Life – Single Leg Bias

Warm-up – 2 Rounds

  • 5/5 Lateral Box Step Ups (30″)
  • 10 Squat Press Outs (35#)
  • 10 Groiners

I found that line by bumping up to the 35# plate. Can’t really hold it out with straight arms. Not sure if that’s my shoulders or what.

Workout – 6 Sets (3 per leg)

  • 10 Front Rack Box Step Ups (105#, 24″)
  • 1:00 Rest

Fuck!!!!! +10# is a ginormous difference.


30:00 Airdyne

Went easy and did 9.13 miles. Put off the Back Max workout until next week because I’ve had a headache all day and tomorrow will be 4 days in a row. Plus it would have been the 3rd day in a row doing good mornings, which is unnecessary.