Barcelona Hills

Got up this morning and ventured out for some running. Saw a park on the map that looked like it had some views of the city.

100 Band Pulls (red)

Ran 0.96 miles out to the park. Lots of stopping at street crossings and damn is it hilly here! When I got to the park, I walked up and found an area with some benches and flat-ish ground.


3 Rounds

  • 40 Air Squats
  • 20 C2D Push-ups

The air squats seemed harder than they should have, but the push-ups felt easier. Took me about 5:58.

Walked back down to the streets and went a shorter way back for a 0.61 mile run. I guess I should have reported those in kilometers since I’m outside the United States. 🙂

Did 200 band pulls back in my room. I also brought a jump rope with me, so I could take that out one morning. I think I’ll do some hill sprints one day for sure. Use what you got!