Getting CS Official

My thighs are sore from yesterday and maybe a little in my ass, but nothing other than that. Did some 15 minutes of back stretching and then headed out to the garage close to 1pm. CS-bandsDid Crossover Symmetry Activation to start things off. Just the extra bit I’ve been doing this lately I can already tell a difference in my left shoulder. The impingement would bother me in the reverse fly before but doesn’t anymore. I ordered some of the official bands (purple, red, and blue) earlier today since I don’t feel like having a snapped band take out an eye and the correct resistance will help me more. I do the routine enough at home that it’s worth spending the money. I know it works too because it’s the only thing that improved my impingement last year.

Just a recovery type workout for today. 30:00 on the Air Dyne (AD2) with a 2:00 plank hold in the middle after every 5 minutes, for a total of 5 holds. I did the holds on my hands, fists (that was a first), hands, hands, and finally elbows. I feel like doing them on the hands is harder on the shoulders and wrists, but easier on the core. My distances on the AD were 2.53, 2.52, 2.57, 2.51, 2.6, and 2.56 kilometers.

Jumped back on the bands for Crossover Symmetry Recovery. I didn’t notice any fatigue or soreness in my shoulders from the 15.4 handstand push-ups until after I got through CSR. I can feel it now!

Did the back stretches again in the afternoon.