Full of Grace

Enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, even though I was in bed by 11. Feeling better about myself now that I’m waking up at a decent time again. Super Sunday at 11am.


  • 1000m Row (4:21)
  • 2×50 Band Pulls (red)
  • 5×45# C&J
  • 5×95# C&J

Benchmark Test


  • 30 C&J (135#)

Last August I did a 3:03. Was hoping to get under 2:30 today. Did 10 unbroken and then all singles. Had 15 reps in at 1:00 and finished in 2:17, which is a 46 second PR! I attribute a lot of that to the Thruster Attack, but also to the combination of Kevin’s CFi programming and the extra work I do. I’ve been making huge progress the last few months.


1/2 of “Tabata Something Else”

  • 4 Tabata Pull-ups
  • 4 Tabata Push-ups
  • 4 Tabata Sit-ups
  • 4 Tabata Air Squats

I did 43 pull-ups, 45 push-ups, 42 sit-ups, and 58 air squats for a total count of 188. Originally had planned on doing the full benchmark workout, but when several people showed up late to delay Grace I adjusted. At the end of the day it turned out to be a great call.


5 Sets

  • 10 Good Mornings (95#)
  • 4/4 Barbell Step-ups (95#, 20′)

Went right from the good mornings into the step-ups since the bar was already on our back. Nothing super heavy.

Monostructural Conditioning


  • 250m Row
  • ~3:00 Rest

I busted ass on the first one, seeing a new low of 1:15/500m on the pace at one point. Couldn’t keep up that pace for the remaining 3. Times were 40.4, 43.3, 43.5, and 43.8. Quads and ass were burning up at the end of those last two intervals.

Nowhere for any body part to escape today. Walked out feeling pretty beat.