Don’t Run a 5k Like This

Didn’t want to, but did the ROMWOD late last night. My right hamstring cramped up trying to do twisted lizard on Friday night so I figured I should get some stretching in.

Last day of my sabbatical before going back to work tomorrow. Got started at the track at 10:30. Beautiful morning for a run with the temperature around 60°.

Aerobic Capacity – Lactate Threshold

10 Rounds

  • 300m (target: 24-26s/100m)
  • 200m (target: 36-38s/100m)

No rest between intervals or sets, so essentially a straight 5k with different pacing. I did pretty well on the 300s, only going over 1:18 twice with 1:19.2 over being the worst one. The last few 200s got slower as I needed the rest to recover because I was making sure to hit the 300 paces. My final 300 was the fastest one. 😀 Definitely started to feel my legs getting heavy mid way through this session. Total time was 25:20, which is a respectable 5k. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to run a 5k like this though.

I walked 600 meters after. Completes 9 weeks of the AC programming. Hmm, no 1 mile test in week 10.


On to yesterday’s lifting session ab work when I got home.

4 Sets

  • 15 Weighted GHD Sit-ups (25# metal plate)

4 Sets

  • 20 V-ups (hollow)

I will do the 20 minute ROMWOD at some point. Can’t wait to order pizza tonight!