Sled & Run

My traps are a little sore to the touch. Break in the weather this morning so headed in during the 9am class.

Aerobic Capacity – Strength Endurance

6 Sets

  • 100m heavy sled walk (160#, target – 75-90s)
  • 400m run (target – 1:59)
  • 3:00 rest

Pretty good selection on the sled weight. I did an out and back 50m so there was some time to turn around and then get the belt off, but every sled walk was in the 1:26-1:31 range. Started out way too fast on the 400s and was still well under the target pace at the end. My splits were 1:33-1:45-1:48-1:49-1:48-1:51. Wore sweat pants and shirt so was sweating up a storm.

After the jerk PR the other day and the clean feeling good last night, I’m happy to see that my strength is still going up while putting time into the aerobic side of things. I’m also losing weight in the process, down to under 204# this morning.

I’ll get in a 20 minute ROMWOD tonight.