Finding Balance

Definitely feeling my ankles from all of the direction changes in those shuttle sprints. Low back is tight. Garage session in the afternoon.

Active Life – Single Leg Bias

Warm-up – 3 Sets

  • 8/8 Eccentric Ankle Dorsiflexion (on 55+35 plates)


  • 8/8 Single Leg Deadlift
    • 45#
    • 95
    • 3 Sets @ 125

Much harder to balance than I expected. A lot more than a single leg RDL.



  • One Arm DB Thrusters (50#)
  • Ring Rows

Yeah, weird rep counts, but I wanted something I could equally split between arms. My planning started out with 30-20-10 but knew the ring rows would get too slow, so I came up with this. Still had to break them up in 3-4 sets each round this way. Finished in 5:51.

Active Life – Back Max

10:00 for quality

  • Bent Knee Hollow Body Hold: 3-5 breaths
  • Side Plank: 3-5 breath hold each side
  • Horizontal GHD Hold: 3-5 breaths

Got through 7 rounds plus the side planks.