Shitty Attempt at 15.2

Helping out with some of the Open stuff for classes tonight, but I got mine in with the 4:30 class.


  • 2x 250m Row
  • Ankle, hip, shoulder mobility and stretching
  • Bottom Squat Holds
  • 5×45# & 5×65# OHS

2015 CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

  • From 0:00-3:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 10 OHS (95#)
    • 10 C2B pull-ups
  • From 3:00-6:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 12 OHS (95#)
    • 12 C2B pull-ups
  • From 6:00-9:00, 2 rounds of:
    • 14 OHS (95#)
    • 14 C2B pull-ups
  • Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds

A repeat of 14.2, which I tried a few weeks ago with horrible results. Tried another new strategy today, based off Outlaw’s tips for this year. Worked great and I was hitting perfect paces all the way up until the 2nd set of 12 C2B pull-ups, when I had to go to singles. Ended up being 3 reps shy of getting to the 14s. Yuck, now I have to redo this bitch. I did 4-3-3 on both sets of 10 OHS, then 3-3-2-2 and 2-2-2-2-2 on C2B Pull-ups. 4-4-4 on both sets of 12 OHS, then 3-3-2-2-2 on the first set of C2B, and I think I got in a double or triple to start the final set before it all went to shit. When I redo I won’t break up the 12 OHS like that and I’ll have the time I need to finish and go to the pain cave for the 14s.

Oh, so I guess that was 85 reps.

After judging for the next groups and everyone left I needed some redemption, so did a 250m row to warm-up and then this happened…


  • 1,000m


I had thought my previous best was 3:12-something, so wanted to hold a 1:35 as long as possible and then fight with whatever I had left at the end. Turns out that my best was actually a 3:16.1! I forgot how terrible the last 3-400 meters get. I felt like I was driving my legs so hard to keep up my pace, but I kept falling below 1:35. BURN baby burn! Was glad to PR, but even more so when I realized it was a 5 second record instead of 1 with the 3:11.2.