Explosive Training with Ryan Moody

Today Kevin and I went over to 989 CrossFit in Midland for The Explosive Seminar with 9-time world record holder, Ryan Moody.


We learned a ton and hot a lot of fun. Can’t wait to put some of the stuff into practice and watch results. Here are some of my highlights from the day.

The seated box jump was huge for me. I’ve had this mental battle with high box jumps for quite some time. I fear getting injured even though I know I can jump plenty high enough for a lot more than I’ve done. Ryan taught us a cool mental technique to get out of our mind, which allowed me to get that 47.5″ on my first try when I’ve never been able to even attempt anything higher than 44″ from standing. The kneeling jump stuff was a lot of fun. Oh, by the way, I’ve never done a single seated box jump in my life before today.


I was feeling inspired from the day, so got in some good work in the garage.

Box Squats

I used one of my 12″ jerk blocks as the box. Warmed up with 5×45# and 5×135#.

E50S for 12 sets

  • 2 Box Squats for speed (155#)

E2M for 4 sets

  • 5 Good Mornings (175#)

10:00 EMOM

  • Odds: 5 GHR
  • 12 Russian Twists (53# KB)

I used the clock for everything, not as a form of intensity, but as a way to manage rest periods so that I wouldn’t take all day. Did the GHRs unweighted since I struggled with them so much on Monday with Kevin. These did plenty for me until I can build back up.