Today I went to see a PT who knows CrossFit. Did a variety of movements there including air squats, back squats, deadlifts, single-arm kettlebell front rack squats, single-arm one-leg RDLs, and deficit deadlifts. Not high reps of anything. I’m preparing a post for my personal blog with an update about my back, how I recovered, and what I found out at the PT. I’ll link here once it’s published.

Jumped on the Airdyne tonight for a 30 minute aerobic piece. My watch actually worked today, so I was able to track my heart rate. Made it 17.19 km, a best by almost 0.8 km over the last time, which had already been a best. The kicker is I was still aerobic. I did bump up my zones since my back is functioning and didn’t feel I needed to use the 5-10 beats per minute adjustment to the 180-formula.

I did notice it took me about 5 minutes to get up near the bottom of that zone (133) even though I was going at 73-75 RPMs. Then before I hit 14 minutes in I did notice the high alert start going off for the first time. The graph confirms that stuff. I was able to keep the pace at 71-73 for a good length of time before I had to start dropping to 68-ish to keep the HR in zone.