Nasty? Nah

Got to the track at about 11am and went right into it.

Aerobic Capacity – Lactate Threshold

  • 1600-1200-800-400m (alternating paced 200s)
  • 15s Rest
  • 100m Sprint
  • 5:00 Rest

The target pacing for the 200s was “easy” (37-39 seconds per 100m) followed by “fast” (25-27 seconds per 100m). I was faster than the easy pace every time. My first fast 200 was 54 seconds but was never over 51 seconds the rest of the way. Averaged about 16.5 on the 100s.

When I first saw this workout I figured it was going to be really nasty because I’d just done 2 miles straight of alternating 200s with a slower jog pace than this easy pace. No issues though and I was faster than the prescribed paces in almost every 200 (easy & fast).

Have a 25 minute ROMWOD lined up for today, which I’ll probably do tonight.