No Show

Went to coach the 9am with Kevin in Florida, but nobody showed up. I had no plans to workout and didn’t have any of my stuff, but at least I had on HYLETE pants I could do some things in. Since nobody was there I figured I might as well make use of the gym since I drove out.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Glute activation
  • 2×20 Reverse Hyper (120#)



  • 30:00 Row (active recovery)

Nice and easy. Went 6,358 meters.


E20S 5:00

  • 5 Push-ups

Got a little energy and felt like doing something more after the row. No struggle even at the end.

I did Crossover Symmetry Recovery and then 3 sets of 15 reverse hyper with 120#.