Better by 19

I posted an update on my personal blog about my back issues.

Out in the garage this afternoon.

Bench Press

  • 10×45#
  • 10×95
  • 6×135
  • 3×165
  • 3×195
  • 4x3x225

Push Press

  • 10×45#
  • 6×95
  • 3×135
  • 3×155
  • 3x3x175

Both pressing movements felt heavy.


  • 3×15/15 Pallof Press (red band, 2s pause)
  • 3×15 DB Side Raises (10#)
  • 3×15 DB Bent-over Side Raises (10#)

I tried to point my thumbs up towards the ceiling for both types of side raises. Interesting angle.


  • 100 Sit-ups

Flew through in 2:39, which is a 19 second PR! I was using my AbMat pad, but can’t imagine it would make that much of a difference. I’ve had trouble setting just a few second PR on this over the years, so not sure where this came from.


  • 10:00 Airdyne

The plan was to do an aerobic 20 minutes, but after doing 75-76 RPMs for 7:00 I picked it up to see if I could get close to my 300 FY score of 358.  Maybe if I had started a minute earlier. Pretty close at 338 calories (3.99 miles).


All done in 65 minutes.

Performance Plus

I’ll get this in tonight…

  • Lat Foam Roller – 30 seconds each side (video)
  • Overhead Opener – 2×30 seconds (video)
  • 3 MAX effort sets of Wall-Walks with 1:00 rest (video)

Holy shit those slow wall walks were hard! I did 3×3 and took about 25 seconds for each rep.

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Nick Momrik

I'm searching for the perfect golf swing and my first hole-in-one. I'm addicted to CrossFit. I work for Automattic.

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